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Last 5 years EPS unstable and fluctuated significantly, from lowest point of 22sen to highest point of 34sen, PE ratio at 19, ROE 8.6%, and dividend yield is at 4.08%.

2019-02-16 16:49

Hindsight Master

Company with strong competitive advantage and growth driver. Check out the Chinese release on Biport here.

2019-02-22 22:15

Hindsight Master

Congratulations to all BIPORT shareholders, kindly check out the English release on Biport yesterday.

2019-02-27 17:50


Big fish collecting....something happing.

2019-09-23 13:22


4.0 easy come...

2019-10-02 08:50


A monopoly... hope it is not implicated by the political tussle.

2019-12-04 16:21


Performance is mediocre despite all the advantages + continuous drops in dividend payout over 10 years from high of 40.95 cent to 14.00 now.

2019-12-08 09:46

Edmund Dominos

So quiet here. Anyone invest in this stock?

2020-01-12 13:55


Hoooland boat

2020-02-19 14:30


Nice counter I keep

2020-05-25 12:00


biport is now double bottom, uptrend coming.

2020-10-02 01:38


Up 4.05%

2020-10-02 02:06


Okay also la

2020-10-02 02:06


Boleh juga la

2020-10-02 02:06


Very good

2020-10-02 02:07



2020-10-02 02:07


Well done

2020-10-02 02:07



2020-10-02 02:07


Keep up the good work

2020-10-02 02:08


jkm lng spot price over 5k now, lng good, lng up trend now.

2020-10-09 17:07


I like port businesses. It's sort of a monopoly one. I like MMC, Suria, Westport, Bintulu. All Malaysia listed companies. In terms of attractive valuations, the one that trade at big discount at the moment I think is MMC and Suria Bhd (all Sabah ports).

2021-01-29 14:53


Westports, Bintulu Ports in focus

2021-08-23 07:52

Bgt 9963

Post removed.Why?

2021-08-23 08:54



2021-10-25 08:43


Post removed.Why?

2021-10-31 17:29


Post removed.Why?

2021-11-03 17:13


considering without further pandemic complication, logistic should be bullish onward

2021-12-08 09:16

Michael Kwok

Downgrade bport below 4.20.
30/8/2022 10.42pm

2022-08-30 22:41


Bintulu port is a stable and profitable stock to ride out the volatility. Check out other stocks here:

2022-11-02 11:39


Nah, I am watching as well

2023-01-03 09:50


用数据预测BIPORT 2022Dec 的业绩

2023-02-03 21:26


Why drop 15sen?

2023-04-15 02:26


From rm3 to now rm5 it is not under perform

2023-07-19 12:18


How will BPA perform after the handover to the Sarawak state govt? Worse, same or better? And why?

In my layman's view, top management will change with a mix of experienced staff and some politically linked staff. My guess is, that most will be Sarawakians. Vision is likely to stay the same. Execution may be different. As shareholders, how will the handover change result in better values? Your view? Only some senior insiders benefit from this?

2023-12-05 09:22


I think Swak will take care of themselves vs the shareholders... like how EPF is selling also....with Ur post today U could see some BIG Insti/ retail want to sell. This stock is a dead.

2023-12-07 05:06


Reasons why the big boys are selling? What are the negative things about the takeover that only they know? BPA has the monopoly here and thus can reap $$$$$. I bought BPA years back mainly because of the dividends. Now not that attractive wrt dividend. Capital growth is also not that impressive now. But I still want to know what they can do with the takeover to benefit the shareholders.

2023-12-10 20:32


lonely rider here..
wondering how is the QR..?
last day to announce..poor people always need to let the way for the Rich and Powerful Guys to pass through the road..😢😢😢

2024-02-29 11:06


wh..what...what is going on..?
today (22 Mar 2024)..virtually no buy q..sell q only have 2 lots only @ RM 5.89..5.90
is it the beginning of perform storm..?😣

2024-03-22 09:00


He added that Petronas and other sources have agreed to increase the supply of gas from 450 million cubic feet to 1,200 million cubic feet for Bintulu.

