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wangzheng hit below RM1 nowadays, people slowly disposing bit by bit

2019-06-28 23:25


hi oldchinaman, please share once you have details here. I will check day to day. thanks

2019-07-01 17:44


okay. I will check back on sunday. thanks

2019-07-03 14:17


any updates? @oldchinaman

2019-07-19 10:54


drypro malaysia facebook, can have some LATEST PRODUCTS INFOS.

2019-07-21 01:01


I see. Looks like they launching new products. Waiting for some expansion news into other countries.

2019-07-24 16:19


Any update ?

2019-08-01 14:54


This is a money making company with strong cash flow. I reckon, it’s worth investing. Great morning to all

2019-08-05 05:56


Wonder when only WZ will show outstanding performance ?

2019-08-16 19:32


price is falling, no one support. no one have confidence on this company as management no give any update

2019-09-04 15:07


drypro malaysia has promotion sales @ TLM baby expo at SHAH ALAM CONVENTION CENTRE on 6th - 8th sept 10 am to 9pm

2019-09-05 14:53


Market is weighing down on WZ. The price keep going lower

2019-09-25 13:51


Does anyone have any link to any e-commerce site to show WZ entrance in Indonesia and Vietnam?

2019-10-01 17:04


No one? I guess WZ still havent expanded out yet, although management have mentioned their intention to do so by this year, sad

2019-10-14 14:08


@oldchinaman what is happening ? CEO is selling his stake?

2020-01-07 23:10


Already told you guys the modus operandi of new Hong Kong owner

Their interest is not to see Wangzng making more money

They took over yilai to get it's material cheap at below market prices for their own factories for China market

So Wangzng is only now a tool for them

Price of Wangzng will be very mediocre from now while they enrich their companies in Hong Kong

Should just sell and forget about Wangzng and buy Nfcp stocks like Netx Redtone or Opcom to recover back your capital from losses in Wangzng

2020-02-19 11:29


Sifu Calvin is right, last year i already sell and buy Nfcp stocks.

2020-02-19 12:39


hope management can declare some special dividend.,cash/bank balance 117m

2020-04-10 00:11


10% special dividend only cost 16m, still have 101m cash / bank balance

2020-04-10 00:13

Sebastian Power

look back to this company again. Actually the management very bodoh, they should take should change come production line to produce masks. Very easy for them to do actually

I think @oldchinaman is right. Possible DIV soon (but don't hope stingy traditional cina boss will so generous). Hahahaha

2020-05-05 14:58


They are selling mask Sebastian Power. Please look for WangZhengCare at lazada and Shopee. And they are selling in Giant as well

2020-05-05 18:49


Sebastian Power, the management told manufacturing MASK must apply special permit, no anyone can do

2020-05-05 23:17


their mask are import from china, very high good quality

2020-05-05 23:19


but, I think their sales might be affected by MCO as fewer people go shop. so expect lower sales this quarter

2020-05-05 23:57


they are selling necessity goods, i don't think their products are affected

2020-05-05 23:59


@oldchinaman do you have any views on management expanding into Indonesia and Vietnam ? It was mentioned in their AGM that they want grow to whole SEA, yet i don't see any progress in the expansion.

2020-05-06 00:02


@oldchinaman they are selling necessity goods, i don't think their products are affected.

But, even Nestle who sell everyday food released quarter profits that fell by 20%, as people not going out to spend.

My opinion is that the sales and profit will fall, but I don't know what extent only. Hopefully, cost is controlled so that they avoid qtr loss.

2020-05-06 00:11


they supply some diapers to indo

2020-05-06 11:40


meaning they are still very conservative with their expansion in Indo and Vietnam. Hopefully will see them being more aggressive like how they are doing it in Malaysia

2020-05-06 17:20


if not, its going to be long time before we see any growth in this business.

2020-05-06 17:36

Sebastian Power

Last few days trading saw a strong queue at 81cents (hopefully it's not a wayang Hindustan).

I only want to wait and see how much DIV will declare. Should be this week la, Cannot be no DIV this year

08-May-2019 30-May-2019 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend RM 0.04 Dividend Detail
24-Apr-2018 28-May-2018 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend RM 0.04 Dividend Detail
27-Apr-2017 28-Jun-2017 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.03 Dividend Detail

2020-05-07 20:11

Sebastian Power

@limen12, you are right man!! The facemask they sell is hebat quality with reasonable price

Product details of 【restock】【collect RM 4 voucher】[Ship out in 1-3 working day] Banitore 3D 3Ply Surgical Mask (M size) 10 pcs x 1 Pack
Brand: Banitore
No. of pack: 1 packs
Pieces of Masks: 10 pcs (10 pcs / pack)
Type of Mask: 3D Surgical Mask
Standard of Masks: YY0469-2011
Ply of Mask: 3 ply
BPE ≥ 95%
Size: M / L
Mask size: M= 14.1cm x 8.7cm ; L =16cm x 9.5cm
Material : Spunbond Non-woven, Meltblown Non-woven
Shelf Life: 18 Month from manufacture date

2020-05-07 20:13

Sebastian Power

hebatttt.. no seller

limit up later

2020-05-13 10:39


too little volume to push up. only a small amount of trader

2020-05-13 16:15

Sebastian Power

Moving forward, the Group will be focusing on growing its products expansion by continuing to
review the range of products offering to meet the customers’ demands. The Group foresees the
potential growth in disposable fibre-based products segment by working towards expanding this
segment with new marketing initiatives. The Group continues to explore which aim to leverage on and
emulate Hengan’s strengths in the production and sales of other personal hygiene products including
but not limited to sanitary napkin and diaper products to further diversify the Group’s business
operations and to expand the business to South East Asia market. The Board anticipates the Group to
achieve satisfactory results for the remaining of quarters of the year.

2020-06-22 16:45


fundamentally everything seems good.... but felt doubt on Chinese management, especially family type of management....

2020-07-18 15:52

Richard Lee

this counter wasting time, Better privitisation and delisted

2020-07-20 16:28


I agree to a certain extent to doubt the management in terms of their expansion to SEA for WZ, but at the same time I have seen their increased online presence and focus in Malaysia through their Hengan products into the Malaysian market. For those who invested, can go to AGM and inquire and talk to management about their plans moving forward. For those who have not, can put it in ur radar for future in case management prove to be good.

2020-08-02 16:52


Uptrend. Good dividend 4.5 sen.

2020-08-17 11:10


Once above 95 sen, expected to fly.

2020-08-17 12:29


i think need to wait for 2-3 quarters before this company show some growth

2020-08-24 22:24


Rubbish counter

2020-08-31 23:48


Bought Wangzng @ 90c

2020-09-01 16:08

Sebastian Power

rubbish company will turn into treasure soon

2020-09-02 19:53


Post removed.Why?

2020-10-10 08:23


zzz. What is happening here? lol

2020-11-19 13:13

Richard Lee


2020-12-17 15:26


dompeilee Bought Wangzng @ 90c
01/09/2020 4:08 PM

In paper profit$ =)

2020-12-17 16:19


NEW substantial shareholder! Now the free float is only 69 mil shares!

2020-12-19 09:44

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