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Posted by Mirage2000E > 2021-11-23 18:28 | Report Abuse

When Q results out ??


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Posted by oasischeah > 2021-11-24 09:59 | Report Abuse

Risky to go in now.. No news on the slump but something is wrong. Quietly dumping.


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Posted by lloydlim > 2021-11-24 10:14 | Report Abuse

Worse than expected QR to be released soon based on unusual market activity yesterday.


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Posted by LubeTrader > 2021-11-24 11:17 | Report Abuse

Price seems stable this morning. The motive of yesterday's price volatility is unknown. If it's deliberate, then somebody or an organisation is trying to send jittery traders into chaos. Obviously many took the bait and chased upward while some sold for pittance. Isn't it criminal to have access and leak QR before it is announced?


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Posted by nixonteh85 > 2021-11-24 15:47 | Report Abuse

london bridge is falling down


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Posted by yleng83 > 2021-11-24 16:49 | Report Abuse

wow two big red candle , tomorrow .....another red


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Posted by gemfinder > 2021-11-24 16:56 |

Post removed.Why?


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Posted by Vicky > 2021-11-24 16:59 | Report Abuse

so sorry bro. just to up at 0.495. collect ticket

Risk Trader

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Posted by Risk Trader > 2021-11-24 17:55 | Report Abuse

QR out with positive result, so tomorrow will bounce back to 60 cent

Posted by Mirage2000E > 2021-11-24 18:03 | Report Abuse

Risk Trader where's the Q results news??

Risk Trader

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Posted by Risk Trader > 2021-11-24 18:27 | Report Abuse


Risk Trader

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Posted by Risk Trader > 2021-11-24 18:29 | Report Abuse

go to research and financial here

Posted by Mirage2000E > 2021-11-24 18:33 | Report Abuse

Risk Trader..Yes results out Green small profit hope Uzma up.thks bro


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Posted by oasischeah > 2021-11-24 19:52 | Report Abuse

Big knife on this share. Cut off before its too late. No enquiry whatsoever. No news but secretly disposing.

Posted by Mirage2000E > 2021-11-24 21:35 | Report Abuse

Q results green n how much wan to cut when Uzma shares are limited 400 millions compare to others in billions . Uzma made profit during MCO next Q should be higher with many oil contracts. I don't know which Big knife wan to chop a good co even just a month ago Annalisist gave positive ratings for Uzma.

Posted by GHOSTVISION > 2021-11-24 23:26 | Report Abuse

The Ghost seldom talk about oil & gas because in the underworld, we fly ourselves everywhere. Kind of interesting to know that this UZMA is a hidden joss stick, ripe for burning.

After PP, straight drill down. Looking at the ghostly selling pattern, these are just automated sell tickets to Level 18 in hell.

However, what goes down must return up, harder and higher... reincarnation, a beautiful cycle....Amitabha.

The Ghost.


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Posted by linheng > 2021-11-25 04:16 | Report Abuse

At 50cents for a profitable company that successfully PP shares recently at 57.5 cents & 54.5 cents; there is no worry. Most IBs give TP at above 70 cents. Just hold until year end window dressing - 1 month to go only


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Posted by Hotstuff > 2021-11-25 09:01 | Report Abuse

not to mention NOS only stand at 350m. easy to push anytime when the real value is unlock


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Posted by x_abe81 > 2021-11-25 09:25 | Report Abuse

Will the current trend break it lowest price of 39 sen ? :)


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Posted by Hotstuff > 2021-11-25 09:36 | Report Abuse

yes is possible when another lock down is announced worldwide. you guess what are the chances?

Posted by Mirage2000E > 2021-11-25 11:18 | Report Abuse

OPEC refuses to increase production n Biden reserve release has backfired means oil would be in demand ontop Dec Christmas energy oil needed.


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Posted by oasischeah > 2021-11-25 12:26 | Report Abuse

Tomorrow T2-T3 will come for many speculators. Watch it drop below 45 sens.

Posted by Mirage2000E > 2021-11-25 13:29 | Report Abuse

T2-T3 old news Bursa regulations dates 2019 payment for shares bought need to paid within 3 working days these rule applies for all shares not for Uzma. Oasischeah a natural demon vulture that waits for beggars meat.

