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31-Dec-2022 [#4] | 28-Feb-2023

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31-Mar-2023 | 26-May-2023

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18.49 | 5.41%

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3.92% | 72.51%


1.90 | 0.54

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1.81% | 2.90%

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UEM Edgenta is a Malaysia-based company that is primarily engaged in four segments. The asset consultancy segment provides constancy services regarding roads infrastructure, civil works, and building-related works. The infrastructure services segment maintains and repairs civil, mechanical, and electrical works on roads, along with infrastructure and expressway works. The integrated facilities management segment provides hospital support, facilities management and infrastructure facility services. The property development segment develops residential projects. UEM Edgenta has a global presence, with around half of revenue stemming from Malaysian domestic market, and the rest coming from New Zealand, North America, the United Kingdom, Australia, and so on.

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Dow ends nearly 650 points higher as stocks bounce back from worst week since 2020
Last Updated: June 21, 2022 at 4:39 p.m. ET
First Published: June 21, 2022 at 5:29 a.m. ET

2022-06-22 07:13



2022-07-15 16:28


Dow jones index rise 754 points

2022-07-20 14:22


sleepin stock.

2022-09-03 20:52


Managed to top up some tickets at RM1.25.good luck guys

2022-09-08 14:17


edgenta is expanding to sarawak.. edgenta boleh.. sarawak boleh!

2022-09-21 00:04


Down almost 6% today. Anyone know why?

2022-09-22 15:40


crazy dead stock

2022-09-22 16:03


wonder what happen. this stagnant stock and low volume stock has down by the 6% today.

2022-09-22 17:09


Likely due to foreign fund selling, tats no enough buyer for them to hit in a single price, therefore have to hit down

2022-09-23 16:39


Edgenta's business is recovering with better result expected on 2H2022, strong fundamental with low gearing, proven dividend track record. Unless something out of public info, good buying opportunity if nothing happen.

2022-09-23 16:44


Dont catch falling knive before u see the insider problem ! It might drop to below 50 sens !

2022-09-26 21:11


No matter how cheap never never buy this kind of stock because their profit worst n worst , no hope to rebound !

2022-09-26 21:22


UEM Edgenta said it will also be entering into a memorandum of business exploration with Apollo as an extension of their strategic partnership to collaborate in new growth areas and to continue introducing innovative solutions to the India healthcare markets

2022-11-09 19:04


roceeds from the proposed disposal will allow UEM Edgenta to reinvest and allocate more resources to accelerate its international expansion strategy as it is moving towards realizing the Company’s Edgenta of The Future 2025 vision

2022-11-09 19:04


gg if price in tax means last quarter actually a loss

2022-12-16 18:57


Must buy

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Quarterly rpt on consolidated results for the financial period ended 30/09/2022
Quarter: 3rd Quarter
Financial Year End: 31/12/2022
Report Status: Unaudited
Submitted By:
Current Year Quarter Preceding Year Corresponding Quarter Current Year to Date Preceding Year Corresponding Period
30/09/2022 30/09/2021 30/09/2022 30/09/2021
RM '000 RM '000 RM '000 RM '000
1 Revenue 646,212 571,875 1,813,097 1,594,025
2 Profit/Loss Before Tax 15,122 15,718 55,325 45,298
3 Profit/(loss) attributable to ordinary equity holders of the parent 4,590 9,145 24,857 21,972
4 Net Profit/Loss For The Period 4,413 8,714 24,623 23,114
5 Basic Earnings/Loss Per Shares (sen) 0.55 1.10 2.99 2.64
6 Dividend Per Share (sen) 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
As At End of Current Quarter As At Preceding Financial Year End
7 Net Assets Per Share (RM) 1.8800 1.8500
You are advised to read the entire contents of the announcement or attachment.
To read the entire contents of the announcement or attachment, please access
the Bursa website at http://www.bursamalaysia.com

29/11/2022 07:00 AM

Ref Code: 202211293100307

2022-12-27 11:35


Boleh terbang anytime.

