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Posted by keng88 > 2022-04-18 19:09 | Report Abuse

Omg, bad news aging cargill lnc stop buy to simeplt.


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Posted by DickyMe > 2022-04-18 19:18 |

Post removed.Why?


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Posted by s3phiroth > 2022-04-18 19:18 | Report Abuse

isnt that cargill stops buying from simeplt last week news? and simeplt also mentioned that those extra palm oils already habis sapu by other customers.


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Posted by s3phiroth > 2022-04-18 19:20 | Report Abuse
However, SDP confirmed that direct customer Cargill has decided to suspend all new sourcing of palm oil and derivative products from it, effective Feb 25.

“The supply of bulk products to Cargill in India has now been taken up by other customers. Nevertheless, SDP values all our customers and we are in discussions with Cargill on its decision,” it said.


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Posted by enning22 > 2022-04-20 15:41 | Report Abuse

forget about the side show, global oil market still tight, can invest

Posted by investor2021trading > 2022-04-21 09:30 | Report Abuse

zoom...started buying SIMEPLT! world biggest oil palm plantation in term of hectarage (planted land covering East n West Malaysia, Indonesia n Papua New Guinea). Crop management n production r RSPO compliance. Payment of 12.34 cent dividend ex-date 27/04/22.


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Posted by titan3322 > 2022-04-21 10:16 | Report Abuse

EPF is selling like no tomrrow

Posted by loneranger3211 > 2022-04-21 10:30 | Report Abuse

Hope to buy cheaper but never able to capture at lower level..

Posted by investor2021trading > 2022-04-21 14:34 | Report Abuse

SIMEPLT, basing on coming quarterly report Q1 March 2022 should b considered exceptional in order to declare a final dividend of 12.38 cent per share held!

Posted by investor2021trading > 2022-04-21 15:02 | Report Abuse

retirement fund Kumpulan Wang Pesaraan (Perbadankan) have started collecting SIMEPLT shares from 14/04/22!

Posted by loneranger3211 > 2022-04-21 16:58 | Report Abuse

I bought at 5.25 before closing, I hope I didn't make a wrong decision.


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Posted by titan3322 > 2022-04-21 20:42 | Report Abuse

Foreign funds are quietly snapping up big cap plantation stocks while EPF is selling them esp IOI Corp and Sime Plant and retailers are also buying for the coming good qtr results and dividends

Posted by investor2021trading > 2022-04-21 20:57 | Report Abuse

quoted : "this share definitely under value, will go above RM7 very soon".

@loneranger3211, it all depends on how long u can hold d share after d ex-dividend!

Posted by investor2021trading > 2022-04-21 21:59 | Report Abuse

Petaling Jaya, 18 April 2022 – Sime Darby Plantation Berhad (SDP) is transforming all its 33 Malaysian palm oil mills into certified food safety facilities by end of 2023, after which the same standards will be rolled out across the Group’s operations in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and the Solomon Islands. As part of this exercise, mill safety and sustainability standards will also be raised to meet stringent international food production standards.

Posted by investor2021trading > 2022-04-22 07:47 | Report Abuse

SIMEPLT: FFB production is 573,637M.Tons, CPO production is 148,452M.Tons n PK production is 33.539M.Tons for d month of Feb. 2022.


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Posted by titan3322 > 2022-04-22 09:50 | Report Abuse

EPF jual jual jual


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Posted by titan3322 > 2022-04-22 09:53 | Report Abuse

Others take the opportunity to SS but afternoon foreign funds will sapu if cheap2 hehe


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Posted by titan3322 > 2022-04-22 10:25 | Report Abuse

CPO futures mostly up don't be surprised afternoon play Tom Jones song

Posted by investor2021trading > 2022-04-22 12:21 | Report Abuse

lately, EPF n ASB r selling heavily but ironically Kumpulan Wang Pesaraan is buying! looks like shares changing hands n who will redeemed d 12.38 cents dividends!

Posted by loneranger3211 > 2022-04-22 14:37 | Report Abuse

Dividend Ex Date is on next week.


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Posted by titan3322 > 2022-04-22 15:59 | Report Abuse

EPF needs billions for the members 10K withdrawal it will go up when the selling subsides

Posted by loneranger3211 > 2022-04-22 16:26 | Report Abuse

started accumulating again..

Posted by investor2021trading > 2022-04-23 08:18 | Report Abuse

The production figures of the Sime Darby Plantation Berhad Group for March 2022.

1. Fresh Fruit Bunches 707,111 MT
2. Crude Palm Oil 184,798 MT
3. Palm Kernel 42,389 MT

This announcement is dated 22 April 2022.

