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Posted by JJPTR > 1 month ago | Report Abuse

Do not dabble in this type of Toilet Paper Printer (TPP) counters. There are a few dozen of them in Bursa mkt
For those trap in TPP counters , there will be no hope.
In northen Mymmar Golden traingle cyber scam concentration camp,once you are trapped there, no hope of coming home, even after paying $100k or $ 200k ransom money.
You will be resold to another syndicate, who will demand more RI money.
After they have received $50k ransom, you still cannot walk free.
You will be put in tiger cage ,hands tied, and submerge in dirty river water up to your nose, leaches sucking your whole body. Your head cannot drop down, else water enter your nose.
They will demand more money from your family, failing which you will be sold to organ harvesting syndicate.
They will start to dig out your organ . No anaesthetic given. Skin alive !!!!!
They will show video of you being tortured till your family go borrow or sell houses to redeem you.

YOu cannot escape , because thare are barb wires all around your detention center. The underworld armies are closely monitoring 24/7 over the whole cyberscam detention camp. The dentention camp has the support of corrupted Mymmar government army. police. Even if you manage to jump down from 4th storrey , run to police station for help, 5min later ,police will call the underworld to pick you up . It is corrupt,brutal, greed $$$$$$,lawless out there in Mymmar Northen traingle.
The advice is , do not go near Mymmar Golden Traingle penny stocks.Once in, no come back


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Posted by winston1 > 1 month ago | Report Abuse

Engine already started


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Posted by 143922 > 4 weeks ago | Report Abuse



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Posted by fl888 > 3 weeks ago | Report Abuse

if Kenneth is caught, ...Vsolar kaput....also

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