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Posted by andyhard > 2016-12-02 15:14 | Report Abuse

Thanks for your info. I have yet to go into PUC but I have studied Sedania.

Make it clear, that I am not bias as I don't own both either. Sedania is considered a well-managed company. Why I think so?

1) Good apps (Green Bill, Share Share, etc) and it keeps innovating. This is critical especially for IT related company to stay competitive

2) Good in business development. Able to capture into almost all major telco in Malaysia. I just guess it might be the pioneer and possible the only one providing Air Time sharing (please correct me if I am wrong). It even enter Bangladesh market

3) Good company image. Well, if you look into their website and website does reflect how company manage its investor relations and possible external customer.

4) Company mentioned that they will focus on marketing moving forward to promote its product

However, although it had many good points, I still dont buy it. Reasons

1) IT/App is a very competitive market. It needs talents only able to shine. In conclusion, IT will be heavily spent on staff cost to remain relevant in market.

2) Unfortunately, no matter how good the app is, I only see they keep focus on air time sharing which I don;t look good. If you aware of telco market, you will see the shrink of prepaid market due to cheaper post paid package. I know I just simply plug this from my observation on surroundings. But, who are those prepaid market, it is the immigrant or foreign workers the most. Do you think they will often use the app for air time sharing? Or will they really need such service? Well, one good indicator is the Bangladesh market. It already more than a year there. You can notice that their market is not stable from their revenue. In fact, Malaysia revenue is in decreasing trend for a year. Managment even admit it but push it to GST, while in fact I dont buy this reason.

3) If a company do not have a stable business, even they stop on R&D. How can can they go? Even they keep exploring more mobile operators, I don't see the market. In summary. No market no business.

That's my qualitative analysis of the company. No figures are needed if we don't see the market. BTW, they have into collaboration for the cloud business. Not much information. But, this is also a very competitive market. If they can do it a lower cost, lots of SMI will be their potential customer.

I will look into PUC. But, if you can provide me more info. That will be better of course.

Thanks again for your writing.

Posted by smartrader2020 > 2016-12-02 15:34 | Report Abuse

1. Do you want to buy 1 whole chicken that 1.5x higher than its current price? You know chicken price may rise in future, but would it worth 1.5x?

2. Do you want to buy 1 whole chicken ("story") that has no wings ("numbers") at 1.5x higher than its current price?

PUC does have story and forecast numbers. Analyst do cover this but not for public, only for its clients. I want to buy chicken at cheaper price. It is an organic chicken ("not loss making company and an organic growth company") that will not harm your health ("portfolio or wealth")

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