Abang Johari said the increase is due to the clear direction of the state government in the development of gas-based industries.

He said with the take-over of Bintulu Port by the state government from Putrajaya this year, Bintulu’s economy is expected to be more vibrant.

He said the federal government is due to table a Bill in Parliament in June this year to repel the Bintulu Port Act to enable the port to be returned to Sarawak.

“I have a plan for the port, but I will reveal it at the right time later.

“Hopefully, when we take over the port, it will become an important hub in South-east Asia,” the premier said.

Abang Johari stressed that after Kuching, Bintulu will be next to have an autonomous rapid transit (ART) system.

He added a feasibility study on the ART line from Samalaju to Bintulu is ongoing by a team engaged by the state government.

2 months ago


KUCHING (April 18): Bintulu Port Holdings Bhd (Bintulu Port) is expected to benefit from the prolific projects in Sarawak, which are expected to achieve economic growth between 5 to 6 per cent in 2024.

Analysts at AmInvestment Bank Bhd (AmInvestment Bank) guided that several ongoing and upcoming projects in Sarawak are expected to benefit Bintulu Port’s operations in the long run.

In the medium-term, they guide that Sarawak Petrochem’s methanol project is expected to commence its first shipment in July 2024 and that the project is estimated to contribute an additional monthly average of 1,00l tonnes of cargo.

“In the same month, Bintulu Port will facilitate the first shipment of Biomass Raw Energy Hot Tropical Grass, adding 10,000 tonnes of liquid bulk volume monthly,” they added.

The combined total additional to liquid bulk throughput for FY24 is estimated to be 660k tonnes, says AmInvestment Bank.

That said the analyst notes that this is not a very significant increase as liquid bulk which accounts for 70 per cent of Bintulu Port’s total cargo throughput in 2023 is made up of 73 per cent LNG cargo while the remaining 27 per cent is from non-LNG liquids like methanol.

In the longer-term, the Bintulu International Container Terminal (BICT) is expected to benefit from additional medical glove shipments from the Sarawak Medical Innovation Technology Hub (SMITH) in FY25 with Phase 1A of the SMITH slated to be operational by the end of FY24.

One of the most prolific projects expected to benefit Bintulu Ports is Sarawak’s push for a green hydrogen economy which is in line with the National Energy Transition (NETR).

Thus far, there are two ongoing mega hydrogen-focused projects at the Sarawak hydrogen Hub in Bintulu and Rembus Depot.

They are the H2ornbill project partnered with Japanese Eneos and Sumitomo Corporation and H2biscus partnered with South Korean Samsung Engineering, Posco and Lottle Chemical.

The H2ornbill project seeks to develop two clean hydrogen-producing plants while the H2biscus project aims to develop hydrogen derivative facilities.

“H2ornbill and H2biscus projects are expected to produce a combined 240,000 tonnes per annum of green hydrogen, making the Sarawak Hydrogen Hub, one of the largest producers of clean energy globally. The 2 projects are envisaged to be operational in Bintulu Petchem Industrial Park in 2027,” the analyst shared.

This is expected to benefit Bintulu Ports tremendously as the export of hydrogen to both Japan and South Korea will use Bintulu Port’s shipping equipment and port facilities.

In a separate development, AmInvestment Bank believes that the mooted Trans Borneo Railway project that will link Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei and Kalimantan will be an economic catalyst for the Borneo region.

However, it is still early days as beyond a feasibility study approved by the federal government on routes within Sabah and Sarawak, there has been no agreement or expressed interest among the governments of Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei to collaboratively build the Kalimantan-Borneo railway.

2 months ago


lonely rider here..

2 months ago


Today (12 July 2024) is a very important day for Bintulu.
Cabinet discuss whether to allow Bintulu Port to be managed by Sarawak Government itself or not..

Good luck to the holders..

3 days ago


Today submit proposal to parliment to approve to allow Biport to be self-managed by Sarawak govt
Good luck comrades..

7 hours ago

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