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Posted by uncensored > 2022-08-22 21:19 | Report Abuse

China’s Economic Collapse Just Got Worse

China is experiencing an economic downturn as they lower interest rates, spending decreases, and property values decline - here's what this means for everyone watching - Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan


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Posted by Income > 2022-08-22 22:44 | Report Abuse

China also recession lah.


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Posted by Sslee > 2022-08-23 09:09 | Report Abuse

EU countries are sure to fall into recession due to high energy cost.
As of US, US is now exporting oil and gas to EU at very high price and US O&G companies are making lot and lot of money.


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Posted by Starship2 > 2022-08-23 12:35 | Report Abuse

If not mistaken, Janet Yellen retired as the Fed Chair in 2018...He was succeeded by Jerome Powell. KYY need to be more careful with facts when putting out articles like this. It was a casual observation..have not looked into the details..


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Posted by Starship2 > 2022-08-23 12:38 | Report Abuse

I know KYY has a very softspot for China..Looking forward to knowing more about how its economy is doing. Besides the US, its economic outlook can impact Malaysia and other countries

Posted by AlsvinChangan > 2022-08-23 14:17 | Report Abuse

Drought 1950s become Great Chinese Famine bring back memories

Grow what also died, 50M chinese died. no money to import rice after years of japanese invasion

NEXT 50years communists blame for killing 50M chinese

Will superpower USA be blame for killing 2M americain? blame Fauci better

Posted by triplex3mob > 2022-08-23 15:40 | Report Abuse

Lol, look at what china is doing now, uncle blind keh?

Posted by NORMITAN > 2022-08-25 13:54 | Report Abuse

look at what china is doing now


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Posted by treasurehunt > 2022-08-31 21:00 | Report Abuse

Uncensored remains here. People are craving syok and protecting personal interests ma. As usual, there is the price for accumulating too much syok.

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