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Hwai Hooi

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Posted by Hwai Hooi > 2023-02-24 16:17 | Report Abuse

got fund come in push


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Posted by LubeTrader > 2023-02-24 16:46 | Report Abuse

Obviously the rain failed to extinguish the fire. One thing I learnt from trading stocks, never predict the stock's price movement or rely solely on chart/data


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Posted by trade74 > 2023-02-24 17:07 | Report Abuse

Uzma will be the next Cypark...


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Posted by trade74 > 2023-02-24 17:09 | Report Abuse

It has gotten the attention of big players... so hang on until it reaches RM1... Uzma needs to catch up to Deleum which is their natural competitor except Uzma has been getting the big contracts recently


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Posted by trade74 > 2023-02-24 17:10 | Report Abuse

Gonna chat with old buddies who are in the Well Servicing business to understand more on Uzma's prospect...

Posted by harvest6138 > 2023-02-24 17:49 | Report Abuse

Uzma just won another new contract ... good job , hope to hear more good news soon..


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Posted by lloydlim > 2023-02-24 20:26 | Report Abuse

Next week we shall c its price challenge 0.80


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Posted by mylinuxbsd > 2023-02-25 09:54 | Report Abuse

It breaks the 0.7 resistance and seems to be a lot of demand
last friday. If it breaks 0.8 next week, it will be aligned with all the contracts UZMA eon so far. LuZMA won more contrcts than other companies but the stock orice is undervalue.


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Posted by Davidl > 2023-02-25 12:19 | Report Abuse

Absolutely undervalued at current price.


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Posted by trade74 > 2023-02-25 19:34 | Report Abuse

@Davidl totally agree with you. Uzma has very bright prospect. It needs to catch up to Deleum.


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Posted by mylinuxbsd > 2023-02-27 08:29 | Report Abuse

Uzma: Bags 3-year job worth MYR30m from Petronas Carigali. Oil and gas service and equipment provider Uzma has bagged a MYR30m contract from Petronas Carigali to provide electrical submersible pump (ESP) equipment and services for the latter's wells in Malaysia. The duration of the contract will be for three years until 24 Jan 2026. (Source: The Edge Market


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Posted by mf > 2023-02-27 08:41 | Report Abuse

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Industrial Average





NASDAQ Composite





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Posted by Davidl > 2023-02-27 16:30 | Report Abuse

Patiently wait for de share price to trade at above 80cts.


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Posted by trade74 > 2023-03-01 10:49 | Report Abuse

Anyone knows if new contract is coming ?

Posted by harvest6138 > 2023-03-01 11:23 | Report Abuse

Uzma and Petra jointly won the Sarawak onshore project , anybody knows the progress of this project now ?? IF not wrong that is 29 years contract project ...


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Posted by mylinuxbsd > 2023-03-01 11:28 | Report Abuse

that was a contract won in 2021?

Posted by harvest6138 > 2023-03-01 11:59 | Report Abuse

yes.. but can not find the info from both Petra and Uzma report .. I believe the magnitude of projects depends on the number of oil rigs that Petronas would like to dig and explore ..


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Posted by anthonytkh > 2023-03-01 12:18 | Report Abuse

No updates that I know of since announcement however


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Posted by hoot9e996 > 2023-03-01 12:28 | Report Abuse

malaysia oil counter back to fear market again.
bright side : only strong profitable will go up
down side : all O&G will downtrend cuz of fear
depends on which side u want to look at


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Posted by mylinuxbsd > 2023-03-02 21:31 | Report Abuse

going back to 0.7?

Posted by harvest6138 > 2023-03-03 08:59 | Report Abuse

Uzma just released their new Logo , looks better than current one , can find info from their Linkedln ..

The company is progressing well , hope management can maintain this , and bring company to another new height ...

Posted by harvest6138 > 2023-03-07 11:46 | Report Abuse

Brent crude already up to USD 86 ..


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Posted by mylinuxbsd > 2023-03-13 09:27 | Report Abuse

going back to 0.6?


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Posted by TCH1186 > 2023-03-13 09:34 | Report Abuse

sob sob er.. shoud go up a bit

Posted by harvest6138 > 2023-03-14 10:12 | Report Abuse

Petronas shall confirm releasing more contract in 2023 , Uzma shall benefit from it as well ..

Posted by Mirage2000E > 2023-03-18 09:05 | Report Abuse

Uzma Private placement 10% who's the investor???

