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tuhan ada mata,let karma go after them,tq


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These kind of scams are conducted by EDUCATED RASCALS.
They entice politicians and government officials with quick gain and bolting away when "it" becomes talk of the town/city/state/country or even the globe. Greed, deceit and get rich mentality by exploiting. The public too are guilty of such greed, gambling their chance of hitting the jackpot and escaping.

Anatomy of such scam/business:
1. Direct selling/Pyramid/MLM structure
2. Deposit collection
3. Everyday products for sales by members with dubious commission/target.
4. Members MUST RECRUIT other member/victim to break out.
5. Sudden disappearance of their upper levels.

It takes common sense which is uncommon among so called EDUCATED people with Ph.D or degrees. Basic criminal instincts is what resides in them. No shame of cheating. This includes politicians and government official who have no qualm to roll in bed with these parasites for BLOOD money.

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