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epic come back woh! tend tit lai! closing green ah

2022-02-24 16:36


Yes, both mother Ancom and son Nylex did a V shape recovery

2022-02-24 16:56


Luckily I kept my cool and didn't join the panic throwing.... In fact, managed to get a few lots during the sales.

2022-02-24 20:29


This "war" situation sent crude oil prices up, which benefits Nylex's PETROCHEM biz which is consolidated under Ancom now as the acquisition is completed.

Furthermore, FCPO palm oil just breached a new high of RM7k per mt (WOW!!!) which hugely benefits the AGROCHEM core biz of Ancom.

This explains the crazy rebound from 3.6+ to close green at RM4 today, because smart money and big money know very well Ancom just got a pair of twin-turbos added to their growth engine.

RM5 here we come.

2022-02-24 21:59

PureBULL ...

for potential gain of up to 1 bagger, n at times 2 baggers.

The greatest stocks in
1) Last cycle were : GENETEC, KOBAY, SAM
+ hongseng
2) This 1st cycle of 2022 would be :
+ EPMB ?, go small for low priced stock

2022-02-26 03:01


This counter cannot wait to buy.

Must buy then wait. Better things coming very very soon.

2022-02-28 10:13


RM 5 At least ?

2022-02-28 15:15


FCPO breaking new high, and now labour shortage issues at plantations continue to improve as foreign labor are brought in. Plantations will be more effective in applying agrochemicals to boost their yields for better income = more sales for Ancom

2022-03-01 22:17

PureBULL ...

PALM OIL came from no way, probably has reached its top of this wonderful wave A.
PT leading to an IM could be the next activities.

Like glove, palm oil is a huge sector that requires tonnes of money to play up.

2022-03-04 12:18


Already reflected the surge in CPO prices, so more downside than upside in the coming days i think

2022-03-04 12:21


CPO price on the downtrend...get ready for Plantation retracement

2022-03-05 17:39


resistance 4.05

2022-03-07 10:23

Michael Kwok

Sell ancom 3.75-3.85.8 times upward without major correction.Suspect will tank below rm 3 with worst case scenario near rm 2.

2022-03-07 21:01


On behalf of the Board of Directors of Ancom (?Board?), Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad wishes to announce that the Company proposes to undertake the following:

(i) proposed distribution of up to 18,356,515 ordinary shares in Nylex (Malaysia) Berhad (?Nylex?) (?Nylex Shares?) by way of dividend-in-specie to the shareholders of the Company on the basis of 1 Nylex Share for every 20 ordinary shares in Ancom (?Ancom Shares?) held by shareholders of the Company whose names appear in the Record of Depositors of the Company on an entitlement date to be determined and announced by the Board at a later date (?Proposed Dividend-In-Specie?); and

(ii) proposed share split involving the subdivision of every 1 existing Ancom Share held by shareholders of the Company whose names appear in the Record of Depositors of the Company on an entitlement date to be determined and announced by the Board at a later date into 3 Ancom Shares (?Proposed Share Split?).

2022-03-07 23:37

PureBULL ...

Proposed 1:20 free Nylex shares n
Split 3:1

All NYLEX shares r swapped into ANCOM shares + some cash payment.
Today NYLEX becomes a pure shell PLC = awaiting for take over by others.

NB : this is big time war. nobody knows best i.e. why there r lots of selling due to extreme fear.

being over sold on a prolong period, could mean a rebound can happen soon or whatever.
it's a news flow driven mkt.
FACT, Investing life goes on in all countries except u know where.

2022-03-08 09:20


ESOS at RM0.765?

2022-03-08 20:16


Employee all millionaires now

2022-03-09 10:34


Expect coming 3Q breaks net profit 15 mil. Management and top shareholder own ~73% ordinary shares (Year 2021). Share price can be easily to push above RM 5.00.

2022-03-11 14:57


breaks 50 MA. Support 3.31, 3.14, 2.92

2022-03-15 16:26


Dear All Sifus here;

Any of you has calculated intrinsic value of Ancom? How much it worth? Mind to share? Thank you

2022-03-17 18:27



2022-03-18 10:03


Show time.

2022-03-21 15:29


Completion of the disposal of its tank farm in Vietnam gives Ancom a RM20.5m gain on disposal. Extra profits to be reported!

2022-03-27 19:10

Icon 888

Upside limited.. down side unlimited

2022-03-29 23:44


Charging past RM4 then onto the split in June. Let's go!!

