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The cruise continues tomorrow.

2021-11-16 17:22


Go to Listing price of RM1. Freight situation is better than listing time.

2022-01-04 06:44

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Eastern dragon come la

2022-01-05 10:35


Complete logistic price up....shipping will follow soon...

2022-01-22 07:39



2022-01-26 19:58


Shipping & Freight Cost Increases, Freight Capacity, and Shipping Container Shortage [2022]
Last updated: January 21, 2022

Freight & Shipping Delays
With ongoing pandemic-related delays and closures, non-stop demand for ocean freight from Asia to the US, and a lack of capacity, ocean rates are still very elevated and transit times volatile.

Transpacific ocean rates have been more stable at the start of the year. Despite this stabilizing trend, rates remain 8-9X higher than the pre-pandemic norm.

Furthermore, easing prices are not being driven by any significant reduction of port congestion. Learn more about congestion at Long Beach port here.

Continued disrupted schedules and port congestion, combined with omicron slow downs and Lunar New Year, mean that importers have yet to see any significant improvement in shipping conditions in 2022.

2022-01-27 19:47


These are container freight rates for the week of January 17, 2022, according to the Freightos Baltic Index:

Global freight rates increased 1% to $9,604 which is 140% higher than this time last year
Asia – US West Coast rates increased 4% to $15,171 which is nearly 250% higher than this time last year
Asia – US East Coast container rates went down slightly to $16,837, a rate 184% more expensive than last year
Asia – North Europe container shipping rates also decreased slightly to $14,314, 83% higher than last year’s rate
North Europe – US East Coast rates increased 5% to $6,811, however this is nearly 274% higher than this week in 2021

2022-01-27 19:47



2022-01-27 22:11


Shin Yang Shipping Corporation Bhd (Trading Buy)

• SYSCORP’s core businesses are in shipping, shipbuilding, ship repair and other related services. Its shipping operations cover dry bulk, liquid bulk, containers and coastals, barges and tugs and international shipping segments.

• In its latest reporting period (1QFY22), the group registered a net profit of RM11.9m (+310% YoY) due to improved margins and increased shipment volume.

• Technically speaking, the stock is currently treading above the 200-day MA (suggesting that the stock’s uptrend is intact), which is backed by a rising ROC indicator.

• Thus, we anticipate the stock could resume its uptrend soon and challenge our resistance levels of RM0.43 (R1: 13% upside potential) and RM0.45 (R2: 18% upside potential).

• We have pegged our stop loss at RM0.34 (or an 11% downside risk).

Source: Kenanga Research - 27 Jan 2022

2022-01-28 08:54










2022-01-28 08:58


Company keep buy back share....

2022-01-28 21:06


Good news?

2022-01-28 21:08


the Company had on 20 October 2021 announced its intention to seek
approval of its shareholders on the Proposed Renewal of Shares Buy-Back to purchase up to
55 million shares or approximately 4.58% of the issued and paid up ordinary share of the
Company at the forthcoming 16th AGM of the Company which will be held on Wednesday, 8
December 2021.
As at LPD, the total issued and paid up ordinary shares of SYSCORP is RM1,200,000,000.00
comprising 1,200,000,000 ordinary shares.

2022-01-29 07:32


Date of buy back 28 Jan 2022
Description of shares purchased SYSCORP (5173)
Currency Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)
Total number of shares purchased (units) 1,200,200
Minimum price paid for each share purchased ($$) 0.380
Maximum price paid for each share purchased ($$) 0.390
Total consideration paid ($$) 459,328.54
Number of shares purchased retained in treasury (units) 1,200,200
Number of shares purchased which are proposed to be cancelled (units) 0
Cumulative net outstanding treasury shares as at to-date (units) 37,745,200
Adjusted issued capital after cancellation
(no. of shares) (units) 1,200,000,000
Total number of shares purchased and/or held as treasury shares against total number of issued shares of the listed issuer (%) 3.14543

2022-01-29 07:33


55,000,000-37,745,200=12million share need to buy back in market
easily for them to push up share price to 0.5~0.6 level

2022-01-29 07:36


if they buy back at 0.5 cent x 12million= 6million ringgit..
company cash position about =175m
Fixed and treasury deposits with licensed banks 129,700,000
Cash and bank balances 46,996,000

2022-01-29 07:44


you mean rm0.5.... not 0.5 cent

2022-01-31 12:22


Shin Yang Shipping Corp

Upgraded to Overweight with a price target of RM0.82

2022-02-03 23:14


target price should be around 0.60

2022-02-04 07:46


company keep buy back share ..

