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hooray..penta rebound..more to come

2022-08-01 18:20


EPF byu and Dump fast... be careful

2022-08-03 15:50


besok gap up limit up , semua tech kaunter sudah standby markat malam ni hijau , besok boleh pump lagi

2022-08-03 17:31



2022-08-03 20:33


All hints been given….
Let see how

China using putaran attack and launcher.
Tentera thanos is with usa

2022-08-03 20:45


Panda cute by epf now?

2022-08-03 20:46



2022-08-04 03:55



2022-08-04 09:01



2022-08-04 09:32


Semicon industry news by the edge (4.8.22), analyst opines that Malaysia is expected to benefit from the accelerated trade diversion due to US-China trade tension, as more multinational companies shift their supply chain activities out of China into Southeast Asia

2022-08-04 10:29


Pump and dump
Better avoid and wait

2022-08-04 13:01

Cakes Moon

Obviously, this is the beginning of a new uptrend for Penta!!!
Don't let the noise in market to distract you.

2022-08-04 13:04

James Ng

[转贴] [Video:浅谈PENTAMASTER CORPORATION BERHAD, PENTA, 7160] - James的股票投资James Share Investing

2022-08-04 21:34


Tell you avoid now believe ?
Drop more please

2022-08-10 10:16

Cakes Moon

Strong reversal!!!
Hold for long term gain!!!

2022-08-12 08:36


Good time to collect when it’s taking a breather..

2022-08-22 15:03


Told you already ma
Now you believe ?

2022-08-22 16:16


Pentamaster seeks inorganic growth via M&A, eyes billion-ringgit turnover

2022-09-07 11:13


Meanwhile, CGS-CIMB said Pentamaster Corp Bhd continues to see a healthy order replenishment, as its backlog orders stood at nearly RM500 million as at end-June 2022.

2022-10-05 09:29

Cakes Moon

Penta is crashing today!

2022-10-12 17:01


Penta drop may just short term effect? This is good counter for long long term. Just I don't have extra money to buy only.

2022-10-13 15:12


China contributed 34% in terms of revenue to Penta for FYE 21. What would happen to the future prospect?

2022-10-17 18:29


Many US high tech semiconductor companies would post negative revenue growth starting 4th Quarter 2022. It would be slightly better to those low tech companies supplying equipments to China for producing chips above 16nm.

“China-based chip fabs that produce logic chips of 16-nm or below, DRAM memory chips of 18-nm half-pitch or less, or NAND chips with 128 layers or more will have to apply for licenses to purchase items from the US”

2022-10-17 20:02


don't key in sell even if you want to sell. Wait for the buyer come up.
Or else buyer will torture you bit by bit until you are force to sell to them at lower price.

2022-10-19 16:31


Wong also noted that the ringgit had weakened significantly against the greenback, which provides some buffer or downside support to tech companies’ earnings (who are mostly exporters).

He added that the supply chain reconfiguration as a result of the trade diversion due to the US-China trade war may be positive to selected Malaysian tech companies and boost their sales order volume.

2022-10-21 09:03

John Lu

Hang Seng and China A50 big drop now.

2022-10-24 12:18


Pentamaster's 3Q net profit up 6%, revenue rises to new record.
KUALA LUMPUR (Nov 3): Pentamaster Corp Bhd’s third quarter net profit rose 5.6% from a year earlier, helped by improved revenue contribution from its automated test equipment (ATE) and factory automation solutions (FAS) segments.
The group said net profit for the third quarter ended Sept 30, 2022 (3QFY2022) rose to RM20.07 million or 2.82 sen per share, from RM19.01 million or 2.67 sen per share.
Revenue in the ATE segment jumped by RM27.3 million to RM121 million from RM93.8 million, while revenue from the FAS segment registered a 14.7% increase to RM54.7 million from RM47.7 million.

For the first nine months of FY2022, Pentamaster’s net profit rose 12.55% to RM59.7 million from RM53.02 million a year earlier, as revenue climbed 17.38% to RM452.96 million from RM385.9 million.

