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-0.005 (0.62%)

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0.79 - 0.825

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Market Cap

401 Million


498 Million

Avg Volume (4 weeks)


4 Weeks Range

0.79 - 0.96

4 Weeks Price Volatility (%)


52 Weeks Range

0.45 - 1.15

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0.805 x 8,100


0.81 x 16,500

Day's Range

0.79 - 0.825

Trading Volume


Financial Highlight

Latest Quarter | Ann. Date

31-Dec-2022 [#4] | 21-Feb-2023

Next QR | Est. Ann. Date

31-Mar-2023 | 27-May-2023

T4Q P/E | EY

18.46 | 5.42%

T4Q DY | Payout %

1.58% | 29.21%


0.29 | 2.73

T4Q NP Margin | ROE

10.01% | 14.79%

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Company Profile






Cnergenz Berhad is a Malaysia-based investment holding company. The Company, through its subsidiary, provides electronics manufacturing solutions, specializing in surface mount technology (SMT) manufacturing solutions for the electronics and semiconductor (E&S) industries. The Company's segment includes integrated production line systems and smart factory solutions. Its integrated production line systems provide standard SMT production line systems and Customized SMT production line systems. Its standard SMT production line systems design, develop, configure, and commission integrated production line systems used in the E&S Industries. The Company customizes standard SMT production line systems, via the integration of machinery, equipment, or components into the standard SMT production line systems. Its smart factory solution enables remote management and monitoring of production processes, and management of materials and finished products to, from and within the production facilities.

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Nasdaq naik 3 kali berturut turut. Ini turun lagi

2022-10-26 12:05


lousy counter...

2022-10-26 16:23


goner already. byebyeeee sinerrrgeenn

2022-10-27 13:04


Qtr ada bagus ka

2022-10-27 16:21


what happen?

2022-10-27 21:23


dead already lo

2022-10-28 17:19


Cool baby. Strong technical rebound soon. Watch n see.

2022-10-28 21:15


bye bye lousy

2022-10-31 15:37


very very lousy

2022-10-31 17:40


Stay cool. Cnergen will spike soon. By then will be too late for you to enter.

2022-11-01 10:35


paktua n new div now success load from 0.805-0.815..
their load for 43 stage..

tut tut
lai lai

2022-11-03 09:34


Not yet , will keep on dropping lol.

2022-11-04 21:43


在 CNERGEN 的 FY 2022 Q2 业绩公布后,公司的股价也一度接近要涨停板;而这其中的因素除了公司的业绩表现好之外,他们也给出较为正面的成长预期,因此对该公司有兴趣的投资者们,可以先参考我们今天分享的内容再作决定。

直至 30.06.2022 为止,公司一共拿下的订单为 RM 186.1 Million;其中约有 RM 113.5 Million 已经在 FY 2022 6M 中被纳入了营业额中,那公司目前就有 RM 72.6 Million 的订单还未纳入营业额中,其中就有 RM 61.2 Million 将会在 FY 2022 2HF 中结算,也就是说公司在 FYE 2022F 的营业额最低也会有 RM 174.7 Million 的营业额。

2022-11-09 16:12


公司在 FYE 2022F 中的产品交付会比较强劲,不过到了 FYE 2023F 中可能会比较 “常态化”,即 Q1、Q2 中可能单个季度的营业额会回到 RM 40.0 Million 到 RM 50.0 Million 左右。

除了公司的旗舰 EMS 产线和设备之外,公司在未来也会设立自己的 Smart Factory(可以参考我们之前分享 #WD 的 Lights Out 概念)产品;公司也在上周宣布了新地皮的收购,预计在 2023 1H 中会局部投产,而这些产品的净利率预计也会在 12.0% 到 14.0% 之上。

以东南亚的局势来看,我们除了是 EMS 的重要发展区域之外,在自动驾驶汽车中使用到的 LIDA 也预计会在该区域生产,那么 CNERGEN 也预计可以从中受惠。不过,公司的营收还是需要看市场中的 CAPEX 周期,目前来说周期还未经历放缓(2023 预计会放缓),因此公司接下来的两个季度应该会比较强劲,然后再看到放缓的效果。

2022-11-09 16:13


Wow, bestnya...hari hari turun boleh beli kaw kaw...

2022-11-10 17:35


70cts buy

2022-11-10 18:25


After the announcement of CNERGEN's FY 2022 Q2 results, the company's stock price was close to the daily limit; in addition to the company's good performance, they also gave relatively positive growth expectations, so they are interested in the company. Investors, you can refer to what we shared today before making a decision.

Until 30.06.2022, the company has won a total of RM 186.1 Million of orders; of which about RM 113.5 Million has been included in the turnover in FY 2022 6M, and the company currently has RM 72.6 Million of orders that have not been included in the business Among them, RM 61.2 Million will be settled in FY 2022 2HF, which means that the company's minimum turnover in FYE 2022F will have a minimum turnover of RM 174.7 Million.

2022-11-11 13:57


The company's product delivery in FYE 2022F will be relatively strong, but it may be more "normalized" in FYE 2023F, that is, the turnover in a single quarter in Q1 and Q2 may return to around RM 40.0 Million to RM 50.0 Million.

In addition to the company's flagship EMS production line and equipment, the company will also set up its own Smart Factory in the future (refer to our previous #WD Lights Out concept) products; the company also announced the acquisition of new land last week, and it is expected that Partial production will begin in 2023 1H, and the net profit margin of these products is also expected to be above 12.0% to 14.0%.

