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Posted by TimiraosL > 2023-07-27 21:31 | Report Abuse

Glostrext is a leading geotechnical instrumentation service provider with more than 30 years of track record in Malaysia and 14 years of track record in Singapore.

Business Activity : The Company provides pile instrumentation and static load test services as well as structural and ground instrumentation and monitoring services to construction projects as well as completed buildings and infrastructure

Construction Projects: (Malaysia) Petronas Twin Towers and Merdeka PNB 118 in Kuala Lumpur; (Singapore) Tuas Water Reclamation Plant, and Intra Airside Road Connection, Second Parallel Taxiway and Fire Station No. 2 for Changi East at Changi Airport; (Cambodia) Naga 3 Integrated Entertainment Complex in Phnom Penh.

IPO Price: RM0.19 (ACE Market)
Opening of Application: 27 July 2023
Closing Date: 2 Aug 2023
Balloting of Application: 4 Aug 2023
Date of Listing: 15 Aug 2023

Posted by CarolineTeoh > 2023-07-27 21:39 | Report Abuse

Its PE ratio FY2023 is 18.8 x . Seems a bit high ...


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Posted by Vdhawan > 2023-07-27 21:51 | Report Abuse

Trued, but look at its gross profit margin from FY2020 to FY2023, they are standing above 46%. Their cost control capability is quite impressive

Posted by BuildBackBossku > 2023-07-28 13:30 | Report Abuse

Another new IPO stock? Goreng engine starts again? ๐Ÿ˜


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Posted by TimiraosL > 2023-07-28 15:12 | Report Abuse

Glostrext holds healthy order books and still has Rm8.9 million of unbilled sales as at 30 June 2023

Posted by grimpoinvestor > 2023-07-28 15:44 | Report Abuse

2023 year of IPO - GLOSTREXT BERHAD might be the star next month, company track record also looking nice je


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Posted by Joscylyn > 2023-07-28 16:07 | Report Abuse

What a good timing for this company to list this coming week as construction and property theme has been blowing recently as well

Posted by lessthan10k > 2023-07-28 16:52 | Report Abuse

those in the field will know hard to penetrate singapore piling market, anyhow will try to subscribe..

Posted by Lightworkss > 2023-07-28 17:07 | Report Abuse

indeed track record is nice, financial also macam yes jer. Need to see how other analyst review it first

Huat 888

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Posted by Huat 888 > 2023-07-28 22:47 | Report Abuse

good fundamental..good luck all


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Posted by Vdhawan > 2023-07-31 10:31 | Report Abuse

If you wonder how much market share this company holds, it is 5.5% and 6.5% market share in Singapore's and Malaysiaโ€™s geotechnical instrumentation and testing industries, respectively, in FY22.

Posted by CarolineTeoh > 2023-07-31 12:29 | Report Abuse

Its high valuation is given for a reason, high and sustainable double-digit margins!

Posted by steventim777 > 2023-07-31 13:48 | Report Abuse

Apex Securities values ACE Market-bound Glostrext at 32 sen


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Posted by SamanthaNg > 2023-07-31 15:15 | Report Abuse

Nice given TP. Got 68% of paper gain if hit the targeted price and if can get the IPO (pray hard). 2 more day to subscribe btw


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Posted by FhizzK > 2023-07-31 15:43 | Report Abuse

TP 32 sen? Time to subscribe

Posted by chefjeff388 > 2023-07-31 16:24 | Report Abuse

Good luck guys... good fundamental piling company are hard to find .. may the IPO craze bless us again

Posted by KopioDinosaur > 2023-07-31 17:05 | Report Abuse

financial ok, track record ok, order book ok, no brainer to subscribe


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Posted by Yolo1234 > 2023-07-31 17:44 | Report Abuse

Most of the listings proceed to go for expansion purposes. maybe good stock to hold. who knows can be like next Vitrox.


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Posted by TimiraosL > 2023-08-01 15:03 | Report Abuse

One of the advantages of Glostrext is that it is strategically positioned to leverage the MRT 3 project scheduled for 2024. Additionally, this company's relationship with another PLC, Aneka, could prove advantageous in the emerging Indonesian market as well.