Pentamaster said it is optimistic about achieving another record year of business growth in FY2022 after recording a double-digit revenue growth for the nine-month period.

It said all other industry segments of the group witnessed encouraging growth during the period, and that contributed positively to both the ATE and FAS segments, with the exception of the group’s electrooptical segment.

“Particularly, the group finds the automotive and the medical devices segments having strong positive momentum heading towards next year, barring any significant deterioration in the global economic situation and geopolitical risk.

2022-11-04 08:15


Next week break RM4.00

2022-11-05 20:08


Pentamaster Corp Bhd continues to see healthy order replenishment and backlog orders at record levels of above RM500mil as of the end of September 2022.

Out of this, 60% of the orders are from the automated test equipment (ATE) segment and the remaining 40% from the factory automation solutions (FAS) segment, CGS-CIMB Research said in a post third-quarter 2022 (3Q22) results briefing with Pentamaster’s management.

2022-11-08 12:43


Management targets the medical devices segment to contribute 12% to 14% revenue in forecast FY22 and 20% in FY23, versus 6% in 2021.

2022-11-08 12:43


CGS-CIMB Research said Plant 3 will be dedicated to the FAS division, and overall, it will be instrumental to the group in achieving the target of hitting RM1bil revenue by 2025.

The research firm said it was keeping its “hold” rating on the stock, with an unchanged RM3.75 target price based on a 2024 price-to-earnings ratio of 22 times, which was one standard deviation below the Malaysian ATE sector’s five-year mean PE of 31 times.

“We see easing travel restrictions, stronger earnings contribution from the automotive and medical segments, US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for new medical consumables and new customer wins as potential upside devlopments” said CGS-CIMB Research.

The downside risks to the “hold” call are delays in FDA approval for new medical consumables, an extended slowdown in mobile device demand and the deferment of order fulfillment due to slower inventory digestion in the semiconductor industry.

2022-11-08 12:43


Pentamaster Corp Bhd’s third quarter net profit rose 5.6% from a year earlier, helped by improved revenue contribution from its automated test equipment (ATE) and factory automation solutions (FAS) segments.

2022-11-09 16:45

Mandy Werner

Hello trader
BUY PENTA (7160)
EP 4.040
TP 4.245-4.440
CL 3.910

2022-11-16 16:05


AFTER two years of a superbull run, Bursa Malaysia-listed semiconductor and semiconductor-related companies have seen their market capitalisation crumble since the beginning of the year, much like their counterparts in the US and other parts of the world.

On average, share prices of The Big Four outsourced semiconductor assembly and test (OSAT) players — Inari Amertron Bhd, Malaysian Pacific Industries Bhd, Unisem (M) Bhd and Globetronics Technology Bhd — as well as the Big Four automated test equipment (ATE) manufacturers — ViTrox Corp Bhd, Pentamaster Corp Bhd, Mi Technovation Bhd and Greatech Technology Bhd — had declined a significant 40% year to date (YTD) and 5% over the past one month.

2022-11-21 15:54


TP RM7.00

2022-11-29 20:09


huat ah

2022-12-01 10:42


wow +10.465%

2022-12-01 10:51


Anyone can explain how come there is big price discrepancy between Bursa & HK markets? Penta trading at Rm4+ but only Hk70 cents in HK. Isn't it the same one share with same rights?

2022-12-01 17:58

Fear Trend

breaking out 4.71.. Next tp 4.90.

2022-12-14 12:11

Cakes Moon

Strongest tech stock!!!
Look at the trend, banker moving it slow & steady to RM10!!!
No jokes!!!

2 months ago

Cakes Moon

Very obvious uptrend, who fail to see it better avoid stock market~

2 months ago

Silent 88888

@hh488 different business sector

Penta MY is classified under the ‘Technology’ sector in Bursa Malaysia, along with its peers i.e. ViTrox, UWC, Aemulus, and the rest.

On the other end, Penta HK is classified under the ‘System applications & IT consulting’ sector in HKex. Under the current classification, we realize Penta HK does not fit as well when compared to the others.

