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Posted by milosh > 2021-06-03 15:18 | Report Abuse

(EPS/Price) * 100 = result is yield in %, not "sen"
if we use "RM1" as example output equal to sen, but its too confusing in my opinion, just follow standard yield % based on actual market price and EPS

Posted by Supermax2020 > 2021-06-03 17:19 | Report Abuse

Why Tomei in bold font?


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Posted by cbkia4896 > 2021-06-03 22:16 | Report Abuse

eh uncles whats gloves EPS can list boh


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Posted by Nepo > 2021-06-03 22:31 | Report Abuse

Bad company Tomei


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Posted by kata888 > 2021-06-04 10:42 | Report Abuse

lmao "because gold price is going up higher and higher"


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Posted by khyeap > 2021-06-04 11:09 | Report Abuse

Uncle, it's great to read your column regularly to get deeper insight into share investment and from an experienced one like you. You may find it helpful to get an assistant with some investment knowledge to go through what you wrote before posting it.


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Posted by Sslee > 2021-06-04 11:28 | Report Abuse

What is EP???
I only know what is ED: erectile dysfunction


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Posted by Titan > 2021-06-04 11:29 | Report Abuse

Lol....noughty Sslee. What are you trying to tell uncle?


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Posted by i3gambler > 2021-06-04 11:43 | Report Abuse

I tot uncle is an engineer.

How could he get sen from sen divided by sen?

How could he graduate from university?

EPS divided by Share price is actually Earning Yield.


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Posted by Sslee > 2021-06-04 11:43 | Report Abuse

No offense meant,
Just a feel of sadness that Koon was once a market mover now doing teaching.


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Posted by Policy > 2021-06-04 13:45 | Report Abuse

Uncle diversify the market, hard to earn from ordinary business now


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Posted by geary > 2021-06-04 17:28 | Report Abuse

Please retired Gracefully!


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Posted by SpeedyBoy > 2021-06-04 19:26 | Report Abuse

If you look at the answers most are wrongly calculated like Serbia the answer should be 0:66. Not 6:6


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Posted by acbiz88 > 2021-06-05 13:29 | Report Abuse

You got all mess up Mr. Koon, it should be price over earning to get PE ratio !! isn't it?


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Posted by abang_misai > 2021-06-05 20:09 | Report Abuse

Koon macam kartun. Hehe

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