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BYD, Hyper, XPENG, Plus, Nuro, Waabi and WeRide Adopt DRIVE Thor; Features New Generative AI Capabilities of Blackwell Architecture. Next-Gen AI Fleets Embrace Accelerated Compute NVIDIA DRIVE Thor is poised to revolutionize the automotive landscape, ushering in an era where generative AI defines the driving experience. At GTC, several leading EV makers are revealing their next-gen AI vehicle fleets powered by DRIVE Thor: BYD, the world’s largest electric vehicle maker, is expanding its ongoing collaboration with NVIDIA from the car to the cloud. In addition to building its next-generation EV fleets on DRIVE Thor, BYD plans to use NVIDIA’s AI infrastructure for cloud-based AI development and training technologies, along with the NVIDIA Isaac™ and NVIDIA Omniverse™ platforms to develop tools and applications for virtual factory planning and retail configurators. Hyper, a premium luxury brand owned by GAC AION, announced it has selected DRIVE Thor for its next-generation EVs, which will begin production in 2025 with level 4 driving capabilities. Hyper is currently using NVIDIA DRIVE Orin to power its flagship model Hyper GT, which features advanced level 2+ driving capabilities. XPENG has also announced it will use the NVIDIA DRIVE Thor platform as the AI brain of its next-generation EV fleets. The next-gen car computer will power the EV maker’s proprietary XNGP AI-assisted driving system, enabling autonomous driving and parking capabilities, driver and passenger monitoring and other functionalities. These EV makers join Li Auto and ZEEKR, which have already announced they’re building their future vehicle roadmap on DRIVE Thor.

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You can kinda see where this is heading to... subscription based services in future for connecting to the server. Thanks but no thanks you.


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China EV BYD, Hyper, XPENG, Plus, Nuro, Waabi and WeRide Adopt DRIVE Thor not China chips. Lol.


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Nvidia GTC 2024: What to expect from the AI giant’s big conference

To say Nvidia (NVDA) is on a hot streak would be an understatement. Shares of the AI darling are up a staggering 267% over the last 12 months and 79% year to date. Tech companies across the world covet its graphics cards like rare jewels and CEO Jensen Huang is as in-demand as some heads of state.

And on Monday, he’ll kick off Nvidia’s annual GTC conference with a two-hour keynote at the SAP Center in San Jose, Calif., outlining what’s ahead for the company in the year ahead. In prior years, Nvidia has used the show to debut some of its biggest products.

In 2022, it announced its Hopper graphics architecture and H100 graphics processing unit, which is now the go-to card for companies training and deploying AI models. This year, Nvidia is widely expected to debut Hopper and the H100’s successors, kicking off what could be a new rush on the company’s products.

The new architecture, codenamed Blackwell, and GPU, dubbed the B100, are anticipated to offer far better performance when it comes to running models like OpenAI’s GPT-3. Nvidia isn’t exactly hiding its plans for the B100. During the Supercomputer 2023 conference, the company showed off a slide outlining the GPU’s potential capabilities compared to the H100 and H200 cards.

In addition to the Blackwell architecture and B100 card, Nvidia will also likely give attendees and viewers a look at the latest advancements in its CUDA software.


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Nvidia & TSMC are the leaders of AI chips.

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