2 months ago


Good looking uptrend chart. One of the solid performers in tech

2 months ago


only EPF is playing...

2 months ago


What is up?

2 months ago


Finish for now.
Balik kampung tidur

4 weeks ago

Integrity. Intelligent. Industrious. 3iii (iiinvestsmart)$€£¥

Segmental Information
The Group has three operating segments which are involved in different activities and are managed by segment managers who report directly to the Group’s executive directors.

The operating segments are as follows:
(i) Automated test equipment (“ATE”): Designing, development and
manufacturing of standard and nonstandard automated equipment;
(ii) Factory automation solutions (“FAS”): Designing, development and installation
of integrated factory automation solutions;
(iii) Smart control solution system: Project management, smart building solutions and trading of materials.

The Group’s revenue was mainly contributed by the ATE and FAS segments, constituting
approximately 70.1% and 29.9% respectively of the Group’s total revenue in FYE 31
December 2022.

The Group closed its 12M2022 with a profit before taxation of RM132.1 million, representing an increase of 10.6% from a profit before taxation of RM119.5 million recorded in 12M2021.

Basic earnings per share increased from 2.79 sen in 4Q2021 to 3.20 sen in 4Q2022 and increased from 10.24 sen in 12M2021 to 11.58 sen in 12M2022.

Automated test equipment
During the year, backed by the electrification in the automobile industry and the
proliferation of the electric vehicles (“EV”) ecosystem, the automotive industry
emerged as the leading segment within the ATE business unit, contributing
approximately 58.4% as compared to 27.6% in the previous year.

Underpinned by a massive wave of developments in automotive electrification and the various global decarbonisation policies which accelerated the adoption of EV, the Group’s broad array of automotive test solutions specifically the front-end tester for SiC and back end solutions for power devices made a meaningful breakthrough in the addressable market.

On the other hand, while the semiconductor industry is inherently cyclical, the ATE
segment also benefitted from the semiconductor industry with its revenue contribution rate of 19.9%, representing an overall 17.6% growth as compared to 2021.

In contrast, revenue from the electro-optical within the ATE segment contracted to
19.0% in 2022, from 49.7% in 2021,

Overall, the Group’s strong presence in the automotive industry has complemented
its ATE business and such positive development will continue to provide impetus for
growth to the overall Group’s ATE segment in the mid-to long term.

Factory automation solutions
The FAS segment of the Group has been gaining its traction over the last few years.
Since the listing of the Company, the FAS segment has been consistently recording
years of double-digit revenue growth with the exception of 2019 where a decrease of
18.4% was recorded.

The medical devices segment leading and driving the Group’s FAS growth this year
with its revenue contribution rose to 41.5% from 19.3% in the previous year. The
strong year-on-year revenue growth of 154.6% from the medical devices segment
was mainly driven by global manufacturers of medical products in adopting the
various process and assembly automation in their manufacturing processes for better
productivity and efficiency.

The emergence of digital technologies has accelerated the adoption of automation.
Many companies across various industries are seen adopting automation in a broader
manner especially in a post-pandemic environment in achieving efficiency and
productivity within a safe operating environment.

Smart control solution system
The products and solutions in this segment entail project management, smart building
solutions and trading of materials. There was no external revenue from this segment during the financial year.

3 weeks ago

Integrity. Intelligent. Industrious. 3iii (iiinvestsmart)$€£¥

4.94 per share

PENTA Financial Information
Market Capital (RM)
: 3.519b
Number of Share
: 712.32m
EPS (cent)
: 11.57 *
P/E Ratio
: 42.70
ROE (%)
: 13.13
TTM Profit Margin (%)
: 13.7
CAGR - Revenue (%)
: 16.1
CAGR - PAT (%)
: 18.1
Dividend (cent)
: 2.000 ^
Dividend Yield (%)
: 0.40
: 0.881
P/B Ratio
: 5.61

3 weeks ago


PENTA leads the drop..

3 weeks ago

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