2022-12-20 1.07 1.32 +0.25 (23.36%)
2022-11-30 1.05 1.37 +0.32 (30.48%)

2022-12-27 11:36


Maintain BUY on UEME with unchanged MYR1.46 TP, which includes a 4% ESG premium to our intrinsic value. Apart from being a key proxy to the reopening of borders, we also like the company for its commitment to a 50- 80% dividend payout, as well as its current bargain valuation. UEME is currently trading at 11x forward P/E, at 1.2SD below its historical mean level.
Source: RHB Research - 10 Nov 2022

2022-12-27 11:37


Healthcare is expected to remain as a key focus for the country regardless of the political landscape, as evident by the larger allocation made in the previous Budget 2023, and also as outlined in the election manifestos of PH and BN to gradually raise health spending to 5% of GDP. The hospital operators under our coverage have seen a healthy recovery of patient volumes back to pre-pandemic levels, and we foresee the momentum to continue, underpinned by a shift in patient behaviour and growing bed counts. We maintain our OVERWEIGHT stance on the sector as we continue to like it for its defensive qualities and fairly inelastic demand.

2022-12-27 11:38


Terbang anytime

KUALA LUMPUR: When a company demonstrates innovation and possesses a first mover advantage, it's bound to improve on its performance despite the prevalence of business challenges. And one company that has probably hit that operational sweet spot is UEM Edgenta Bhd.

Describing itself as an asset management and infrastructure services company does make it quite difficult for some to grasp what it really does.

Unknown to many, services delivered by UEM Edgenta do touch many facets of our everyday lives – from ensuring the cleanliness and safety of highways we travel on to maintaining top-notch healthcare delivery services at hospitals that we visit.

For example, its asset management portfolio also includes healthcare support but with a key difference – it uses a lot of tech solutions paired with human resources.

Casual observers generally view asset management as a low-tech, mundane and labour-intensive business. Unless they take a peek at UEM Edgenta's Command & Contact Centre here, which exposes a different ball game altogether.

It employs the Internet Of Things (IOT) sensor technology to maintain the operational health of all the equipment at more than 500 buildings that it manages in the property and facility solutions services besides providing real-time statistics and data analytics on these assets.

Unknown to many, UEM Edgenta has been involved in the management of cleaning services and asset management at many government hospitals in Malaysia since these operations were privatised decades ago. Private hospitals were later added to the list.

Today it manages the cleanliness of more than 300 government and private hospitals not only in Malaysia but also Singapore and Taiwan – two countries noted for their high-level of healthcare services.

Overseas expansion resulted when it became better known as a tech-based asset and facility management company using technology for improved productivity and efficiency in daily and yet important functions.

With manpower shortages in the post-Covid-19 era, it moved in swiftly to take advantage of the disruptions to offer cleaning management services in hotels, semiconductor factories and shopping malls in Singapore and Taiwan and opened up a new revenue stream.

In infrastructure services, UEM Edgenta manages 3,500 km of highways and state roads in Malaysia and Indonesia.

The lifting of the movement control order in April this year saw improved traffic on major expressways as well as a higher volume of maintenance works locally. These developments partly helped UEM Edgenta's revenue to rise by 13.7 per cent to RM1.8 billion in the first nine months of FY2022 ended Sept 30, 2022.

It also inked a net profit of RM24.6 million in first nine months of FY2022 while pre-tax profit stood at RM55.3 million in 9M FY2022 or 22.1 per cent higher than RM45.3 million recorded in the same period last year.

Its balance sheet remains healthy with a low gearing ratio of 0.3 times while the order book remains strong at RM10.1 billion, which could last into the next decade for infrastructure services.

Of significance is that its new contracts, totalling RM972 million or 70 per cent, came from overseas, which are in line with its international expansion.

By repositioning its strategic portfolio, it's poised to enter into more profitable growth markets like the recent investment into Saudi Arabia's MEEM in facilities management.

Syahrunizam Samsudin, its managing director and chief executive officer, is steadfast in pushing the 'Edgenta of the Future 2025' march towards becoming a powerhouse in technology-enabled solutions with a strong focus on healthcare by 2025.

Looking forward to some of its market potential, it is staring at opportunities of US$65.5 billion for facilities maintenance alone in Saudi Arabia by 2025 and U$14 billion in the Indonesian infrastructure market, to name a few.

