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Zea XG

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Posted by Zea XG > 2016-09-29 16:46 | Report Abuse

someone sapu-ing all the shares... I wonder what news it will be this time.


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Posted by gforce2 > 2016-09-30 22:24 | Report Abuse

Wow! Looks like quite an exciting end of the week! Haven't seen this much volume since Jan 2016. No news so far, but based on past charts, a spike in volume usually means further upside in the coming month. Will AMFIRST beat my optimistic prediction of RM0.85 this year? Have a great weekend - October is gonna rock!

Posted by anaknelayanmelayu > 2016-11-03 10:01 | Report Abuse

office segment is not doing so well. buy now you are likely to help the sharks to unload their shares

Posted by phoenixqueen > 2016-11-03 21:21 | Report Abuse

kindly explain more anknelayanmelayu,meaning u will wait to enter at lower price? how low do u think good to enter?

Posted by anaknelayanmelayu > 2016-11-04 12:16 | Report Abuse

I don’t think this stock has so much potential, the yield is only around 4-5%, but gearing is high (above 40%). Hence, it could not really acquire assets, as its debt level is already quite high. Plus, since its an office REITs, there might be a possibility of lower yield, since the office segment is not performing due to oversupply. If I were you, I will grab other high quality REITs such as Pavilion and KLCC, with yield around 4-5% + potential growth due to its low gearing, below 30%. But if you want higher yield, above 6%, YTL Hosp is a good one. Although gearing is high which would limit its growth, 6% yield is quite attractive, and it is still cheap compared to its peers. Research some more on YTL Hosp and you’ll see.


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Posted by ejtic > 2017-02-24 15:15 | Report Abuse

Moderate quarterly results. Next quarter results will be good & dividend will be better than last year based on the prospect mentioned in the report.


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Posted by nkk53 > 2017-03-20 16:19 | Report Abuse

Target to buy at 0.80


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Posted by limweebeng > 2017-05-03 21:30 | Report Abuse

Bad we result, price now start to drop. Expected drop to 0.7.


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Posted by nkk53 > 2017-05-25 15:18 | Report Abuse

pick up 0.76


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Posted by LATO' SELI > 2017-07-13 14:00 | Report Abuse

Lousy Reit


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Posted by ZeaXG > 2017-08-17 17:29 | Report Abuse


Prima 9 will be rented out (now vacant) effective 1 October 2017!


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Posted by gforce2 > 2017-08-17 21:57 | Report Abuse

ZeaXG > Thanks for the update! To add, this is mentioned on Page 9 of the 1Q17 Quarterly Report released today.

During the quarter ended 30 June 2017, the Trust has secured a new tenancy to lease enbloc
(with option to purchase) the currently fully vacant property, Prima 9 in Cyberjaya. The
new tenancy of Prima 9 will commence effective 1 October 2017.
With the fully tenanted Prima 9 and the higher occupancy achieved in The Summit Retail
and Office, the Trust’s overall committed occupancy of the properties portfolio has improved
to 87.3% as compared to overall occupancy of 82.5% as at 31 March 2017.

A quick google search shows agents were still trying to rent/sell Prima 9 earlier this month.
Price range (RM80m to RM83m), Rental quotes between RM 3.75 - RM5 psf for Prima 9 & 10.
Let's assume RM3.75 psf, on account of the weak office rental market.
​111,224 sf = RM417k per month. Since tenancy is from 1 Oct, it's from 3Q17 onwards, so possibly a total of RM2.5m property income for this financial year; (RM5m annualized) For FY17, potential boost is 0.36 sen per share (0.72 sen annualized).

Back to the 1Q17 Results; Earnings looks like it is improving, costs are under control. 1.1 sen per share in realised income this quarter.

With the fully occupied Prima 9 & improving occupancy at Summit USJ, I project earnings to rise to ~1.28 sen per share in 3Q onwards. So, a full year result of approx 4.76 sen per share. At 71.5 sen share price, that works out to a potential 6.65% dividend yield. This is a conservative estimate.
If the Prima 9 tenant decides to buy, that would be even better!


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Posted by winnerz > 2017-08-17 22:35 | Report Abuse

This is good news for AMFIRST investors! Almost 5% increment on overall occupancy, adding $4.8m to it's next FY income!


