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Posted by Birdie > 2021-12-31 13:43 | Report Abuse

Take your 2nd booster injection 3 months after your booster jab , to be safer.


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Posted by Kingbeast > 2021-12-31 17:14 | Report Abuse

Comfort and Ruberex. Are the worst glove stock ever.


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Posted by ivanlau > 2022-01-01 07:28 | Report Abuse

half boiled egg stoxxpixx2u & Wexxth Arcxxtech gurus no more fb live for quite some time . Believed tak boleh tahan members ask for refund the member fees as most of them stuck in the high price of glove counters.
......... " DON 'T ASK ! JUST ENTER " really laugh die me............

Posted by MorningGlory123 > 2022-01-01 10:26 | Report Abuse

Omicron is spreading at lightning speed. Scientists are trying to figure out why

*unavoidable more virus variant spreading globally

Posted by MorningGlory123 > 2022-01-01 12:50 | Report Abuse

Cases Rise ‘Through the Roof’ as Omicron Sweeps Across U.S.

Peak could reach one million infections per day by mid-January

Rapid spread threatens to hamper essential services for weeks

As the omicron variant sweeps the country, daily cases are reaching unheard-of levels, crossing the half-million mark, and are only expected to go much higher.

Posted by MorningGlory123 > 2022-01-02 01:05 | Report Abuse

After ‘Delmicron’, it's ‘flurona’: Israel reports first double infection of Covid and flu

At a time when the world is grappling with Delta and Omicron variants, and the combination of both called ‘Delmicron’ variant of coronavirus, Israel has reported its first case of 'flurona'— a simultaneous coronavirus and flu infection.

Posted by MorningGlory123 > 2022-01-02 22:06 | Report Abuse

Covid-19: High possibility of Omicron wave hitting Malaysia, says Khairy

PETALING JAYA: There is a high possibility of an Omicron wave starting in Malaysia, such as seen in other countries around the world currently, says Khairy Jamaluddin.

*hopefully not curfew again if not most of the biz will be affected

Posted by MorningGlory123 > 2022-01-03 08:32 | Report Abuse

The Covid-19 case surge is altering daily life across the US. Things will likely get worse, experts warn

(CNN)The US is ringing in the new year amid a Covid-19 surge experts warn is exploding at unprecedented speed and could alter daily life for many Americans during the first month of 2022.

"Omicron is truly everywhere," Dr. Megan Ranney, a professor of emergency medicine at Brown University's School of Public Health, told CNN on Friday night. "What I am so worried about over the next month or so is that our economy is going to shut down, not because of policies from the federal government or from the state governments, but rather because so many of us are ill."

Posted by MorningGlory123 > 2022-01-03 08:41 | Report Abuse

Fauci warns of danger of hospitalisation surge in the US due to large number of COVID-19 cases

Top US infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci said there was still a danger of a surge in hospitalisation due to a large number of coronavirus cases even as early data suggests the Omicron COVID-19 variant is less severe.

Posted by MorningGlory123 > 2022-01-03 08:55 | Report Abuse



*another new variant virus to hit global market again

Posted by MorningGlory123 > 2022-01-03 10:02 | Report Abuse

456 new COVID-19 cases in Singapore, highest in more than 2 weeks

SINGAPORE: Singapore reported 456 new COVID-19 cases as of noon on Saturday (Jan 1), including a high of 260 imported infections.

There was one fatality, taking the country's death toll from coronavirus complications to 829, according to the latest infection statistics on the Ministry of Health's (MOH) website.

*expected will more restrictions if further infections spiking

Posted by MorningGlory123 > 2022-01-03 10:35 | Report Abuse

NSW COVID-19 hospitalisations pass 1,000 as cases continue to balloon across Australia

New South Wales has recorded another 18,278 COVID-19 cases and two deaths as the state's outbreak continues to surge.