Posted by Mirage2000E > 2023-03-19 15:45 | Report Abuse

Private placement could it be "PETRONAS, TENAGA, KENANGA or TESLA.

Posted by Mirage2000E > 2023-03-21 10:52 | Report Abuse

Mr Harvest ... Any news of PP investor?? Thks

Posted by harvest6138 > 2023-03-22 17:39 | Report Abuse

Uzma won another new contract .. good job ... need more contracts to boost the share price ...


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Posted by bojed > 2023-03-23 09:25 | Report Abuse

UZMA has successfully climbed out of the falling wedge pattern and usually this signals an uptrend is not very far.


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Posted by mylinuxbsd > 2023-03-27 10:48 | Report Abuse

Going down to 0.50 due private placement

Posted by Mirage2000E > 2023-03-30 10:32 | Report Abuse

PP investor bila nak keluar?? Lepas masuk kubur!!!

Posted by harvest6138 > 2023-03-31 11:12 | Report Abuse

Uzma TP : 0.9 .... if they can maintain the EPS more than 2.5sen for each Q , then the actual value should be more than 0.9 ..

Posted by harvest6138 > 2023-03-31 17:56 | Report Abuse

Another new contract on hand , good job ,Uzma ...


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Posted by 143922 > 2023-03-31 20:25 | Report Abuse

Lai lai kasi tapaw semua next week.


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Posted by lloydlim > 2023-04-02 21:25 | Report Abuse

TP naik lagi! Time to accumulate.


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Posted by paktua73 > 2023-04-03 09:34 | Report Abuse

uzma kian menghampiri halangan utama iaitu rm0.70..
semoga minggu ini akan berjaya break rm0.70

tut tut


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Posted by TCH1186 > 2023-04-03 20:50 | Report Abuse

Straight jump no chance to in. So scary


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Posted by pang72 > 2023-04-04 11:55 | Report Abuse

Paktua bring his army here so gap up lo


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Posted by lloydlim > 2023-04-06 10:48 | Report Abuse

Time to accumulate.

Posted by harvest6138 > 2023-04-06 10:51 | Report Abuse

In April 2023, Uzma’s Light Weight Hydraulic Workover Unit (“HWU”) “Devin-252” successfully completed a plug and abandonment (“P&A”) campaign on a small jacket platform at offshore Sarawak. The platform will be re-used for a new field development in Sabah waters by another operator. Once again, Uzma is breaking a new record by operating a Light Weight HWU on one of the smallest platforms in Malaysia.

Devin-252 was integrated with Uzma’s own cementing expertise, Setegap Ventures Petroleum (“SVP”). This campaign has proven our Light Weight HWU’s capability in operating on a platform with limited deck space along with challenging dynamic lifting conditions and severe weather limitations.

We would like to congratulate and thank everyone who was involved in the execution of this campaign, especially our diligent and dedicated base and offshore crew! Another job well done.

Posted by harvest6138 > 2023-04-06 10:53 | Report Abuse

above was extracted from Uzma Linkedln , in this competitive world , only those who has unique capabilities can survive .. hope Uzma bring more good news soon ..


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Posted by StingRay > 2023-04-06 11:42 | Report Abuse

I will be collecting this counter slowly. For medium term. I like their involvement in the LNG business. With China biggest plant going online sometime later part of this year, I believe there will be some interest there. hahaha.


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Posted by Davidl > 2023-04-06 12:01 | Report Abuse

More & more contracts ahead so price will steadily moving upward.


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Posted by Invock > 2023-04-07 11:49 | Report Abuse

Has the latest private placement taken place?


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Posted by StingRay > 2023-04-07 12:02 | Report Abuse

I don't think so as they just got the approval.

Posted by Mirage2000E > 2023-04-07 20:14 | Report Abuse

Private placement is Tesla. Elon musk buying Uzma cuz Uzma solar system technology others don't have. Uzma engineer's designed thier very own tech that users less voltage but produces higher power. Elon musk doesn't have this technology.

Posted by Mirage2000E > 2023-04-07 20:29 | Report Abuse

Uzma share pasti max $2.50 . Elon nak kapal angkasa guna Uzma technology.....Solar power. Lain negara tak ada ini technology.


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Posted by 143922 > 2023-04-10 14:13 | Report Abuse

Slow la.Alon alon

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