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Posted by ivan9511 > 2017-11-21 18:00 | Report Abuse

walau . amfirst qr quite good . dividend increase drom 019 until 021
really cannot believe only 70sen
dividend yield 6% .really a good potential stock
office lots is value. online sales or online shops also need a office to operate
I can say now amfirst is the best of all reit counters

Posted by Fapr2017 > 2017-11-23 11:42 | Report Abuse

Anyone know…… isn't before Ex Date 5/12/17 buy this counter, still can entitlement the dividend

Posted by Fapr2017 > 2017-11-24 16:33 | Report Abuse

IImuKhodam>>Thanks for Yr reply


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Posted by JamesChai > 2017-11-27 11:19 | Report Abuse

want to buy some


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Posted by ivan9511 > 2017-11-29 22:58 | Report Abuse

this stock higest 1.10 , now 071 and the points is soon will get good dividend , I already check currently amfirst dividend yield better than others reit
seriously you check and see
and the point is qr keep improve dividen keep improve only the prive now is lowest
again now is lowest
now is lowest I check many times already this stock can fly up to 1.00rinngit now .
many online biz or direct sales biz is likely to open a office than a shops
you see other shop reit qr drop like hell some even stop the dividend , I dun want realise the name because is no good to do that
just believe me buy amfirst
I already big big sapu at 0715
soon will get 2sen dividend so if buy now at 071 - 2 dividenn , actually only 069
where to find
and remeber highest is 1.10 ringgit


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Posted by noobiess > 2017-12-05 09:39 | Report Abuse

Can anyone enlighten me about the taxable and non-taxable dividend for income tax purpose? I am still very confused and do not know how to proceed.


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Posted by gforce2 > 2017-12-05 15:18 | Report Abuse

noobiess > Let's look at the latest dividend distribution.
Interim income distribution of 2.12 sen per unit (of which 2.08 sen per unit is taxable and 0.04 sen per unit is tax exempt/non-taxable)

Under Malaysian law, REITs are subject to 10% Withholding Tax for individual shareholders. Tax is deducted at source, so the amount you receive is already the net amount. You don't have to declare this amount to LHDN (

For the above distribution, for every 1000 shares, you will receive:
((2.08 sen * 0.90) + 0.04) * 1000
= (1.872 sen + 0.04) * 1000
= 1.912 sen per unit * 1000
= RM 19.12


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Posted by noobiess > 2017-12-05 17:55 | Report Abuse

Dear gforce2,
Thank you so much for your clarification. Only now I have understood.

Posted by Thiamhuat Too > 2017-12-15 00:11 | Report Abuse

buy in ty


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Posted by LATO' SELI > 2017-12-18 16:15 | Report Abuse

Year low @ 0.68
Good to collect..??


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Posted by kinliang > 2017-12-29 17:47 | Report Abuse

@.@ why others REIT counter move but this...


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Posted by gforce2 > 2018-01-06 01:24 | Report Abuse

Looks like a change in AMFIRST management, as ARA is planning a REIT listing of their own soon.

AMMB Holdings Bhd's wholly owned subsidiary AmInvestment Group Bhd (AIGB) has entered into a new shareholders' agreement with Amcorp Properties Bhd in the business of managing AmFirst REIT after the agreement termination with ARA Asset Management (Malaysia) Ltd.

Recall that AIGB and ARA Asset Management had set up a subsidiary known as Am ARA REIT Managers Sdn Bhd to o undertake the management of AmFirst REIT.

Am ARA REIT Managers is 100%-owned by Am ARA REIT Holdings Sdn Bhd.

However, as ARA Asset Management has disposed of its 30% stake in Am ARA REIT Holdings to Amcorp Properties, both AIGB and ARA Asset Management have mutually agreed to terminate the joint venture.

Amcorp Properties is a 71%-owned subsidiary of Amcorp Group Bhd, which is also a substantial shareholder of AMMB.


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Posted by BumbleBee > 2018-01-06 14:31 | Report Abuse

Good news?


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Posted by ivan9511 > 2018-01-06 15:58 | Report Abuse

gforce2. @will this news can limit up amfirst ?
other reits fly like no tomorrow because bull and ge come.
but amfirst after declared good results high dividend droping like no Tomorow.


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Posted by gforce2 > 2018-01-07 03:08 | Report Abuse

ivan9511 > No, REITs aren't as volatile as regular stocks. I don't see any limit-up from this news.

Most of the REITs haven't really moved much, except for the window-dressing exercise on 29-Dec-2017. Quite a bit of headwinds: 1) Potential interest rate hike, 2) Glut in Commercial Office & Retail Mall Space. That being said, AMFIRST is trading at a huge discount to NAV, and is attractive from a dividend's perspective >6% p.a. AMFIRST Q Results are only out in February, and dividends are only announced in April & November.