Judging from the situation in Southeast Asia, in addition to being an important development area for EMS, LIDA used in autonomous vehicles is also expected to be produced in this region, so CNERGEN is also expected to benefit from it. However, the company's revenue still needs to look at the CAPEX cycle in the market. At present, the cycle has not experienced a slowdown (2023 is expected to slow down), so the company should be relatively strong in the next two quarters,

2022-11-11 13:57


Above translation of Curry Bento post in Chinese to english

2022-11-11 13:58


So weak like shit, gg liao

2022-11-14 17:26


Cnergen is taking a break. Do not disturb.

2022-11-15 11:22


This stock had been steadily moving from 46c to 1.06; and now back to 80ct. It has literally frontloaded most of its 2023 earnings at these prices. Smarties hv pushed off the stock and left with a nice gain in hand. Currently its worth only 66 to 70c only, even after the 3rd q announcement 17 Nov

***With rising interest rates spurring an abrupt end to the leadership of Big Tech, the largest technology companies are wielding less and less power over broader indexes, as former high-fliers like Meta Platforms Inc. and Inc. crash anew in the latest wave of selling. Reversing the extremes of the cheap-money years, the capitalization-weighted S&P 500 hit the lowest versus an equal-weighted version of the benchmark since 2019.

My 2 cents

2022-11-15 11:52


Stay aside first until see clear direction...

2022-11-17 11:08


Going back to IPO price

2022-11-17 12:21


Do buy now, this stock is about to take off!

2022-11-21 14:49


Rebounding soon above RM1. Good luck guys. Tomorrow government is forming so stability

2022-11-21 16:11


Actually most of the recent IPO launched companies are less affected by the politics, this stock is stable because the earning is still relatively good but recent QR not that really good.

Today the TA is good hopefully it will sustain and let's see tomorrow.

2022-11-22 03:08


lousy stock. one day up many days down

2022-12-05 14:41


crappy stock

2022-12-07 09:26


todat ex dividend ..tomolo drop to 79sen

2022-12-07 17:00



Expanding Its Range Of Solutions Offerings

 MYR1.09 FV based on 22x FY23F P/E. Cnergenz is riding on its proven
track record, expansion of multinational corporation (MNC) manufacturers
and growing surface mount technology (SMT) demand by electronics
manufacturing services (EMS) players. This, on top of it being in a sweet
spot of the US-China trade war and its effort in providing new innovative
solutions in the next two financial years, lead us to project a 3-year earnings
CAGR of 37.9% for the stock. We see it as a proxy to MNC manufacturers
with its expansion plans.

 Represents the top equipment brands. The group has established long
business relationships with about 54 suppliers comprising reputable
international brand owners and manufacturers of machinery, equipment
and tools of particular SMT processes used for the electronics and
semiconductor (E&S) industries. Its proven track record in meeting the
stringent selection and quality requirements set by its customers makes its
solutions greatly in demand by many EMS providers.

 Beneficiary of US-China trade diversion. Vietnam has proven to be the
biggest winner of the US-China trade war in the past years, followed by
Malaysia and other South-East Asian countries (US Census Bureau, China
General Administration of Customs and Nomura). Cnergenz should benefit
from the trade diversion as its distribution territories including Vietnam,
Thailand, and Malaysia – Penang, Klang Valley and Kedah. The EMS
market is expected to witness significant growth from the rising demand for
electric vehicles – management is targeting it next from its new solutions.

 Moving up the manufacturing value chain. Management is in talks with
a few new distributors (for different manufacturing process) to secure
distributorship rights in FY23. In FY24, the group’s new facility is expected
to commence operations, expanding its smart factory solutions business to
encompass workshop and assembly area to design and develop its
proprietary range of smart factory solutions. There will be no territory
restrictions for its proprietary range of smart factory solutions. It also
supports the nation’s sustainability goal of Industry 4.0 in manufacturing
lines. The wider range of solutions will bode well for it in the years to come.

 Earnings forecasts and valuation. Coupled with the expansion of MNC
manufacturers and expected pipelines of new solutions offerings, we are
projecting an earnings CAGR of 37.9% from FY22F-24F. We like Cnergenz
for its diversified customer base and as a representative of top brands. We
ascribe a 22x P/E on its FY23F earnings, which is c.25% discount from its
peer average 2-year forward P/E due to its lower profit margin and market

 Key risks. Loss of skilled engineers and technicians, failure to secure new
projects and risk of termination, non-renewal and exclusivity of

RHB Research 22122022

2022-12-23 14:33


minggu depan hijau , gap up limit up !

2 months ago

Cakes Moon

Cnergenz going to cross RM1 by today!!!

1 month ago


shit company as usual

1 month ago


why shit?
missed opportunity?
we ride from 0.750 now well above 0.950 again (wave 2)

1 month ago

Cakes Moon

Why drop so much?

1 month ago


The next CORAZA.. Let go baby

1 month ago


very big shit

1 month ago

Cakes Moon

Habis cerita!!!
Business crashed!!!

1 month ago

Charles Graham

terrible QR

1 month ago



1 month ago


got legs but don't know how to run.
so bad QR, revenue shrink so badly.

1 month ago


Garbage results, garbage company. There u go. Jual

1 month ago


This company only performed well for one QR last time. Since then downhill..

1 month ago


so bad qr also can rebound ? I m not interested hehe

1 month ago


Aiya big shark, you play your own ya. I go aax

1 month ago

Cakes Moon

Shark love to goreng garbage company.
I am not going to be lured into this company.
Let them enjoy pushing the share price.

1 month ago


why not drop? no cheap sales?

1 month ago

Cakes Moon

No play play, the share price is relunctant to fall & well supported.
Quite safe as compared to other counters.

2 weeks ago

Xinh Khiat

Yes and now is the time to go up up up

1 week ago

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