*unavoidable government will enforce more restrictions

Posted by MorningGlory123 > 2022-01-03 10:52 | Report Abuse

Why this Covid-19 surge is 'unprecedented in this pandemic'

(CNN)The new year is starting with a massive influx of Covid-19 that's different from any other during this pandemic, doctors say.
"We're seeing a surge in patients again, unprecedented in this pandemic," said Dr. James Phillips, chief of disaster medicine at George Washington University Hospital.

"What's coming for the rest of the country could be very serious. And they need to be prepared."

Posted by MorningGlory123 > 2022-01-03 11:06 | Report Abuse

China reports 161 new COVID-19 cases

BEIJING: China reported 161 confirmed coronavirus cases for Jan 2, down from 191 a day earlier, the country's health authority said on Monday (Jan 3).

Of the new infections, 101 were locally transmitted, according to a statement by the National Health Commission, down from 131 a day earlier.

*China government always taking pre-active decision to curb virus spiking and foresee supply chain will be interrupted

Posted by MorningGlory123 > 2022-01-03 14:21 | Report Abuse

A ‘tsunami’ of omicron variant COVID-19 cases are coming, WHO warns

The World Health Organization warned Wednesday that the world will soon see a “tsunami of cases” of COVID-19 which will stretch throughout the winter.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO’s director-general, said the highly transmissible omicron variant and the fast-spreading delta variant will lead to the surge of cases, per The Financial Times.

*WHO had given warning globally for upcoming tsunami of Omicron

Posted by MorningGlory123 > 2022-01-03 15:17 | Report Abuse

Weekly Covid Cases Pass 10 Million, Doubling Previous Record

Almost twice as many people were diagnosed with Covid-19 in the past seven days as the pandemic’s previous weekly record thanks to a tsunami of omicron that has swamped every aspect of daily life in many parts of the globe.

*unavoidable infections spiking globally will cause more restrictions

Posted by MorningGlory123 > 2022-01-04 08:48 | Report Abuse

Covid-19 Cases Soar to New Records in U.S.

Covid-19 infections continued to soar far above previous peaks across the U.S., as students returned to classrooms while some workers remained home after contracting or being exposed to the virus.

*global infections still spiking unstoppable

Posted by MorningGlory123 > 2022-01-04 08:57 | Report Abuse

NSW COVID case numbers hit a new high as hospitalisations eclipse last year's peak

NSW has recorded a new peak in COVID-19 hospitalisations and daily infections, with 1,344 patients in hospital and 23,131 new cases.

*expected more restrictions on the states

Posted by MorningGlory123 > 2022-01-04 14:31 | Report Abuse

Children are hospitalized with Covid at record numbers

Some younger patients are found to be Covid-positive through routine screening, but a worrisome number are experiencing severe complications of the coronavirus, doctors say.

The number of children hospitalized with Covid-19 is soaring nationwide, especially as the highly transmissible omicron variant of the coronavirus spreads across the country.

*unstoppable virus spiking will cause more government enforce more restrictions

Posted by MorningGlory123 > 2022-01-04 16:16 | Report Abuse

India reports the highest number of daily Covid cases since early September

There were 37,379 new cases reported over a 24-hour period, government data showed Tuesday.

That was the highest reported figure since September and marked a sharp jump from the 6,358 cases reported a week earlier on Dec. 28.

Maharashtra and Delhi together account for around half of all cases in India attributed to the omicron variant.

*more virus variant more virus tsunami coming

Posted by MorningGlory123 > 2022-01-04 21:40 | Report Abuse

U.S. reports over 1 million new daily Covid cases as omicron surges

The U.S. reported a record number of new Covid cases on Monday, with over 1 million new infections.

A total of 1,082,549 new coronavirus cases were reported Monday, according to data from Johns Hopkins University, as the highly infectious omicron variant continues to spread throughout the country and beyond.

The U.S. also has the highest seven-day average of new cases in the world, according to Johns Hopkins rankings.

