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IS Padini RM1.65 over value?
I bought Padini in 2004, and the ROI now is 491% and I didn't sell. I bought Padini again in 2009, the ROI now is 220% and I still didn't sell. I bought again in 2011, the ROI now is 58% and I still didn't sell. Never sell a good stock.

If you have invested RM128k in Padini stock in year 1998, your stock now would worth RM1.65 million now, and you would have collected RM238k of dividend. Your ROI including dividend would have been 1475%. and a CAGR around 23.63%. That is really impressive.

How should we value Padini now? Please refer to my blog.

Posted by yeap boon tat > 2012-04-30 21:52 | Report Abuse

How is it that this stock will grow in years to come? will consumer spending on branded clothes be expaning than for F&B? kindly share

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