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Posted by Sslee > 2021-12-29 09:46 | Report Abuse
SERBA Dinamik Holdings Bhd is in “business as usual” mode with all operations put on close monitoring for compliance to the environmental, social and governance (ESG) framework.

Group MD and CEO Datuk Dr Mohd Karim Abdullah said the company is tapping into orders that can generate fast cash income, especially from projects related to information and communications technology (ICT), and operations and maintenance (O&M) jobs.

“The business outlook is fairly optimistic, but dependent on the Covid-19 pandemic situation,” he told The Malaysian Reserve.

With sustainability issues gaining prominence in the corporate sector, the group is aware ESG has become the yardstick by which most institutional investors make their investment decisions.

Mohd Karim said Serba Dinamik’s upcoming quarter results are scheduled to be announced on Sept 29.

So pearlwhite is speading fake news, or is he abuse Qualified Privilege?
In a separate affidavit filed by Serba Dinamik’s then chairman, Mohammed Ilyas, certain financial institutions have ceased banking facilities due to the negative publicity. These facilities amounted to nearly RM3 billion. Such facilities were essential for day-to-day operations of Serba Dinamik, executing client and new client contractual obligations and financial obligations.


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Posted by i3lurker > 2021-12-29 11:33 | Report Abuse

looks like pearlblack went to a cemetery at midnite with live chicken and a knife on a moonless nite.

at precisely midnite 12:00 pearlblack slit chicken throat over unmarked grave and splashed warm blood on it.

Evil spirits told pearlblack to buy Serba and the rest was chicken history...


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Posted by DickyMe > 2021-12-29 17:17 |

Post removed.Why?

Timmy Tan

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Posted by Timmy Tan > 2021-12-29 17:24 | Report Abuse

She is probably from a public relations company, engaged by Serba to put up all these articles.


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Posted by DickyMe > 2021-12-29 17:44 | Report Abuse

There are many work from home online article writers willing to scribble fiction for a dime.

Posted by InsiderShark > 2021-12-29 19:43 | Report Abuse

PearlWhite, just tell us how much you lost and how much of your total wealth. Maybe if we know how much, then we will have some pity.

Seems like you lost majority of your wealth... and brain cells.

KPMG says fraud, EY says fraud, and now SC says fraud, but somehow PeralWhite says no such thing.


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Posted by Trader2 > 2021-12-30 14:49 | Report Abuse

Yes, give the conman, Kareem a good blow ... may even get a fat bonus for failing to impress anyone with your BS !

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