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Posted by calvintaneng > 2023-02-21 06:48 | Report Abuse

Hello everyone in Malaysia

Last week I spoke to 2 young men working in Singapore

both are from Perak. One worked as a cook for 15 hours a day and his pay was Rm1500 a month in Perak. Now he is getting about S$2600 or Rm8,632 a month

one guy was a car mechanic in Perak getting Rm1800 a month
His salary in Spore about $S3000 or Rm9,960

now one rents a room in Spore
(shares with friends for S$350 a month or Rm1,162) no Aircon just a simple flat he must shares room with others

another one lives in JB
renting a two rooms two bath condo (R&F) sharing with 2 other people and he pays Rm700 rent a month
his room has aircond and facing the View of Spore woodland

he walks to Ciq and took public transport everyday for work in Spore. The journey is one hour

Spore room rate in hdb flat shared room is Rm1,162

Johor very best high class Condo whole unit shared with friend is Rm700

Best of both worlds is

work in Spore for very very high salary (not much schooling experience working like cook or dish washer) and live like a king in Johor at low prices


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Posted by Russel > 2023-02-22 14:37 | Report Abuse

RM10k, mayb can live like a king in KL, it surviving...

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