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Posted by sensonic > 2022-02-20 15:00 |

Post removed.Why?


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Posted by DickyMe3 > 2022-02-20 15:19 | Report Abuse

Classic example of an ungrateful dog that bites the hand that feed.


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Posted by TrippleZ > 2022-02-20 15:49 | Report Abuse

He didn't eat the food for free. He worked for it. So is bot ungrateful.


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Posted by chinaman > 2022-02-20 16:02 | Report Abuse

Kuli work hard like lembu, print $$$ for boss. How can be classified as ungrateful dog?


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Posted by Sslee > 2022-02-20 16:04 | Report Abuse

I think it mean to say Stony is an ungrateful dog.


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Posted by Tobby > 2022-02-20 16:10 | Report Abuse

Tony is just a proxy! The real boss behind him is a woman! They used to call her iron lady!


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Posted by chinaman > 2022-02-20 16:14 | Report Abuse

Really? no wonder can get hair cut so easily on billions of debts. then create another bubble with digital banking bid ...waloe


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Posted by okdoke > 2022-02-21 10:05 | Report Abuse

I want to unsubscribe my AirAsia apps as a resut of this letter.


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Posted by cheeseburger > 2022-02-21 10:17 | Report Abuse

Apparently he dont understand the business foundation and the reason of success as compare to other airline. That, what makes you think they can offer ticket as low as 1 cent and still making profit in the past?


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Posted by klsar1 > 2022-02-21 10:36 | Report Abuse

If all businessmen and politicians are honest, there won't be billionaires and trillionaires.


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Posted by paperplane > 2022-02-21 11:00 | Report Abuse

he is active in LINKEDIN, go post into his wall or on your wall, #hastag him...lol


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Posted by Ron90 > 2022-02-21 12:58 | Report Abuse

karma to Toni .. stealing people money day light robbery. After this sure GOD will punished him with his partners, that malay guy, with disease that NO MONEY can buy.. like cancer or similar. I wish that.. to teach him that how many examples given. multi millionares, billionares succumbe to death easilly when GOD punished them with heart attack, cancer, etc. just within months.


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Posted by Sslee > 2022-02-21 14:16 | Report Abuse

Karma means action, work or deed; it also refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause), influence the future of that individual (effect).Good intent and good deed contribute to good karma and future happiness, while bad intent and bad deed contribute to bad karma and future sufferings. It’s a natural law of as you sow so shall you reap.

Whoever has bad intent/bad wishes for others will contribute to his own bad karma and future sufferings. So please wish everyone with good intent of good health and good fortune.

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