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Posted by davidkkw79 > 2021-11-16 09:07 | Report Abuse

so disappointed with its surprised at all


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Posted by funbeh94 > 2021-11-16 09:43 | Report Abuse

this Q affected by mco, but management confident that full year can achieve 1bil revenue where projected q4 result will be fantastic.

Posted by Blackpepper2020 > 2021-11-16 23:48 | Report Abuse

Sry management clarified it will hit 1b sales but not revenue..

Posted by BellTronmega > 2021-11-17 10:49 | Report Abuse

they never say is 1b revenue....they target 1b sales begining of this year

Posted by BellTronmega > 2021-11-17 10:50 | Report Abuse

u let lagenda continue at this pace...5 years time it will become top developers

Posted by tothemooonn > 2021-11-17 13:33 | Report Abuse

1b sales are easily achievable for affordable housing and I expect the result in Q4 will be better since the construction division has been operating at full capacity.


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Posted by kingkong > 2021-12-07 10:50 | Report Abuse

not doing so well share price


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Posted by LossAversion > 2022-01-19 14:52 | Report Abuse

@gunter, you mean rubbish stock recommended by HLG???


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Posted by KPH5328 > 2022-02-12 11:50 | Report Abuse

Bank Negara must review financing model for easier home ownership — PM | CEO Morning Brief
to ensure financial institutions allow easier financing for the B40 and M40 groups to own People’s Housing Projects (PPR) units and other affordable homes. The focus will be on direct purchase and rent to own (options),” Ismail Sabri said
Positive to Lagenda Scientex Matrix

Posted by BellTronmega > 2022-02-17 16:21 | Report Abuse

if lagenda grow at this will overtake scientax in few years time

James Yeo

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Posted by James Yeo > 2022-02-18 13:20 | Report Abuse

This stock is within our radar for the month of Feb. Check it and 6 other stocks out here:

Posted by wayneforwin > 2022-02-21 12:26 | Report Abuse

today free free free money (ASET KAYAMAS)

Posted by AbangCrypto6014 > 2022-02-23 12:18 | Report Abuse

Lagenda pls continue be good to me :)


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Posted by davidkkw79 > 2022-02-25 07:48 | Report Abuse

I believe many people being trapped after this company announced good QR. This stock always like that, like to use good new or good QR to trap investors.


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Posted by Jack888 > 2022-03-01 12:12 | Report Abuse


Posted by tothemooonn > 2022-03-01 14:57 | Report Abuse

Engine is hot


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Posted by JJPTR > 2022-03-03 12:21 | Report Abuse

A new law coming , to control property market by Housing Minister MP for Ampang.
Please vote her out.
Rental deposit must be kept by the housing minister.
Interest on billions of deposits to let housing minister use for admin expenses.
They intefere in private investors job and earn money from you.
House rental cannot simply increase.
Minister pay can anyt time increase. 3 ministers in one ministry also can.
If tenant no pay rent, cannot deduct from deposit
Housing minister issue 3800 interview, no body receive except Housing miniters people
They pretend to manage tenant -owner dispute, but earn interest.
No strata title problem between developer and owners drags for 30years, still useless housing Minister Zuraida shake leg
Property rental mkt will collapse.
Time to avoid property portfolio
Property industry will slowly downtrend.
Construction sector will be hit.
Small property company will abandon projects.
Buyers will be traped paying bank interest for house abandon.
It is coming..Started by Housing Minister Zuraida.
Avoid small unknown property developers.
During last property crash, many buyers were caught with uncompleted property, yet have to pay bank loan for 30 years

Posted by JimmySooong > 2022-03-03 20:54 | Report Abuse

Property segment has been a slump for so long but these guys still seem to be able to sell. Sales target should be able to hit


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Posted by Jack888 > 2022-03-04 10:05 | Report Abuse

1.60 coming soon


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Posted by whtan58 > 2022-03-04 20:54 | Report Abuse

