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It is amazing when you track its NTA growth over the past 10 years - this small growing stock has consistently grown its NTA by 14% per annum CAGR over past 10 years. It's NTA is 3.29. It's trading at 2.44, below Book Value, for a bank that grows its equity at the rate of 14% per annum over past 10 years ... it was so overlooked by the market.

It's Dividend Payout ratio is only 38% ... not stretching at all. This stock grows its Net Worth and grows its earnings and is having a conservative dividend payout ratio. And when I entered at an average cost of 1.87, it was yielding 7.2% dividend yield. What a bargain then.

It pays to own overlooked stocks when everyone was afraid and nobody wants to own it when it was crashing back in May 2022.

I know this bank's value and with a price action like this, there's no rush to take profits on its way up. I may trim it so that it doesn't become too big a proportion but otherwise, the strategy is still to sit tight on your winners and sit tight on your losers, so that your winners become a larger proportion of your portfolio and your losers naturally become a smaller proportion of your portfolio so that your portfolio can keep making new all time highs regularly especially when you own a portfolio of sound, good fundamental stocks and businesses ...

2024-02-16 23:53


I think you got the year wrong, it was crashing in May 2023 rather than 2022.

2024-02-17 04:18


Finally moving again.

2024-02-23 11:13



2024-02-26 10:06


RM 2.6 if follow Affin can reach?

2024-02-26 11:02


just sold off yesterday at 2.41...sighhhhhh

2024-02-26 15:22


Do you guys think MBSB got good future as soon as it turn to another Islamic Bank and listed in BURSA. My cost is less than 60 cents after receiving 8.5 sen dividend I hold big quantity especially last year after my big sweep in Bplant. Likely @Contrarian can contribute your good knowledge in Banking stock.

2024-02-27 02:08


I made some profit after i bought Affin at 2,20 and sold at 2,65 around 30K, Thank @Contrarian for all you good sharing.

2024-02-27 02:21


@Yippy68, EPS is more relevant than high DPS because high DPS isn't sustainable if EPS drops. MBSB doesn't appear to have the all round strength of other banks. Just rebranding itself as an Islamic bank doesn't transform it overnight to rival Bank Islam which is long established.

2024-02-27 02:24


Thank you and noted.

2024-02-27 02:31


@Yippy68, I feel you are too heavily concentrated in MBSB. Your recent venturing into Affin has brought you financial rewards. Affin share price ran ahead because it is more superior to MBSB. Similarly, Bank Islam share price has also recently run ahead.

2024-02-27 02:34


TheContrarian banking sifu? Which bank(or bank like) counters yet to move? Insas can move like Affin or BIMB?

2024-02-27 07:12


I already sold 97% of my Insas last month when it moved from below 90 sen to above RM1.30. Only bank I like now is BIMB.

2024-02-27 10:23


2.50 broken through.

2024-02-28 11:57


if closing can stay above 2.50 then nice....

2024-02-28 12:06


Lately EPF has turned sellers, so who is buying aggressively?

2024-02-28 15:20


QR out, declared second interim dividend of 4.22 sen.

2024-02-28 17:47


I am rather surprised the forum here is very quiet.

2024-02-28 18:08


Like Affin should be foreign funds.

Posted by TheContrarian > 6 hours ago | Report Abuse

Lately EPF has turned sellers, so who is buying aggressively?

2024-02-28 21:26


Maybe those posted earlier have sold.

Posted by TheContrarian > 3 hours ago | Report Abuse

I am rather surprised the forum here is very quiet.

2024-02-28 21:29


After QR EPF U-turn buy back? 16.81 sen total BIMB dividend DY 6.70%(RM 2.51) is better than EPF 2022 & 2023 dividend?

2024-02-29 09:31


We wait and see if there's notification from EPF.

2024-02-29 09:34


Go, go, go BIMB.

2024-03-01 09:17


EPF has been selling but someone else is buying aggressively.

2024-03-01 18:34


Haha no worries...

This counter no need to monitor so steady mah...

Dividend investing is like planting a tree...

The earlier you start, the bigger your tree is going to grow.

And before you know it, you will be resting in the shade of your own financial forest, enjoying the fruits of your labor, year after year...


Because dividends... GROW.

And that's how some Dividend Machines reached their milestones in dividends.

For the past 10 years...

DBS (Bank) increased their dividends by 158%
Wilmar (Plantation) increased their dividends by 112%
So if you think $5,000 in annual dividends today is too little...

Your $5,000 'passive' income just became:

$12,900 if you invested in DBS
$10,600 if you invested in Wilmar
All you did is buying the right dividend stocks...