Posted by Mirage2000E > 2021-11-25 16:06 | Report Abuse

New Investors has invested in Uzma business just wait for their announcement.


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Posted by lloydlim > 2021-11-25 22:36 | Report Abuse

Next QR doesn't look good so need to be extra patience with Uzma


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Posted by linheng > 2021-11-26 04:23 | Report Abuse

Sell Sell Sell. Am waiting to collect more at cents


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Posted by oasischeah > 2021-11-26 10:59 | Report Abuse

Uzma new PP is bad luck. Forced down plus bad economy, oil down and poor results. Downwards is the only way now.

Posted by Mirage2000E > 2021-11-26 15:52 | Report Abuse

Crystal ball predicts next Q or mid Dec Uzma rebounds.

Posted by daidragon12 > 2021-11-26 16:25 | Report Abuse

WTH is happening with this counter


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Posted by KEENTRADER > 2021-11-26 16:28 | Report Abuse

Price pushed down


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Posted by Davidl > 2021-11-26 16:30 | Report Abuse

Time to accumulate!


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Posted by KEENTRADER > 2021-11-26 16:38 | Report Abuse

have not gone down to 39 sen yet

Posted by Mirage2000E > 2021-11-26 16:43 | Report Abuse

Some syndicate push down n panic sells

Posted by GHOSTVISION > 2021-11-26 17:46 | Report Abuse

The Ghost is picking up lots of Uzma at current level.

The lower and faster it falls, the rebound would be greater and higher it goes.

We are confident in hell. Cry for me Argentina.

The Ghost.

Posted by Mirage2000E > 2021-11-26 19:08 | Report Abuse

Don't see any negative news ontop kenanga gave positive feedback on 25/12/21. 2PP n company profile seems fine, low shares n next quarter expected better results why drop after 4 PM ...????


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Posted by LubeTrader > 2021-11-26 21:34 | Report Abuse

There seems to be a sinister ritual. The slaughter always starts after 4pm. What's the significance of this time frame. Foreign shareholder(s)?

Posted by armadatuah2017 > 2021-11-27 02:01 | Report Abuse

Oil drops like madness.. 8 dollars to 73 now


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Posted by JoshuaMS7 > 2021-11-27 04:46 | Report Abuse

crazy drop this few days, might see below 0.400 in next week since dji and oil price crash so serious today.


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Posted by thesteward > 2021-11-27 08:17 | Report Abuse

Could it be some v bad news around the corner? Wonder if could drop to saprng level


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Posted by KEENTRADER > 2021-11-27 08:50 | Report Abuse

Wonder what's going on


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Posted by thesteward > 2021-11-27 09:31 | Report Abuse

Many shares drop but this one is exceptionally bad as if some v bad news? Or what

Posted by ipohwhitecoffee > 2021-11-27 09:42 | Report Abuse

This is defined as pump and dump.
on 23 nov pumped to 0.70 then dumped all the way to 0.435
more bloodbath coming monday with tanking of oil price...


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Posted by thesteward > 2021-11-27 15:39 | Report Abuse

Ya looks that way


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Posted by JohnFook > 2021-11-27 22:57 | Report Abuse

Corg......pure corg.. avoid.....don't get fooked


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Posted by linheng > 2021-11-28 07:44 | Report Abuse

Value buy but must pick up and hold


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Posted by turbochart > 2021-11-28 08:10 | Report Abuse

Merry Christmas!!

Posted by Mirage2000E > 2021-11-28 09:02 | Report Abuse

The comp profile good but why some syndicate chopping down after 4pm ?? If syndicate thinks bad news they would quietly sell everything but here syndicate pulling down Uzma.


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Posted by oasischeah > 2021-11-29 09:31 | Report Abuse

Yes. This good but not right timing to buy in now. Be patient. Can buy in much cheaper soon.


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Posted by hoot9e996 > 2021-11-29 11:10 | Report Abuse

i say can start collect already drop from peak 0.7 to 0.4, how greedy can you be the price already at discounted price. just split your enter price for me 0.4 collect, 0.3 top up then wait for the trend to break. its hard to pin point the bottom, safer side is to buy during uptrend but gotta be fast .


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Posted by steve3131 > 2021-11-29 11:27 | Report Abuse

luckily cut all,buy in ruberex.recover my -20% here.

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