2022-04-05 22:00


Rested enough already. Time for the next surge..

2022-04-06 09:47


Is the soon to announce quarterly results going to excite the market? I have a feeling it's a roar!

2022-04-15 11:43


No more show time recently.

2022-04-20 14:23


End of the year RM5 ? !!!

2022-04-20 14:24


Ancom Nylex Q3 FY22 revenue rose 31.0pc YoY to RM510.0mil

KUALA LUMPUR: Ancom Nylex Bhd (ANB) posted a revenue of RM510.0 million for the third quarter (Q3) ended 28 February 2022 (FY22), a surge of 31.0 per cent year-on-year (YoY) from RM389.2 million last year.

In tandem with the higher turnover, net profit doubled YoY to RM15.1 million for Q3 from RM7.1 million in the same quarter of FY21.

For Q3, the agricultural chemicals (Agrichem) segment reported revenue of RM98.2 million, improving by 15.5 per cent YoY.

The industrial chemicals division reported revenue of RM371.9 million for Q3 FY22, improving from RM262.5 million last year.

Managing director and group chief executive officer Lee Cheun Wei said the sustained growth momentum was mainly supported by the agrichem division, which saw an increase in orders from export markets and Malaysia.

"Plantation operators worldwide have been working hard to fulfil the rising food demand, indirectly resulting in the surge in herbicide prices.

"Moreover, the two new agrichem active ingredients rolled out earlier have also contributed to our bottom-line increase," he said in a statement today.

Looking ahead, Lee said the company remains upbeat on its agrichem business prospects following visits to key export markets in recent months.

"Overall, we anticipate demand from countries such as Thailand, Brazil, and Malaysia to increase.

"Meanwhile, ANB faced growth momentum for the industrial chemicals arm with some headwinds in the Q3 of FY22.

"Nevertheless, we believe the division's performance will be better over the coming periods as prices for petrochemical products are currently trading at higher levels than their historical averages," he said.

For the nine-month (9M) of FY22, ANB's top line increased 32.5 per cent YoY to RM1.45 billion.

Net profit jumped 122.0 per cent YoY to RM36.3 million for the period compared to RM16.3 million in 9M FY21.

2022-04-21 10:04


Sell on news. let's wait for the next adjustment.

2022-04-22 12:38


support 3.59

2022-04-22 16:35


the whole issues on nylex and ancom are quite complicated for now. hope everything will be fine and good foe everyone.

2022-04-26 08:40


@krish52 Huh! What went wrong in Ancom? Please share with us.

2022-04-26 11:45


B4 the qtr result announced I had been queueing to buy the warrants at 2.70 - 2.75 for almost 3 weeks but couldn't get any. Now with the good results announced suddenly I could get cheaper... I bought yesterday at average 2.60. But today even cheaper!

2022-04-26 12:37


rm3-29 byebye

2022-05-09 17:26


EGM ok this morning?

2 months ago


3 to re-enter and game start again

2 months ago


It's about time market revisit this gem that will continue to churn out impressive results given the top-notch management in driving growth and profitability.

2 months ago


At RM1.10 current price is equivalent to RM3.30 yesterday's price.

Seems like the food security theme is back into play :)

2 months ago


It was RM3.15 yesterday and now it is RM1.09 due to the share spilt. But why was my share unit still the same in Rakuten ? I'm currently suffering 65% lossess in Rakuten. Can anyone please advise why ?

2 months ago


no worry, the remain share split will credit to u 2morow, can trade on next tuesday!!

2 months ago


Thanks Lewis!

2 months ago


many ppl will sell when they got the shares on next tuesday, be extra careful !

2 months ago



The boss keep buying at low what will happen next in his mind ??????????????????????

10 minutes ago


Boss bought 500,000 shares at Rm1.215 more than Rm600,000 per day everyday day for many many months non stop means he will buy Tsh up from Rm1.21 to Rm1.79 again and then higher

He never stop could mean he buying all the way to reach Rm3.00

Ancom boss bought all the way from 60 sen to over Rm3.00 non stop so we see Tsh boss doing the same

2 months ago


Game on?

'White knight' to take over the major contractor of JB-Singapore RTS

1 month ago


Good results . Why no dividend?

3 weeks ago

Michael Kwok

Downgrade ancomnylex below 50 cents.
Price 87 cents.
Date 19/7/2022 6.28pm

3 weeks ago


@Michael Kwok, who downgraded AncomNylex to below 50 cents and please share where you read it.

3 weeks ago

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