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Posted by Myeye > 2019-05-13 09:22 | Report Abuse



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Posted by bahai4453 > 2019-05-13 09:59 | Report Abuse

go go go down another 10 sen. ..


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Posted by 981010 > 2019-05-13 12:09 | Report Abuse

@JacNgu can elaborate on that ?


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Posted by Begineer > 2019-05-14 08:55 | Report Abuse

I think it will continue to remain around 1-1.10 for a while

Posted by Callmejholow > 2019-05-14 15:01 | Report Abuse

i think need to do a writeup on this company

Posted by Callmejholow > 2019-05-16 16:10 | Report Abuse

i was reading this and i find the info very good.. how come the counter still so lacklustre


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Posted by Keyman188 > 2019-05-16 16:14 | Report Abuse

<Callmejholow> You have bought this counter??

Posted by Callmejholow > 2019-05-21 10:02 | Report Abuse

yes i did keyman188... started buying when it was .92.. then averaged up... collected div last year


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Posted by Myeye > 2019-05-27 09:31 | Report Abuse



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Posted by allan88 > 2019-05-27 10:06 | Report Abuse

quarterly result will be out end of this week. Hopefully will be another good quarter.

Posted by Callmejholow > 2019-05-27 10:57 | Report Abuse

q1 fy19 should be better than q1 fy18... but not as good as q4 fy18...
construction counters always cyclical. they'll say quarter 1 got CNY la etc etc...

Posted by Callmejholow > 2019-05-27 10:58 | Report Abuse

Q1FY18 the EPS was 4.5 cent... i think Q1FY19 they can do 6 cent at least EPS

Posted by carol_danvers > 2019-05-29 17:10 | Report Abuse

Result is out. Callmejholow 6 cents EPS spot on


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Posted by TheContrarian > 2019-05-29 19:10 | Report Abuse

Yes spot on, exactly 6 sen.

Posted by Callmejholow > 2019-05-30 10:03 | Report Abuse

hehe just some random back calculation... though i was hoping it would be slightly higher though...

writing a post on this counter, i think it has tremendous potential

Posted by Callmejholow > 2019-05-30 11:21 | Report Abuse

there u go, part 1...


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Posted by cheoky > 2019-05-30 12:45 | Report Abuse

Tortoise ah. I am sleepy la. Where r u ?

Posted by brucewayne77141 > 2019-05-30 13:13 | Report Abuse

So what is the TP? Buy more kangkong lure it out


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Posted by cheoky > 2019-05-30 13:16 | Report Abuse

Tp rm2.

Posted by brucewayne77141 > 2019-05-30 13:23 | Report Abuse

How long?


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Posted by cheoky > 2019-05-30 13:44 | Report Abuse

The time is after u give up holding the company.


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Posted by TheContrarian > 2019-05-30 13:54 | Report Abuse

Tortoise died already due to overdose of kangkung.

Posted by Callmejholow > 2019-05-30 16:15 | Report Abuse

i think the TP should be in the range of 1.80 upwards. anything lower doesnt justify.

Posted by KassimBaba7 > 2019-05-30 16:16 | Report Abuse

Whats with this ridiculous P/E? Hutang keliling pinggang ke? Jeng3

Posted by brucewayne77141 > 2019-05-30 16:35 | Report Abuse

It will be forever undervalued


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Posted by Begineer > 2019-05-31 11:04 | Report Abuse


Posted by Callmejholow > 2019-05-31 14:36 | Report Abuse

TP should be at least RM 1.60 @ PE 4x.

biggest problem with this counter is lack of coverage and lack of liquidity.

not enough buyers and sellers... i queue so long also nobody wanna sell.

Posted by Scavenger23 > 2019-05-31 15:29 | Report Abuse

typical con counter two years ady u still see highest only 1.2


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Posted by ruby20 > 2019-05-31 15:55 |

Post removed.Why?


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Posted by ruby20 > 2019-05-31 15:55 | Report Abuse

Callmejholow good write up bro, this counter is so underappreciated

Posted by (US/CHN trade war doesn't matter) Philip > 2019-06-01 01:29 | Report Abuse

Biggest problem is not what you said. For me I believe the biggest problem is the fact that they are in debt of rm400m, and have to service that debt with 32+ million in interest payments alone every year.