The challenge for UEM Edgenta now is how to slash costs by deploying new tech-applications against the backdrop of a healthy order book following the resumption of economic activities. Getting more businesses to know what it can do will also be key to future earnings.

With the increasing demand for more efficient healthcare and infrastructure maintenance, UEM Edgenta should be well-poised to take advantage of opportunities in smart healthcare, smart asset management, smart waste management, artificial intelligence surveillance and renewable energy.

2022-12-27 13:53


Dah settled terbaik

OTHERS UEM Edgenta Berhad ("UEM Edgenta" or the "Company") - Update on the Notices of Additional Assessment raised by the Director General of Inland Revenue ("DGIR") received by UEM Edgenta and Edgenta PROPEL Berhad

Type Announcement
Subject OTHERS
Description UEM Edgenta Berhad ("UEM Edgenta" or the "Company") - Update on the Notices of Additional Assessment raised by the Director General of Inland Revenue ("DGIR") received by UEM Edgenta and Edgenta PROPEL Berhad
Reference is made to the Company’s announcements dated 3 May 2021, 30 June 2021 and 6 July 2021 in relation to the notices of assessment raised by the DGIR to UEM Edgenta and Edgenta PROPEL Berhad (“EPB”), its wholly-owned subsidiary.

UEM Edgenta wishes to announce that on 15 December 2022, the Company and EPB had recorded their respective Settlement Agreements with the DGIR before the Special Commissioner of Income Tax (“SCIT”), which is to be followed by the issuance of a Deciding Order by the SCIT.

The Settlement Agreement between UEM Edgenta and DGIR was in relation to the assessments for the year of assessment (“YA”) 2015 to YA2018 amounting to RM18.7 million imposed on the Company (“2021 Notices”).

The 2021 Notices were mainly pursuant to the dispute on the status of UEM Edgenta as a Management Services Company and shall be taxed as an Investment Holding Company under Section 60FA of the Income Tax Act, 1967.

The salient terms of the Settlement Agreement between UEM Edgenta and DGIR are as follows:

1) UEM Edgenta and DGIR reached an agreement of the Company’s treatment of its taxable income for YA2015 to YA2018. Consequently, DGIR agreed to:
(a) Revise the additional taxes payable and penalty for YA2015 to YA2018 from RM18.7 million to RM6.9 million.
(b) Allow the losses surrendered by the Company to EPB for YA2016 to YA2018 for deduction by EPB.

2) The Company shall withdraw its appeal to SCIT in relation to 2021 Notices.

3) The DGIR shall revise and/or discharge the assessments for YA2015 to YA2018.

The Settlement Agreement between EPB and DGIR was in relation to the assessments for YA2016 to YA2018 amounting to RM9.39 million imposed on EPB (“2021 EPB Notices”). The 2021 EPB Notices were consequent to DGIR’s view that EPB ought not to have deducted the adjusted losses surrendered to it by UEM Edgenta, flowing from DGIR’s position that UEM Edgenta is not a Management Services Company.

As the losses surrendered by UEM Edgenta are now allowed for deduction by EPB, there is no additional tax charges imposed on EPB for YA2016 to YA2018.

Other salient terms of the agreement between EPB and DGIR are as follows:

1) The DGIR shall discharge the notices of additional assessment for YA2016 to YA2018.

2) EPB shall withdraw its appeal to SCIT in relation to 2021 EPB Notices.

Other than additional tax expense and penalty of RM6.9 million which has been provided for in the financial year ending 31 December 2022, the settlement will not have further material impact on the Company’s financial position and financial performance for the financial year ending 31 December 2022.

This announcement is dated 15 December 2022.

Announcement Info
Stock Name EDGENTA
Date Announced 15 Dec 2022
Category General Announcement for PLC
Reference Number GA1-14122022-00008

2022-12-27 13:55


government bond yield of 3.6%. We discount the terminal cash flows to today's value at a cost of equity of 10%.

Terminal Value (TV)= FCF2032 × (1 + g) ÷ (r – g) = RM126m× (1 + 3.6%) ÷ (10%– 3.6%) = RM1.9b

Present Value of Terminal Value (PVTV)= TV / (1 + r)10= RM1.9b÷ ( 1 + 10%)10= RM696m

The total value, or equity value, is then the sum of the present value of the future cash flows, which in this case is RM1.3b. In the final step we divide the equity value by the number of shares outstanding. Compared to the current share price of RM1.1, the company appears quite good value at a 31% discount to where the stock price trades currently

2022-12-27 14:08


what happen here. new low rm1

2023-02-10 16:29


hopefully the new budget announcement on 24 Feb will boost this share price, or strong performance with high dividend declared, else money stuck...

