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Posted by troy88 > 2023-11-30 09:54 | Report Abuse

Another one hit wonder company going down..


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Posted by slts > 2023-12-05 03:07 | Report Abuse

very oversold. due for big bounce


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Posted by GregBursa > 2023-12-05 09:47 | Report Abuse

Buying the dip. Good analysis on this video


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Posted by GregBursa > 2023-12-05 09:52 | Report Abuse

Crashed so much


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Posted by Income > 2023-12-07 14:06 | Report Abuse

•Putin lands in UAE for rare foreign trip


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Posted by Mie7677 > 2023-12-08 08:42 | Report Abuse

Oh no.. What problem


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Posted by Income > 2023-12-10 12:07 | Report Abuse

"You will own nothing and be happy"???


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Posted by Income > 2023-12-14 17:47 | Report Abuse

•Elon Musk's Tesla recalls two million cars in US over Autopilot defect


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Posted by Income > 2023-12-18 10:00 | Report Abuse

•Low OKU registration makes it hard to unearth new parathletes, says Hannah


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Posted by Rose001 > 2024-01-05 10:22 | Report Abuse

another good video


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Posted by dchin472 > 2024-01-17 13:57 | Report Abuse

rubish co,no expansion no project lately


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Posted by slts > 2 months ago | Report Abuse

Wtf, still sleeping 😭


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Posted by SMInvest > 1 month ago | Report Abuse

We expect the growth trend in electronics manufacturing industry in South East Asia to continue
given in view of the existing trade diversion from China to South East Asia. We also believe that
upgrading enhancing of our service offerings and continued investments in our operations will
enable us to benefit from the current positive outlook of the electronics manufacturing industry in
Southeast Asia, particularly Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand. Notwithstanding the above, our
Group remains cautious in the near term and will continue to closely monitor the business
environment in view of given the uncertainties plaguing the global economy. The global economic
recovery is progressing at a slow and uneven pace, marked by enduring effects of the inflationary
pressure, geopolitical tensions, and geoeconomic fragmentation. This is indicated by the decrease
in orders from the Group’s customers and the postponement of deliveries by customers.
The Group is expanding its business to include smart warehousing solutions, and it is expected to
launch in year 2024. The Group remains focused to expand its business and market presence in
Malaysia (save for Johor and Melaka), Thailand and Vietnam. Such efforts to support the
expansion plans include the construction of a new integrated plant located at Plot 31, Penang
Science Park North, and the new plant is expected to be operational by 2nd quarter 2025.
As of 31 December 2023, our Group has secured purchase orders totalling RM21.31 million for
our integrated solutions and sale of individual machinery, equipment and tools, which are
expected to be fulfilled by year 2024.


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Posted by Income > 1 month ago | Report Abuse

It is true that the local governments in China is over-leveraged. The central government will have to deleverage its local governments and I'm sure they will do it in a controlled manner.


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Posted by Noni > 1 month ago | Report Abuse

Main board already?

Posted by newbietrader9 > 4 weeks ago | Report Abuse

nice curl


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Posted by paktua73 > 3 weeks ago | Report Abuse

hi morning cnergen readers..
Paktua now back swing on new born counter 24..

paktua now play new born counter..
let joined paktua on good hot new born stock..

paktua back pick new hot counter for march till june..

so paktua n team we will focus on
1-Mtec paktua target rm1.43
2-KJTS paktua target rm0.93
3-Hegroup Paktua target rm0.70
4-Emcc paktua target rm0.75

set from 21hb march 24.till 7hb june 24..

come joined paktua Swing team..
let we fight together

tut tut
come joined paktua swing team..
sent request at tele @swingdarkred73

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