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If things goes well for Indonesia, we will see China and US tech leaders setting up their shop over there!
Meaning Indonesia will experience super rapid growth just like China! So 20 years from now, Indonesia will be just as develop like China if Jokowi able to execute CCP regime development agenda!
Well, actually i am not that confident as Indonesia has bad education system and lack the skilled manpower to bring Indonesia to greater height! Heck, i could be wrong!
But what Jokowi has done may put Malaysia further into back burner of things! Let's be frank, our leaders are old and antiquated! They lack vision for Malaysia! I am talking about both Harapan and BN side here! Our poltiicians are more interested to become top dogs and keep the weath and power all to themselves! Corruption has reach deep into our daily lives that it's impossible to change our culture, or rather our corrupted culture!
You name it! Our judiciary is totally rotten to the core! Double standard verdicts almost all the time! Politicians and tycoons are above the law while ordinary malaysians given injustice verdict all the time!
I mean, do you think Elon Musk will consider investing here! I doubt it! Especially dealing with Umno warlords which demand 30% of everything! A shake leg partnership! A seat in the board! Do nothing malay directors whose only job is to get datokship and get rakyat to bow down to them!


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well said..totally agree


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Malaysia's reputation in business transaction is well known..kikiki


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Malaysia corrupt reputation is very well known! It is what it is! Yet we just love to put this thick makeup of high moral! I mean, please, who are we kidding! We are deeply corrupt society! Well, maybe just our leaders be it politicians, civil oficials, royals and so forth!
And yet we pretend to be blinded! Instead our majority malays are more concern about been more islamic just to impress themselves!


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Elon musk: Car price jacks up 300% after all taxes and excise duty? No thank you.


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Hihihaha! Tesla is enjoying overwelming demand! Why buy Tesla when you can buy Byd! Or Hyundai! The new Hyundai EV is actually really good! I am tempted to buy one!

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