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Net intrinsic value does not equate to net asset value. Intrinsic value depends on how much returns can you get from your net assets over a period of years + net assets.

2018-08-18 07:22


Anyone know why can TWREIT distribute 88.5% of net income? I thought it is by the rule that a REIT must distribute 90% and above?

2018-08-18 07:23


This is an interim dividend, only the 2nd quarter. TWRREIT needs to make sure that it fulfills the 90% requirement for the full year, or else be liable to 24% corporate tax.

2018-08-18 22:08


Thanks for clarification~

2018-08-19 09:11


Thanks for the elucidation.

2018-08-20 16:13


QR getting worse and worse. Will Twr Reit drop to 50-60 sen?

2018-11-17 06:44


Anything's can happen. why not hong leong privatised it

2018-12-20 12:49


Loss QR why no drop?

2019-02-13 05:58


Loss QR is because of deferred tax due to RPGT disposal >5 years tax rate changed. If the REIT does not intend to dispose, then this should be a non-issue. On the flip side, the figure you should be focusing should be the revenue which has actually gone up.

You should be asking... Revenue up why no up?

2019-02-21 17:27


Why no dividend declare for 2 quatters?

2019-05-06 21:36


hang zheng pai

2019-05-08 23:44


REIT without dividend??? How to invest? It is better to sell the property urgently and distribute cash back

2019-05-27 16:18

Airline Bobby

Lousy management

2019-06-04 09:45


Keep yo-yoing between 0.87 and 0.91

2019-06-20 15:53


Discounted Properties. Chance to own office properties at a discounted price at RM343 psf =rm.090 (current price) X 280,500,000 (number of shares) / 735,017 (Net Lettable Area )

2019-07-17 17:38


it is cheap with rm343 psf considering the properties is in kl and good location. Construction cost also cost more than that.

2019-07-19 10:11


Drop in rental, Plus point is reductions in rental increases growth rates from excess capacity.

2019-08-04 11:06


if the office buildings is distribute by specie, 735,000÷280,500, then you would get 2.6 sq ft per 1000 shares

2019-08-06 17:43


err... meaning 300,000 shares would be entitled to 780 square feet of space at a cost of less than RM 270,000. Would be great if those spaces are distributed then, haha... an apartment for RM 270,000 at prime area.

2019-08-24 12:54


The innovation centre is expected to occupy 250,000 sq ft or about 65% of the total 385,215 sq ft net lettable area in Menara HLA.

Chua is optimistic that 250,000 sq ft of space to be offered by the innovation centre will be fully occupied by tenants after renovation works are completed by end-2020.

Currently, about 100,000 sq ft have been taken up by six tenants including local training academy KCOM Group and a co-working space operator.

2019-10-29 09:33


Keep dropping . Infected by Virus ?

2020-02-21 16:00


KUALA LUMPUR (March 2): GuocoLand (Malaysia) Bhd is selling Menara Guoco in Damansara Heights here to Tower Real Estate Investment Trust (Tower REIT) for RM242.1 million cash, in a related party transaction (RPT).

Menara Guoco is a 19-storey office building which forms part of an integrated commercial development known as Damansara City, comprising another office building, a hotel, a retail mall, serviced apartments and car parks.

As at Feb 6, 2020, the building has an occupancy rate of about 97.1% and is expected to increase Tower REIT's pro forma occupancy rate for its portfolio to 59.8% from 48.1%.

Upon completion of the proposed acquisition, Tower REIT's consolidated asset base is expected to increase about 42.3% to RM814.3 million and the average building age of its property portfolio is expected to decrease to 18 years from 23.

The proposed disposal is expected to be completed by the third quarter of 2020.


The rental market for commercial office space has been facing a glut for years now. Yield on this property is under 5% p.a.with 97.1% occupancy and they're estimating 100% loan @4.3% p.a.

I don't expect DPU to improve too much in the short-term, but it will probably help to stabilize the dividend as the other two office buildings currently have less than 50% occupancy! If you look at their last quarterly result, yields have possibly fallen below 2.5%! Menara HLA is still under renovation!

Who else wins?
1. Guocoland, as they cash-out a relatively low yield asset and lower their borrowings.
2. Hong Leong Bank, as they will probably issue the RM242m loan themselves @4.3% p.a.
3. GLM REIT Management, the REIT management company, since their earnings depend on the NAV of the properties.

2020-03-03 01:18


what is the exact property yield for this acquisition?

2020-03-04 17:23


Just disclosed under 5% with 97% occupancy did not give any confort to minority shareholders

2020-03-04 17:25


Post removed.Why?

2020-09-21 08:17


Thanks for the summary and analysis @investfuture and @reitpulse. At this point, it feels like it will take a massive economic growth in Malaysia in order to for demand in office space to cover the supply. In that sense, I am not so optimistic about tower reit's immediate prospects. Maybe within another 10 years before the reit shows any improvement in its occupancy rates. Just my 2 cents.

2020-09-22 14:03


hong leong should privatised this reit. No point stay listed without much public interest.

2021-04-27 17:46


Post removed.Why?

2021-10-24 10:41


They recently coved in Guoco tower into Tower REIT, Interesting when Damansara Pavilion completes. Will this place appreciate in value? There is an MRT connected and highways to this place. could this be the next Mid Valley ? I think they should introduce more F&B space for the offices towers. So that staff can easily eat and work. now all back to office

2022-06-20 12:29


Carpark business recovering. Work in office is back.

2022-06-20 14:19


best mall reit: igbreit
best office reit: ouareit
best industrial reit: axreit
best hospital reit: alaqar
best diversified reit: sunreit

buy only the best, forget the rest!

2023-01-30 22:53

James Lee

This stock is rubbish

2023-04-20 20:22

James Lee

The whole management and board of directors are like shit

2023-04-20 20:23


hongleong is smart, it offload all their lousy properties to twrreit. this is good for hongleong but bad for twrreit shareholders

2023-04-20 21:36


WOW! massive Q loss! 😱 tomorrow sure limit down

2023-07-31 21:23


lol most incompetent REIT manager ever. They could've returned some capital to shareholders after the previous divestment but NOOooo... they took on more loan to buy a crap property XD

2023-09-04 22:11


there are Good Reits and Bad Reits
Good ones: Axis, Sunreit, Pavreit, Kipreit, Alaqar, Igbreit

2023-09-05 07:47


bonus coming soon…

2024-01-05 13:34


OMG !!! it is not bonus, hv to paid money to subscribe, it is called right issue !!

2024-03-07 23:44


this is the worst REIT?
any hope to turnaround?
any investment opportunity?

2024-03-07 23:48


now asking for more funds via rights issue

2024-03-08 15:31


What is the use of getting more funds while the profitability has been steadily decreasing for years? Might as well liquidate all assets (NTA RM1.78) and distribute proceeds to unit holders. There is a trust deficit issue in this REIT

2 months ago


hong leong so low lan kah? ask money from shareholders? later kena con onot?

2 months ago


what is the difference rights issue / direct buy from open market 305 - 310?

2 months ago

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