Attention !!
careful with facebook and telegram group name GI*, many times they gave buy call and a lot people loss money because of their slow service and noticing, Lagenda is one of their target now so dear investors please be smart.. many victims from Senheng Danco MBSB CJCEN and many more counters


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Posted by Kok3Ken > 2022-04-20 15:07 | Report Abuse


在这样的大背景底下,Lagenda Properties就显得特别有意思, 生产可负担房屋又不损房屋品质。Lagenda Properties到底是为何有这个商业点子?又是如何办得到的?我们这就问一问Lagenda Properties集团董事经理 拿督卓致明。


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Posted by Kok3Ken > 2022-04-20 15:07 | Report Abuse

lai bahh

Posted by AbangCrypto6014 > 2022-04-25 02:00 | Report Abuse

Rising residential overhang contributed largely by high-rise properties. YoY, residential overhang rose to 24.7% to 36,863 in units and RM22.8bil (+20.5%) in value as at December 2021 (Exhibit 8). Selangor still has the largest residential overhang. This was followed by Johor, Penang and Kuala Lumpur (Exhibit 10).
In terms of the overhang by type of properties, condominium/apartment units were the highest at 20,505 (55.6% of the total) followed by terraced houses at 7,839 (21.3%).

Posted by stockbitsniper > 2022-04-25 18:58 | Report Abuse

1.60 incoming


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Posted by davidkkw79 > 2022-04-26 14:08 | Report Abuse

Did anyone know that coming quarter for Lagenda its profit will be started tax for prosperity tax ?


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Posted by davidkkw79 > 2022-04-27 20:18 | Report Abuse

【行家论股/视频】西港控股 繁荣税拖累业绩

Prosperity tax !

Posted by stockpicker888 > 2022-04-29 12:17 | Report Abuse

No issue for a great company like Lagenda if this is just a one-off tax. Price drop, keep more.

Posted by AbangCrypto6014 > 2022-04-29 12:36 | Report Abuse

from 0.9 - 1.5, this already showing that how good is this company

Posted by AbangCrypto6014 > 2022-04-29 12:37 | Report Abuse

every sector slowly slowly recover now

Posted by jonathansiew > 2022-05-20 14:11 | Report Abuse

Small sign of improving.... Good goo, as long above 90 is good.

Posted by AbangCrypto6014 > 2022-05-27 12:47 | Report Abuse

long term king <3

Posted by AbangCrypto6014 > 2022-05-27 12:48 | Report Abuse

my 2nd best long term stock so far

Posted by Blackpepper2020 > 2022-06-27 20:00 | Report Abuse

Anyone could share the information shared by management in the agm session?

Posted by AbangCrypto6014 > 2 months ago | Report Abuse

awaiting the next timing to enter again

Posted by WaiWai1616 > 2 months ago | Report Abuse

What happen on this counter? will tis continue fall to below 1.00?


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Posted by davidkkw79 > 2 months ago | Report Abuse

I just heard coming QR will be very bad due to tax makmur and also no dividend given.

Posted by WaiWai1616 > 2 months ago | Report Abuse

omg! really? hold the price at 1.60, now already 1.13, need to hold or cutloss b4 the next qr release?

Posted by BellTronmega > 2 months ago | Report Abuse

he just here to kacau only..cukai makmur only affect 5m profit, majority staff 1.5k salary n above...unbilled sales 1b...takut apa bangg

Posted by AbangCrypto6014 > 2 months ago | Report Abuse

QR very bad? Where is prove? Or just full of talk?

Posted by WaiWai1616 > 2 months ago | Report Abuse

will drop below 1.00 soon.... gg lo!

Posted by AbangCrypto6014 > 2 months ago | Report Abuse

wont gg la, still performing well :)


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Posted by Yiang1959 > 2 months ago | Report Abuse

why keep on dropping

Posted by AbangCrypto6014 > 2 months ago | Report Abuse

Lagenda will be fine, rilek je


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Posted by jackjason > 3 weeks ago | Report Abuse

for those have the holding power just keep it lor,


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Posted by jackjason > 3 weeks ago | Report Abuse

buy at 1.30 wait price rebound over 1.50.

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