NTA valuation for construction/developer companies must be taken with a grain of salt.

Valuation price is based on last done price in the particular area and depends also on the valuer support in giving you a good price.

However that price is not the real market price, because if it was it would be selling like hot cakes and everyone would be rushing to their money in.

However, value of the condo may be 1m and banks are willing to bridge loans base on that expected value, but are savvy young investors and families willing to pay big bucks to buy that house?

If it was easy to sell, it wouldn't be languishing in the receivables column for years on end. Assets held for sale.

Everyone these days look at NTA wrong. Sad and dangerous.

biggest problem with this counter is lack of coverage and lack of liquidity.

Posted by brucewayne77141 > 2019-06-03 11:05 | Report Abuse

Why dividend not that good? I think is very good already with the price 1.07 give 4.5 sen dividend.


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Posted by ruby20 > 2019-06-03 13:08 |

Post removed.Why?


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Posted by ruby20 > 2019-06-03 13:08 | Report Abuse

Phillip: - majority of the debt was taken as a business decision back in 2012. They issued sukuk to do concession business for 23 years. If this is to be taken out, its debt ratio is only abt 0.4x or industry norm. I wouldnt say the concession business is a bad thing.

I do agree that their biggest risk is the sale of their property though. It's not cheap.

Posted by Callmejholow > 2019-06-04 10:37 | Report Abuse

@brucewayne77141 hehe everyone also hope for more mar

Posted by Callmejholow > 2019-06-04 10:40 | Report Abuse

@ruby20 agreed on the debt part. based on the various analyst reports that I see.. they took a massive loan from Bank Pembangunan to finance the UiTM Tapah project. upon completion, they took an even bigger sukuk to re-finance this loan, and even brought forward some future cash flows and profits.

without this loan, and without the other 2 investment property long term loans, their gearing is below 0.4x - much below industry norm.

Posted by Callmejholow > 2019-06-10 09:36 | Report Abuse

lets buy this counter today!


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Posted by cheoky > 2019-06-10 09:40 | Report Abuse

Spare me some cash to buy can?

Posted by Callmejholow > 2019-06-12 09:39 | Report Abuse

Who’s at the AGM?

Posted by brucewayne77141 > 2019-06-12 13:36 | Report Abuse

To the moon


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Posted by ruby20 > 2019-06-12 15:28 |

Post removed.Why?

Posted by Callmejholow > 2019-06-12 16:43 | Report Abuse

ruby20 - what u mean by non event? nothing happened?


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Posted by chankp7010 > 2019-06-13 12:19 | Report Abuse

To callmejholow: "What do you want to know at AGM?" A non event means nothing extraordinary
happenings! Do you mean door-gifts?

Posted by HandOfMidas > 2019-06-13 16:12 | Report Abuse

buy now while it's still cheap. next month dividend coming in


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Posted by ruby20 > 2019-06-14 15:39 | Report Abuse

non event... no recap of last year, no preview of this year outlook. Ppl come, register, vote and byebye. No room for q&a also. Management barely open mouth. Lucky I didnt go, would be a waste of time.

Quite a pity, they should rly utilise the AGM to give confidence to investors. Hope its rectified in the future

Posted by Scavenger23 > 2019-06-18 08:54 | Report Abuse

If u trace back chart record from IPO until now drop to rm 0.8 back to rm 1 keep repeating just a con counter


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Posted by allan88 > 2019-06-21 08:44 | Report Abuse

Technical Trading Stocks - 21 Jun 19
Stock Name: HSSEB (0185)
Entry: Buy above RM1.15
Target: RM1.23 (7.0%), RM1.29 (12.2%)
Stop: RM1.07 (-7.0%)
Shariah: Yes
Technical: Monitor for breakout

Stock Name: CRESBLD (8591)
Entry: Buy above RM1.10
Target: RM1.17 (6.4%), RM1.21 (10.0%)
Stop: RM1.03 (-6.4%)
Shariah: Yes
Technical: Monitor for trendline breakout

Source: Bloomberg, M+ Online

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