*unstoppable virus spiking until causing government will take more restrictions action

Posted by MorningGlory123 > 2022-01-04 22:05 | Report Abuse

France detects new COVID-19 variant 'IHU', more infectious than Omicron: All we know about it

The new variant — B.1.640.2 — which has been detected in 12 patients near Marseille, contains 46 mutations, making it more resistant to vaccines and infectious

Even as the world battles the uptick in COVID-19 cases owing to the Omicron variant, scientists in France have found another variant.

The discovery of the variant, dubbed B.1.640.2, was announced in a paper posted on medRxiv.

Called IHU, as of now, the strain was discovered by academics based at the IHU Mediterranee Infection on 10 December.

Posted by MorningGlory123 > 2022-01-05 08:36 | Report Abuse

Covid Level in Singapore 'Unknown,' U.S. CDC Warns in Travel Notice

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Tuesday reclassified its Covid-19 travel advisory for Singapore, guiding Americans to avoid travel to the Southeast Asian nation because the level of the disease there is “unknown.”

“Because the current situation in Singapore is unknown, even fully vaccinated travelers may be at risk for getting and spreading COVID-19 variants,” the CDC said in its advisory.

*more and more restrictions imposed by globally government since unstoppable new variant and infections spiking

Posted by MorningGlory123 > 2022-01-05 09:14 | Report Abuse

Singapore’s COVID-19 weekly infection growth rate back above 1 for first time since Nov 12

SINGAPORE: The weekly growth rate of COVID-19 infections in Singapore went above 1 on Tuesday (Jan 4) for the first time since Nov 12, 2021, data from the Ministry of Health's (MOH) website showed.

The weekly infection growth rate refers to the ratio of community cases for the past week over the week before. Authorities have described the statistic as one of the key indicators that can be used to assess risk levels when calibrating COVID-19 measures.

*foresee more and more restrictions imposed to curb infections spiking


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Posted by Bluey > 2022-01-05 10:17 | Report Abuse

Let’s get real. Omicron and others are making their presence felt. Malaysian glove companies are getting fresh orders for more gloves/masks so there is no reason for their share prices to wobble but instead to rise steadily every day.
But not sell. Good luck to all.

Posted by MorningGlory123 > 2022-01-05 14:23 | Report Abuse

After Omicron, new Covid-19 variant IHU raises fresh spectre of pandemic concerns

KUALA LUMPUR (Jan 5): The emergence of IHU — a new variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes the Covid-19 pandemic — appears to have raised fresh pandemic concerns after the variant emerged in France recently, reported on Wednesday (Jan 5).

It was reported that IHU was first detected in France last month, but is now making international headlines after catching the attention of global experts.

*unprecedented virus variants will cause virus tsunami soon


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Posted by Dannyfyl88 > 2022-01-06 09:41 | Report Abuse

Bluey.. pls don't tell. I need time to load up and buy. So cheap now... LT is a sure bet and I am hoping ALL will sell cheap to me... The cheaper the better.

Posted by MorningGlory123 > 2022-01-06 12:49 | Report Abuse

What we know so far about IHU COVID-19 variant symptoms

Scientists and experts in France are keeping their eyes on the new IHU COVID-19 variant that has emerged in recent days.

The new variant — called the IHU variant because it was found by academics at the institute IHU Mediterranee Infection — has been linked to 12 cases near Marseilles, France, according to Business Insider.

The variant — with the scientific name B.1.640.2 — reportedly has 46 mutations in an “atypical combination,” according to researchers.

*unprecedented virus tsunami coming soon if unstoppable virus variant hit globally

Posted by MorningGlory123 > 2022-01-06 13:03 | Report Abuse

Omicron alert: Doctor says next two weeks crucial. Here's why

Omicron wave in South Africa, UK, Denmark has seen a sudden surge followed by a quick dip, based on which experts are estimating that India's peak will arrive in the next four weeks.

*foresee year 2022 is virus tsunami to hit globally

Posted by khatulistiwa1234 > 2022-01-06 13:59 | Report Abuse

3.00 on BIG HOPE ..... previous higher .