2023-02-10 19:25


gg, big loss coming, faster run

2023-02-18 01:42


what is happen ? no news drop. got news also drop. insider knw bad qr so drop ticket now before too late?

2023-02-21 22:31


Luckily I cut lose at 1.38.

2023-02-21 22:52


support broken run!

2023-02-22 17:59


bye bye early. save the money

2023-02-22 20:13


Managed to top up some tickets at RM0.965.good luck guys.

2023-02-24 11:20


Edgenta NTA: 1.88

2023-02-24 13:50



2023-02-24 13:59


KUALA LUMPUR, 3 February – UEM Edgenta Berhad (“UEM Edgenta” or the “Company”), the region’s leading Asset Management and Infrastructure Solutions company, through Edgenta Healthcare Support, has entered into three Memorandum of Business Exploration (“MOBE”) partnerships with WAS, First Ambulance Services and Optima Technic, to strengthen its position in the international healthcare business.

UEM Edgenta's Healthcare Support division is a market leader in non-clinical healthcare support services in Southeast Asia, providing services to over 300 hospitals in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and India.

WAS is a German based company and one of the world’s leading manufacturers for special vehicle and ambulance with over 20 years of experience. Taking advantage of the technological advances and innovative concepts for ambulances and patient transport vehicles, WAS provides emergency services with a safer, more efficient, and enhanced user-friendly emergency vehicles with a goal to strengthen emergency services offered, making it more sustainable for the future.

2023-02-24 14:00


old news

2023-02-24 15:13


still worth to stay here?

2023-02-25 21:35


For speculators, please dump now. NTA now is 1.88 more than 0.94. The counter is suitable for long term investors. It is still profit generated company. Unlike those under PN17.

2023-02-26 16:40


PETALING JAYA: Pharmaniaga Bhd has been classified as an affected listed issuer under Practice Note 17 (PN17) of the Main Market Listing Requirements of Bursa Malaysia.

2023-02-28 12:18


KUALA LUMPUR, 28 February – UEM Edgenta Berhad (“UEM Edgenta” or the “Company”), the
region’s leading Asset Management and Infrastructure Solutions company, reported a higher net
profit of RM45.7 million for the financial year ended 31 December 2022 (“FY2022”), compared to
RM43.4 million in the previous year (“FY2021”) and for the Company to stay on course to declare
a higher single-tier interim dividend of 4 sen per ordinary share for FY2022, providing 4.2% dividend
yield to shareholders (against 27 Feb 2023 last traded share price) (FY2021:3 sen).

2023-02-28 19:27


With government huge spending in infrastructure in recent budget announcement, the company will perform in the next qtr together with 4 sen dividend declared

2 months ago


This company is still making money despite not as good as before MCO. It's performance still get better every year since 2020 hut the share price still drop like shit. I really don't understand why?

2 months ago


lai liaooo

2 months ago


Will it crawl back to RM2 in the future as the economy already open

2 months ago


sunking ship

2 months ago


Dow Surges Over 300 Points; US Inflation Rate Drops To 6%

2 months ago


Quietly up trend now, TP 1.30!!

2 months ago


Anwar: Malaysia secures a record RM170 bil worth of investment commitments from China
BEIJING (April 1): Malaysia has secured a record RM170 billion worth of investment commitments from China.

The amount, the biggest so far from China, is from a total of 19 memoranda of understanding (MOU) sealed between businesses in China and Malaysia.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said this shows investors’ confidence in Malaysia.

1 month ago



Invited groups for discussion :
YTL Group
Berjaya Group Bhd
Malaysian Resources Corp Bhd (MRCB)
MMC Corp Bhd
WCT Holdings Bhd

See the listing, u know if u got big lands along the SG-KL lines , u will sure go for it. Ticket prices will be adjusted accoding to future land prices. Win-win for all !!!

1 month ago

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