Posted by investor2021trading > 2022-04-23 09:11 | Report Abuse

US-based Cargill urged Sime Darby Plantation, the world’s biggest oil palm grower, to provide details on how it has addressed the US Customs and Border Protection’s findings of forced labour in its products.

Cargill said it will review its decision when more information becomes available.

According to SIMEPLT group managing director Mohamad Helmy Othman Basha said there’ll be a lot more attention on this. “We cannot "BURY OUR HEADS" in the sand. "It’s an issue that needs to be tackled".

Sime Darby Plantation will submit a report on its labour practices to the US Customs & Border Protection by the end of the month.

Posted by Investformilkmoney > 2022-04-23 16:21 | Report Abuse

Indonesia ban exporting palm oil. Where will Cargill buy palm oil from? Must come back to SIMEPLT lo


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Posted by stockraider > 2022-04-24 11:07 | Report Abuse

Ok to give u a good picture on palmoil ban by indonesia;

Indonesia producer can only sell domestically at Rm 3500 to Rm 4500 loh!
Their production cost is Rm 1500 to Rm 2000 loh!
Still making good profit but much less loh!

Msia producer can sell Rm 6500 to Rm 7500 mah!
Msian producers cost at Rm 2000 to Rm 2400, can make super abnormal profit loh!


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Posted by Newbie_123 > 2022-04-24 13:23 | Report Abuse

doesn’t this export ban have detrimental impact on SIMEPLANT on its plantation & mill in Indonesia as well?

Posted by MikeMichael > 2022-04-24 14:23 | Report Abuse

Many Malaysians plantations in Indonesia can't export


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Posted by momo33 > 2022-04-24 14:29 | Report Abuse

wait U turn . like the coal ban only lasted 11 days .. GG

Posted by investor2021trading > 2022-04-24 17:00 | Report Abuse

Indonesia's mandatory domestic palm oil sales requiring local palm oil producers there to sell 20% of their production to domestic refiners at discount prices.

It said the domestic market obligation requirement comes as Indonesia, the world's largest palm oil producer, is in a bid to curb a rise in domestic cooking oil prices that had climbed about 40% year-on-year.


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Posted by titan3322 > 2022-04-25 09:32 | Report Abuse

Huat ar hahaha !


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Posted by troy88 > 2022-04-25 09:52 | Report Abuse

Indonesia export ban is no joke. MY palm oil exports to soar!


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Posted by calvintaneng > 2022-04-25 10:47 | Report Abuse





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Posted by DickyMe > 2022-04-25 10:47 |

Post removed.Why?


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Posted by lofan73 > 2022-04-25 11:24 | Report Abuse

sime plant- the market capitalisation is rm38 billion for shares issued 6.91 billion
fgv- market capitalisation is only rm7 billion for shares 3.64billion

fgv has not run up yet. still long to go. can sell some sime plant an top up fgv


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Posted by titan3322 > 2022-04-25 12:01 | Report Abuse

Epf sudah habis jual ka ? if not they will appear in the afternoon so better don't chase nanti become poorer


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Posted by titan3322 > 2022-04-25 16:18 | Report Abuse

Those who want to take profit can do it now tomorrow like go below 5.30 again


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Posted by Plato99 > 2022-04-25 17:11 | Report Abuse

Accumulation. Price vs Time now.


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Posted by titan3322 > 2022-04-25 17:39 | Report Abuse

Hope tomorrow you will not be served red wine !

Posted by investor2021trading > 2022-04-25 21:03 | Report Abuse

i've sold at a profit more than d dividend n will buy again after ex-price adjustment!

Posted by loneranger3211 > 2022-04-26 09:46 | Report Abuse

Luckily sold earlier...dropping

Posted by loneranger3211 > 2022-04-26 09:46 | Report Abuse

Luckily sold earlier...dropping

Posted by investor2021trading > 2022-04-26 09:48 | Report Abuse

tomorrow another 12.38 cents adjustment on ex-dividend!


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Posted by titan3322 > 2022-04-26 10:01 | Report Abuse

Can buy some at this price for the div lah ex date will go up a little lor


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Posted by titan3322 > 2022-04-26 14:57 | Report Abuse

CPO futures trending up strongly collect div tomorrow plus capital gain at this price

Posted by loneranger3211 > 2022-04-26 16:59 | Report Abuse

Why some buy during closing? Tomorrow is an ex date for dividend, the price will be cheaper?


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Posted by titan3322 > 2022-04-27 09:58 | Report Abuse

Sudah kasi buang at 5.17. Semalam suruh beli xmau skrng ada div lagi ada capital gain lor


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Posted by titan3322 > 2022-04-27 09:59 | Report Abuse

Takut nanti itu epf keluar


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Posted by DickyMe > 2022-04-27 17:30 |

Post removed.Why?

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