2022-02-04 07:48


privatise soon..NTA RM 0.80

2022-02-04 17:23



2022-02-06 09:51


RM 0.5 coming

2022-02-06 09:53


Wait for the spike

2022-02-06 10:58


0.425....0.5 coming soon

2022-02-07 12:59


Take profit today, 4 months 20% return

2022-02-07 13:28


good..20%, 40% coming soon

2022-02-07 13:35


All the best, I took profit coz a reverse indicator is here hahaha

2022-02-07 13:37


still undervalue

2022-02-07 14:08


today also company buy back

2022-02-07 17:55


If you think SYS is so lousy and sinking , I think you better sell all your hand held SYS shares.Dont ever touch on this shares again !!!

2022-02-10 20:04


rest..then climb again..

2022-02-11 13:45







2022-02-11 17:17


company keep buy back everyday

2022-02-17 21:38


run run run

2022-02-21 16:24


Is goood that many had sold n ran offffffff

2022-02-22 14:42

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Lembik pulak

2 months ago


QR good today

2 months ago


Result good but price drop.

2 months ago


What happen anyone knows. Good profit but down

2 months ago


just lousy. nothing compare to jtiasa, harbour

2 months ago


this 1 highest like 40 plus cents transportation industry like so so only

1 month ago


shipping rate increase like hell, it is time to collect more , today closing 0.40, tp 0.56 in June 2022 .

1 month ago


you can see syscorp profit keep increase..if share price still low, they keep buy back, very soon privatize...

1 month ago


Shin Yang Shipping Corporation: Stocks to watch in Q3 2022

1 month ago


Q3 should be around 18-20m

1 month ago


KUCHING: Bintulu Port Sdn Bhd is set to ship liquified natural gas (LNG) directly to more countries after becoming the first Asean port operator to bulk export the fuel in International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) tanks on a large scale.

LNG is conventionally shipped by chemical tankers.

The innovation of exporting LNG in ISO tanks will significantly increase the number of destinations to which LNG may be shipped directly,.

This reinforces Bintulu Port’s prime position to capitalise on the expected increase in LNG demand from China, India and Asean countries in 2022 and beyond, according to Bintulu Port Holdings Bhd (BPHB) group chief executive officer Datuk Mohammad Medan Abdullah.

He said Bintulu Port has completed six shipments of LNG in ISO tanks from Bintulu International Container Terminal (BICT) since the maiden call from China’s Tiger Clean Energy Ltd’s (TCEL) 169-metre long vessel Fan Zhou 6 early last year.

Petronas LNG Ltd has recently inked a sales and purchase agreement with TCEL for the supply of LNG to TCEL’s LNG ISO tank filling facility in BICT.

“Our prospects for continued growth in this sector are promising,” said Mohammad Medan in the newly released company’s 2021 report.

Bintulu Port is the sole LNG export gateway for Malaysia, which is one of the world’s top five LNG exporters.

In October 2021, another BPHB’s wholly-owned subsidiary BiPort Bulkers Sdn Bhd (BBSB) was officially appointed by Bursa Malaysia Derivatives to provide Port Tank Installation services in Sarawak to facilitate its new East Malaysia Crude Palm Oil Futures contracts.

Mohammad Medan said this extension of BBSB services is strategic as it leverages its existing facilities and capabilities.

“With strong potential for large cargo trading volume at a higher margin compared to existing operations, this move will help BBSB increase its volume and revenue while enhancing its profitability,” he added.

He said Bintulu Port is expected to benefit from two new servicer routes launched recently by MTT Shipping Sdn Bhd and Shin Yang Shipping Corp Bhd (Syscorp) that will increase the port’s connectivity to local and regional destinations, including Port Klang, Singapore and Laem Chabang in Thailand.

MTT Shipping’s new route, which runs from Bintulu to Kota Kinabalu to Laem Chabang to Port Klang and back to Bintulu Port, is expected to contribute additional transhipment throughput volume at Bintulu Port.Syscorp, one of the main shipping lines providing feedering services to Sabah and Sarawak, is expected to contribute to container throughput volume at BICT via its new service route that connects Kuching, Bintulu and Singapore, added Mohammad Medan.

For its financial year ended Dec 31, 2021 (FY21), BPHB group recorded annual cargo throughput volume of 47.17 million tonnes, down marginally by 0.93% from FY20.

Meanwhile, Samalaju Industrial Port (which is 100%-owned by BPHB) commenced its container handling services about four months ago.

The new service-enabled companies operate in nearby Samalaju Industrial Park to import and export containerised cargo to and from origin and destination countries directly from the new port, in addition to going through BICT.

The industrial port was designed to cater for the energy intensive industries, like aluminium and ferroalloy smelters, in Samalaju Industrial Park.

On Bintulu Port Sdn Bhd’s concession with the Bintulu Port Authority Mohammad Medan said both parties are currently in the midst of concession renewal negotiations.

“We have targeted to finalise terms (of a new concession agreement for the next 30 years) by the fourth quarter of 2022,” he said.

1 month ago


Rm 0.60 soon

1 month ago

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Lao sai

1 month ago


Today ready to throwwwwww~~

3 weeks ago

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