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Posted by Mohd Qadri Abdul Rani > 2023-08-08 12:27 | Report Abuse

nothing special


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Posted by 651158 > 2023-08-08 13:18 | Report Abuse

just waiting

Posted by Mohd Qadri Abdul Rani > 2023-08-09 09:21 | Report Abuse


Posted by Mohd Qadri Abdul Rani > 2023-08-17 16:34 | Report Abuse

why drop?


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Posted by attiah35 > 2023-08-22 07:20 | Report Abuse

There is no drop. The outlook looks promising. The new directors are continuously buying and supporting the share.

We can all trust Dato’ Ku. As a well accomplished financial guru, he will the leading the recovery efforts. More than 200m coming in soon.

1. Settlement with Melaka state govt over the hostel issue. Complete take over by the state, potentially 120m+.

2. Recovery of 9.1m profit guarantee from the JMI profit guarantee

3. Recovery of 22m+ from the internal probe on relating to trading activities from former directors.

4. Recovery of US$10m to Generex Biotechnology Corporation for their failed Covid-19 vaccine.


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Posted by AdCool > 2023-08-23 18:36 | Report Abuse

Recovery doesnt mean ppl gonna repay. It may drag into court cases for years to come. Profit guarantee of JMI is confirmed as it s already been announced. As for Melaka hostel issue, still no updated news and should Melaka gov gonna settle it with the company, it s either they repay the 40mil ++ debts and cont with the concession (which wont be good as there would be new debts incur in future) or total buy out the concession and take over the debts from MBSB. Without the take over of the debts with MBSB banks, the 120 million ++ wont even be able to settle the loans with MBSB


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Posted by imm0rtan > 2023-09-04 16:58 | Report Abuse

believe in bintai !


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Posted by DickyMe > 2023-09-04 22:07 | Report Abuse

Kaunter bangsat ni masih aktif?

Posted by EngineeringProfit > 2023-09-04 22:11 | Report Abuse



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Posted by TeamRocket > 2023-09-04 22:26 | Report Abuse


Posted by Mohd Qadri Abdul Rani > 2023-09-05 09:27 | Report Abuse

Untold story

Posted by Sarwajagat00 > 2023-09-05 20:51 | Report Abuse

The Company wishes to update that Messrs. Alan Kang & Co (“AKCO”) has on 29 August 2023 presented the “BINTAI KINDEN CORPORATION BERHAD INTERNAL INVESTIGATION REPORT” to the Board. Upon careful review of the said report from AKCO, the Board has accepted the findings presented by AKCO, which the summary of the findings as below:-

A series of unauthorized shares and cryptocurrency trading transactions have been identified, committed mainly by one of the former Executive Director in the capacity of his Executive Director role of BTSB, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company.
Discovery of irregularities in BTSB’s trading of shares in MGRC and Emico Holdings Berhad (“EMICO”) in which there were ninety-five (95) transactions out of ninety-eight (98) transactions in MGRC shares and four (4) transactions in EMICO shares failed to comply with the necessary announcement requirement despite of the BTSB had achieved the substantial shareholdings.
Observable recurring patterns in MGRC share trading by BTSB in which all the intervals between the announced transactions seem intentionally timed to evade market detection, indicating possible market manipulation through wash-trading techniques.
There were nineteen (19) trading activities from 5 May 2023 to 11 May 2023 by BTSB despite a Stock Halt directive issued by the former Board on 5 May 2023. This included transactions on the shares of SNS Network Technology Berhad, EG Industries Berhad, and MGRC. A concerning "Buy High & Sell Low" trading pattern was identified, resulting in estimated losses of RM204,608.75.
There was an unauthorized withdrawal of 0.9846 unit of Bitcoin from the BTSB’s cryptocurrency account with Tokenize Technology (M) Sdn. Bhd. to an unidentified wallet on 9 April 2023, at 1.15 pm, resulted in an estimated loss of RM RM138,000.00 (based on Bitcoin price on 14 July 2023, the date of discovery of this incident).
Concerns over a delay in announcing the BKCB shares disposal and potential insider trading activities. These concerns are specifically tied to the disposal of the BKCB shares by one of the former Executive Director preceding and on the date of the Company declaring its PN17 status, given the price-sensitive information available leading up to the PN17 announcement on 29 March 2023.
In light of these findings, the Board has decided to lodge an official report with both the local police and Bursa Securities, as well as the Securities Commission Malaysia.

The Company wishes to emphasize that under the guidance of new Board, the Company is committed to prevent such past incidents from recurring. The Company would like to assure the public that the financial implications arising from this investigation's outcome are manageable and well within control. The Company is dedicated to strengthen stricter policy on its investment division to ensure all subsequent trading and investment activities adhere to the utmost standards of compliance and corporate governance.

This announcement is dated 5 September 2023.