...And wait

Get paid in year 1...

...And wait

Get paid more in year 2...

...And wait

Get paid even more in year 3...

2024-03-02 00:11


Wow, 2.59.

2024-03-04 12:29


Go go go Genting

2024-03-04 16:24


Oops wrong forum

2024-03-04 16:24


EPF buying back BIMB.

2024-03-04 19:07


Fuiyoh ... biggest gain in my portfolio today. Feeling blessed and thankful ...

2024-03-05 22:41


Managed to trim a little bit, but still my Top 15% holdings by market value. Dividend yield on cost is 8.3%. Can hold for a long time if not look at markets and just collect dividends. Of course, sitting on winners and do nothing is often the right strategy unless it is a bear market or clearly sideways market.

2024-03-05 22:49


1 week ago


RM 2.6 if follow Affin can reach?

@rlch , already reached 2.60 and is now higher than Affin. Thank you for your recommendation.

2024-03-06 22:34


Share Price 7 Day 1 Year
2.57 1.6% 16.3%

Upcoming dividend of RM0.042 per share

Eligible shareholders must have bought the stock before 15 March 2024.
Payment date: 05 April 2024.

Payout ratio is a comfortable 68% but the company is paying out more than the cash it is generating.

Trailing yield: 6.5%.

Within top quartile of Malaysian dividend payers (4.7%).
Higher than average of industry peers (5.3%).

2024-03-09 14:31


DY 6.6% who sell? I buy more because 1% more than EPF just declared dividend.

2024-03-11 09:45



EMPLOYEES PROVIDENT FUND BOARD (a substantial shareholder) acquired 1,483,900 shares on 28-Feb-2024.

2024-03-11 11:18


Sold half at 2.58 this morning.

2024-03-12 16:16


Build my portfolio on May 2023. My target is accumulate more share on this stock

2024-03-12 16:18



2024-03-13 10:01


Sold balance at 2.61. Approximately 15% gain within 5 weeks.

2024-03-13 11:16


islamic bank growth

2024-03-14 16:52


Axiata loss RM 2.457 billion RM 2.8 can why BIMB RM 553 mil profit cannot?

2024-03-15 09:57


Shame on u PMX! When PN was in power last time , u tried to topple PN through defection. Now u tell PN not to topple u for the sake of foreign investors

2024-03-17 16:49


When will it drop back to RM2.4. Want top up...

2 months ago


Lu pandai main reverse psychologi ni

2 months ago


BIMB Full year 2023 earnings: EPS and revenues exceed analyst expectations

Full year 2023 results:
EPS: RM0.25 (up from RM0.23 in FY 2022).
Revenue: RM2.28b (up 5.6% from FY 2022).
Net income: RM553.1m (up 13% from FY 2022).
Profit margin: 24% (up from 23% in FY 2022). The increase in margin was driven by higher revenue.
Cost-to-income ratio: 60.9% (up from 59.8% in FY 2022).
Non-performing loans: 0.94% (down from 1.27% in FY 2022).
Revenue exceeded analyst estimates by 5.2%. Earnings per share (EPS) also surpassed analyst estimates by 5.2%.

Revenue is forecast to grow 6.9% p.a. on average during the next 3 years, compared to a 7.1% growth forecast for the Banks industry in Malaysia.


2 months ago


RM 2.43 is lowest in recent times. EPF keep collecting. Hard to collect lower.


When will it drop back to RM2.4. Want top up...

3 weeks ago

1 month ago


time to collect some

3 weeks ago


Earlier this week, while every wang is looking at YTL Power, Mabel was quietly collecting BIMB. EPF has been selling BIMB like no body business.

Who said Miss BIMB is not so sweet?

Today Miss BIMB make a strong cum back with vengeance caring a strong GREEN FLAG!!!!

To Our Success !

Meow Meow Meow

3 weeks ago


Compare to Malaysia’s Top 3 Banks 1Q 2024 Results, BIMB is not doing too bad. Thanks to the constants stream of Pilgrims going to Makkah and Madinah.

MBB Net Profit 2.48B EPS 20.63 sen QoQ +4.2% YoY +9.8%

CIMB Net Profit 1.93B EPS 18.16 sen QoQ +12.9% YoY +17.7%

PBB Net Profit 1.65B EPS 8.52 sen QoQ +2.35% YoY -3.54%

BIMB Net Profit 0.13B EPS 5.7 sen QoQ +9.4% YoY +9.4%

2 weeks ago


Bimb i am collecting too.. looks very solid good dividend yield

10 hours ago

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