Amcorp Properties (AMPROP) is currently raising funds through a rights issue of preference shares, but their core focus is on overseas properties in UK & Spain and upmarket residential properties in Malaysia. They also have regular income from their renewal energy projects in Malaysia.

We can probably speculate that having AMPROP on board (30% stake in Am ARA REIT Holdings) will make it easier to inject their property assets into AMFIRST. Looking at their annual report, only Amcorp Mall (worth RM 103m) seems to fit that criteria. That would take AMFIRST gearing ratio close to the 50% limit.


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Posted by ivan9511 > 2018-01-07 04:40 | Report Abuse



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Posted by nkk53 > 2018-01-11 11:30 | Report Abuse

0.68 done.


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Posted by zach123 > 2018-01-12 16:04 | Report Abuse

legal case


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Posted by nkk53 > 2018-01-12 20:51 | Report Abuse

Kip and amreit-my top pick now

Posted by Kalaihselvan Krishnan > 2018-01-14 20:27 | Report Abuse

Another counter to turn around. I think the price is very low


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Posted by gforce2 > 2018-01-16 05:44 | Report Abuse

The Board of Directors of Am ARA REIT Managers Sdn. Bhd. (“REIT MANAGER”) wishes to announce that on 15 January 2018, Amcorp Group Berhad (“AMCORP”) has acquired 13,650,000 units of AmFIRST REIT for a total consideration of RM9,443,408.08 from Jadeline Capital Sdn. Bhd. (“Jadeline”) via a Direct Business Transaction. In this regard, Jadeline has ceased to be a substantial unitholder of AmFIRST REIT.

AMCORP is the major shareholder of AMMB Holdings Berhad (“AMMB”) and Amcorp Properties Berhad (“AMPROP”), which in turn via Am ARA REIT Holdings Sdn. Bhd. (“REIT HOLDINGS”), are indirect shareholders of the REIT MANAGER, holding 70% and 30% equity interest respectively.


Jadeline Capital is 100% owned by ARA Asset Management Limited. This effectively marks the end of ARA's collaboration with AMFIRST, as they make preparations to list their own REIT.

Average price paid by Amcorp is RM 0.6918 per share, which is slightly higher than current market price RM0.68. Perhaps some support for the share price, in anticipation of the next Q results (in Feb)?


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Posted by nkk53 > 2018-02-22 09:23 | Report Abuse

Pick up 0.645


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Posted by nkk53 > 2018-02-26 16:19 | Report Abuse

Expect 2 sen div this coming quarter


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Posted by ZeaXG > 2018-02-27 12:51 | Report Abuse

According my calc, if they can maintain the occupancy rate for this coming quarter and factoring in the 0.25% rate hike for their floating rate borrowings, can get 6.5%-7.0% div yield (after 10% withholding tax) at current 0.645 share price.

Posted by Kalaihselvan Krishnan > 2018-02-27 13:17 | Report Abuse

It's better for them sell all the assets and distribute the fund. Very poor yield with high NAV


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Posted by ejtic > 2018-03-02 22:21 | Report Abuse

Couldn’t agree more

Posted by Kalaihselvan Krishnan > 2018-03-03 21:47 | Report Abuse

NTA is RM1.24, and ROE is only 2.8 percent.


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Posted by ejtic > 2018-03-04 22:05 | Report Abuse

It’s best to return & refund all our hard earned investment money’s.


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Posted by brianklc > 2018-03-07 20:16 | Report Abuse

Wht happen to this counter? Fed up of average down my purchase price already...

Posted by pook2000yong > 2018-03-09 10:41 | Report Abuse

Yes, mine too, keep dropping....


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Posted by brianklc > 2018-03-09 23:36 | Report Abuse



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Posted by nkk53 > 2018-03-13 16:56 | Report Abuse

Pick up more@0.625


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Posted by brianklc > 2018-03-15 10:28 | Report Abuse

0.61 now


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Posted by Bathgel > 2018-03-30 19:32 | Report Abuse



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Posted by LimKT > 2018-04-02 11:45 | Report Abuse


Posted by jordanmaggie61 > 2018-04-02 11:55 | Report Abuse


Posted by Kalaihselvan Krishnan > 2018-04-04 10:44 | Report Abuse

Bought some at 0.595

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