Posted by Sarwajagat00 > 2023-09-05 20:57 | Report Abuse

Siasatan dijalankan selepas Noor Azri resigned...Nampaknya ade hanky-panky semasa dia took up the Executive Director on 23/07/2023


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Posted by NorAfan > 2023-09-05 21:04 | Report Abuse

When he holds a position in a company, that company's share price sure drops one. Ha


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Posted by 651158 > 2023-09-05 21:19 | Report Abuse

noor azri already get the bitcoin profit and run away and resigned


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Posted by 651158 > 2023-09-05 21:21 | Report Abuse

the company don't said don't know this story


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Posted by 651158 > 2023-09-05 21:24 | Report Abuse

last time Noor Azri also announcement the company with investment on bitcoin


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Posted by 651158 > 2023-09-05 21:27 | Report Abuse

At the time said to buy bitcoin just USD 18✘✘


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Posted by 651158 > 2023-09-05 21:31 | Report Abuse

All share holder you can see last Noor Azri announcement at company


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Posted by 651158 > 2023-09-05 21:33 | Report Abuse

made lost money just said know the story get profit don't said lo


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Posted by Ghazaar > 2023-09-06 09:25 | Report Abuse

Buying crypto using the company's funds and then syphoning money out of the company is a very serious offense against the company...

Posted by Sarwajagat00 > 2023-09-06 10:19 | Report Abuse

then this is likely an act of money laundering...BINTAI shareholders should lodge a police investigation against him


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Posted by NorAfan > 2023-09-06 11:46 | Report Abuse

All over the news. Lebih baik elakkan company yg Azri beli dan dia ade jawatan punya


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Posted by VeeCJay > 2023-09-06 17:02 | Report Abuse



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Posted by semboYan > 2023-09-06 17:12 | Report Abuse

The board already lodged a police report, this azri guy won't run away easily like bossku


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Posted by Gokurek > 2023-09-06 17:32 | Report Abuse

Actually a serious offense.. heard that azri blaming melaka government for not paying and make the share price fall


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Posted by Ghazaar > 2023-09-07 11:26 | Report Abuse

What a twisted child to blame others for his own offense 🙄 Blamed Melaka Government some more...


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Posted by NorAfan > 2023-09-07 14:46 | Report Abuse

Kaunter ni tak akan naik sehingga dia ditangkap. ha

Posted by Sarwajagat00 > 2023-09-07 15:35 | Report Abuse

Too young too naive this young lad, thought can take out the company's money and run away without paying any consequences


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Posted by alienbiru > 2023-09-07 15:43 | Report Abuse

Azri & his family name is smelly now, no investor gonna invest with their name on it

Posted by lessthan10k > 2023-09-07 16:21 | Report Abuse

no more hanky panky by the yound and dumb dude, polis are looking for him now


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Posted by MrAction > 2023-09-07 17:16 | Report Abuse

Most investor already run, hope bintai can able to settle the mess left behind..


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Posted by 651158 > 2023-09-08 08:20 | Report Abuse

bintai u lost project and terminate TNB but MN holding get project TNB


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Posted by 651158 > 2023-09-08 08:39 | Report Abuse

already get project also can terminal


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Posted by 651158 > 2023-09-08 08:41 | Report Abuse

now made company lost the project and share price also down


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Posted by 651158 > 2023-09-08 08:43 | Report Abuse

your people can see announcement at mn holding


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Posted by NorAfan > 2023-09-08 11:45 | Report Abuse

Pelabur-pelabur patutlah mengambil tindakan dan mendesak siasatan polis terhadap Azri

Posted by Sarwajagat00 > 2023-09-08 12:36 | Report Abuse

It's TNB terminates the contracts, not Bintai terminate, 651158😅


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Posted by jvw1520 > 2023-09-08 13:50 | Report Abuse

Hi Sarwajagat @ it’s June 2023 news lah … stail news … believe the current price has factor this in … 🤣

Posted by Sarwajagat00 > 2023-09-08 14:47 | Report Abuse

@jvw1520. I know but someone thought it's Bintai terminates, so have to show the news again


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Posted by Xienry > 2023-09-08 15:37 | Report Abuse

Most retail already run ..


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Posted by XinaSun > 2023-09-08 15:57 | Report Abuse

buy more bitcoin hahahaha, bintai where got power to terminate

Posted by IvanOnMyOwn > 2023-09-08 16:51 | Report Abuse

Azri must be punished, bossku saying hi to him soon


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Posted by Flam3ss > 2023-09-08 17:18 | Report Abuse

good luck to azri, no way to run when doing money laundering & siphon out money from company

Posted by Mohd Qadri Abdul Rani > 2023-09-11 03:16 | Report Abuse

pn17 counter now and no hope...


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Posted by Ghazaar > 2023-09-11 13:47 | Report Abuse

Got destroyed by the young ex ED

Posted by Sarwajagat00 > 2023-09-11 14:49 | Report Abuse

See how committed the shareholders will act on that and lodge police reports


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Posted by NorAfan > 2023-09-11 15:30 | Report Abuse

Ya... Harap pemegang saham ni akan mengambil tindakan yg tegas terhadap kes tersebut


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Posted by BILLC > 2023-09-11 15:37 | Report Abuse

Duit dah kena sakau habisss,,,,apa boleh buat Lagi,,,,tunggu tutup kedai saja lahhh,,,,


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Posted by noirluck > 2023-09-11 15:38 | Report Abuse

shareholders are already making police reports... see u at jail soon Azrii

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