1,209 posts

Posted by Dannyfyl88 > 2022-01-06 14:34 | Report Abuse

The previous super high is 5.8. 3.4 is the second high.

Posted by khatulistiwa1234 > 2022-01-06 15:31 | Report Abuse


Posted by MorningGlory123 > 2022-01-06 15:32 | Report Abuse

IHU: New Covid variant with 46 mutations worries experts in France

So far, 12 people have been infected with the new variant

While the world is grappling with the highly infectious Omicron, strain of Covid, scientists in France have identified a potentially worrying new variant, which has 46 mutations.

*unavoidable new virus variant to hit globally until government will impose more restristions

Posted by MorningGlory123 > 2022-01-06 16:36 | Report Abuse

Thailand raises Covid-19 alert level due to Omicron spread

BANGKOK: Thailand on Thursday raised its Covid-19 alert level following rising infections driven by the spread of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus, a senior health official said.

The change, from level three to four, sets a pretext for possible measures that could follow, such as closing high-risk areas and placing restrictions on domestic travel or public gatherings.

*unstoppable virus spiking causing more government impose more restrictions

Posted by khatulistiwa1234 > 2022-01-06 17:02 | Report Abuse

I confirm WEEK END 1.60 not a PROBLEM .

Posted by khatulistiwa1234 > 2022-01-06 17:02 | Report Abuse

I GOT DATA EVIDENCE , precise to achieve the dreamland .

Posted by khatulistiwa1234 > 2022-01-06 21:41 |

Post removed.Why?

Posted by MorningGlory123 > 2022-01-06 22:07 | Report Abuse

‘The next variant is just around the corner’: Experts warn the world’s at risk until all are vaccinated

New Covid-19 variants are likely to keep on emerging until the whole world is vaccinated against the virus, experts warn.

In low-income countries, only 8.5% of people have received at least one dose of a vaccine, according to data.

The sharing of vaccinations is not just an altruistic act but a pragmatic one, experts note.


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Posted by shyityng > 2022-01-09 09:57 | Report Abuse

I heard got financial problem, better cut lost when price is up, elsewise trapped another 10 years d. Those blow new variant and LJ data don't believe la, I heard from a person working as acc in comfort.


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Posted by kuanbuo > 2022-01-10 21:58 | Report Abuse

hahahaha. ok


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Posted by 镠公公 > 2022-01-11 10:46 | Report Abuse

Sell this rubbish stock


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Posted by Dannyfyl88 > 2022-01-13 11:48 | Report Abuse

Ya.. all depends on the big 3... 1 already down like crap... SuperMx. Anyway, nothing so cheap will be cheap forever. NTA is far exceeded the capital. It is ridiculous on Manufacturing industries and especially on the ones that makes money and have little debts.


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Posted by Will188 > 2022-01-17 21:28 | Report Abuse

Cash rich still cash rich still financial problem? Lol


1,209 posts

Posted by Dannyfyl88 > 2022-01-20 09:42 | Report Abuse

Ya... cash rich penny stock now... WTF. I just keep on buying... still a glove lover...


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Posted by Dannyfyl88 > 2022-01-21 10:28 | Report Abuse

WTF... better not look at it for this year and possibly Next. Totally gone case...

Posted by khatulistiwa1234 > 2022-01-21 12:25 | Report Abuse

BUY ....going to HIDING LEAP , according to RIGHT SOURCE .

Posted by khatulistiwa1234 > 2022-01-21 12:26 | Report Abuse

COMFORT will make your CNY even MORE COMFORT .


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Posted by nkk0819 > 2022-01-24 17:18 | Report Abuse

Add some 0.94 and keep


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Posted by themeg > 2022-01-25 10:51 | Report Abuse

Cash rich and profitable company. Good price to enter at 93 cents.


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Posted by skcm2017 > 2022-01-26 23:04 | Report Abuse

More than two-thirds of omicron cases are reinfections, English study suggests

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