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Posted by Vdhawan > 2023-08-01 16:14 | Report Abuse

Nice sharing. Alrdy subscribed and hope can get some IPO shares. May the force be with me ๐Ÿ––

# Tomorrow is the closing date for the subscription


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Posted by Flam3ss > 2023-08-01 16:22 | Report Abuse

big change to oversubsrcibe, hope to kena again ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

Posted by lingrecord > 2023-08-01 17:03 | Report Abuse

Big successful track record including KLCC, Jewel Changi Airport & LRT system. No problem to attract big funds

Posted by KopioDinosaur > 2023-08-01 17:49 | Report Abuse

Yup, big funds should be interested in GLXT. Good luck to those that subscribe

Posted by CarolineTeoh > 2023-08-02 11:32 | Report Abuse

Fortunately did notice the closing date and went subscribed this IPO yesterday ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

Posted by OppenHermes > 2023-08-02 14:43 | Report Abuse

Glostrext to raise RM20 million for Singapore business expansion, i.e. structural and ground instrumentation and monitoring business


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Posted by FhizzK > 2023-08-02 16:02 | Report Abuse

Good luck everyone ! Hope for HUAT CHAI ! Go GLOSTREXT !

Posted by chefjeff388 > 2023-08-02 16:44 | Report Abuse

Singapore market is hard to penetrate & Glostrext already got exprerience at Changi airport, Ez leverage if sucessful entering the SG market

Posted by EatGreen40 > 2023-08-02 16:51 | Report Abuse

already 13k subs from maybank

Posted by Rudythedeer > 2023-08-02 17:25 | Report Abuse

I think another oversubscribe, will goreng on first day again, good luck to those that subscribe.


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Posted by Vdhawan > 2023-08-02 17:42 | Report Abuse

NO surprise that it will open 30 cents - 40 cents on 15 Aug


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Posted by TimiraosL > 2023-08-03 15:10 | Report Abuse

Heard that many investors were actively subscribing to this IPO few days ago. High chance for Glostrext to be oversubscribed ๐Ÿค—

Posted by lessthan10k > 2023-08-03 16:23 | Report Abuse

Goreng day 1? history repeating itself.... better monitor closely on the first day...


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Posted by XinaSun > 2023-08-03 16:29 | Report Abuse

Looks good, if oversubscribe then can buy, must be greedy !

Posted by CarolineTeoh > 2023-08-03 17:06 | Report Abuse

I stand by Apex Securities' view on GLOSTREXT BERHAD this time

Posted by KopioDinosaur > 2023-08-03 17:11 | Report Abuse

Glostrext WiNA platform is a web-based platform developed in-house that leverages on a series of sensors including Internet of Things-enabled sensors and data visualisation software for remote and real-time structural and ground monitoring.

Top notch technology being used, if undersubscribe then really dissapointing..

Posted by OppenHermes > 2023-08-03 18:08 | Report Abuse

I think this company will attract Singapore funds to invest in it


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Posted by TimiraosL > 2023-08-04 09:33 | Report Abuse

High probability, OppenHermes given that Glostrex has had a well-established presence in Singapore for 14 years, and they're also going to expand their service offerings by offering structural and ground instrumentation and monitoring services using the Glostrext WiNA platform there


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Posted by sumasuma > 2023-08-04 13:24 | Report Abuse

175 times oversubscribed


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Posted by Vdhawan > 2023-08-04 15:00 | Report Abuse

Bumiputera public portion was oversubscribed by around 189 times ! Really no surprise Glostrext will open 30 cents - 40 cents on 15 Aug


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Posted by sigma404 > 2023-08-04 15:49 | Report Abuse

Oversubscribe... congrats to those that kena IPO... can foresee gonna goreng on first day again!

Posted by OppenHermes > 2023-08-04 16:30 | Report Abuse

Hard to get the IPO share alrdy, too many applicants...


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Posted by FhizzK > 2023-08-04 16:36 | Report Abuse

Bumiputera public portion of shares was oversubscribed by 189.11 times, Public portion, a total of 6,974 applications for 1.62 billion new shares were received, which represents an oversubscription rate of 157.97 times.


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Posted by FhizzK > 2023-08-04 16:36 | Report Abuse

Confirm gonna attract alot of investor

Posted by lessthan10k > 2023-08-04 16:49 | Report Abuse

15 August dday, at least 40sen and hopefully 60-70sen on the first day


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Posted by TimiraosL > 2023-08-07 10:45 | Report Abuse

Glostrext will be oversubscribed without a doubt (not try to be hindsight ๐Ÿ˜) given its strong track record and the advanced geotechnical instrumentation service the company provides

Posted by CarolineTeoh > 2023-08-07 12:14 | Report Abuse

Let's see if can get the IPO share this Friday or not ...


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Posted by Vdhawan > 2023-08-07 14:48 | Report Abuse

Pray hard, dude... Since it had been oversubscribed by 175x, I can say it's very very hard to get it as ordinary retailers


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Posted by XinaSun > 2023-08-07 16:08 | Report Abuse

Goreng on day 1, let's go ! Hope to kena IPO this time !

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