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31-Dec-2022 [#4] | 28-Feb-2023

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31-Mar-2023 | 27-May-2023

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20.26 | 4.93%

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0.17 | 1.14

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8.17% | 5.63%

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Mudajaya Group Bhd is a Malaysia based company. Along with its subsidiaries, the firm operates in four reportable segments including Construction contracts, Property, Power, and Trading, and manufacturing. Construction contracts segment is engaged in undertaking engineering, constructions works and equipment procurement. Property segment develops residential and commercial properties. Power segment is engaged in the sale of power energy. And Trading and manufacturing segment is engaged in sales and manufacturing of construction-related products. It operates in Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Republic of Mauritius and Negara Brunei Darussalam. The company generates the majority of the revenue from Construction contracts segment.

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Old article last year just to recap

2021-10-18 00:05


On 22nd Oct., Mudajaya has successfully redeemed USD25m of its MTN at 7% interest due on 28th Dec. By redeeming its loan early by 66 days mudajaya enjoys an interest saving of 25m x 4.13 x 7% all divided by 365 days x 66 days is RM1.3m
The company under the new boss Jerry Kuo now control 57% stake is versatile and visionary.

2021-10-25 19:40

Orson Chin


2021-10-28 00:02


Post removed.Why?

2021-10-28 00:08


Heard that, this Taiwanese new owner is the proxy of the old Mulpha founder. They seem to be in the same ship. Their agenda is the same

2021-11-03 10:46


NKK1370 what is the agenda?

2021-11-05 15:22


Asset stripping and transfer to their own company. Why would some guy , who owns more than 50pc,fails to seek for active participation at board level?

2021-11-10 08:46


pity the employees

2021-12-07 16:25


Buy mudjya very strong even when market bleed

2021-12-13 09:48



2021-12-31 15:36


Buy mudjya quarter reort profit

2022-03-04 09:42


Post removed.Why?

2022-03-04 10:03


Debt dropped significantly after pp. Ready to acquire more solar firms. Tomorrow kaboom....

2022-03-21 16:11


1.00 in 6 months

2022-04-05 11:26

Orson Chin

wah...............0.6 u can laugh lo

2022-04-07 21:45


Macam mau lai liao..stay tune....jeng jeng jeng

2022-04-09 16:34


Can buy?

2022-04-09 18:31


any good news? can share share? thx

2022-04-11 10:48



2022-04-30 19:11


something big. see you above 1.0++

2022-05-11 17:04

Orson Chin

Bro…. Rm1 above impossible la….

2022-05-31 22:35


Finally it coming...slow n steady

2022-06-07 16:13


what news?

2022-06-07 17:00

Orson Chin

Oversea company merge mudajya la… so cheap now

2022-06-07 18:10


Renewable energy play. This stock will be benefited from US energy shortage and........1.00 in 6 months

2022-06-08 23:29

Orson Chin

Hahaha…. Like that 1 buy 1 biji to support. See can reach rm1 or not

2022-06-10 20:33


got awarded new power plant in Kedah, visible profits in near future.

2022-07-02 10:43


dapat job pun tak tentu share price akan naik skrg... makin turun ada lah

2022-07-04 09:44


Range bound 0.21-0.25 for awhile before strong breakout. Very soon.....

2022-07-04 19:07


Post removed.Why?

2022-07-04 19:10


my average price is RM0.25

2022-10-26 22:11


my average price is RM0.30

2022-11-30 11:11


Project also they cancel. Average no use, I exit

2022-12-23 09:30


why suddenly this counter so hot?

1 month ago


1.Mudajaya has suffered 7 years of consecutive of losses since 2014. In 2021 it has turned around with Rm5m+ profit. For the 9M ending Sept 2022 the company reported profit of Rm4.1m. And by the end of Feb when the 4Q result comes in , market would see further improvement and and possibly some earning growth.

2. Taiwanese businessman Jerry Kuo has taken control of Mudajaya. He first acquired a 27.5% stake of the company and his average entry price was 38.66 sen. There was a 10% private placement at 32sen. Over the years, the company also has a corporate exercise involving a right issue of 668m new shares and 668m of free warrant of which the exercised price was fixed at 22 sen.

3. Several months age Jerry converted 578m warrants at 22sen and hence injected about Rm127m into the company to help paid borrowings, finance new business ventures in China and working capital requirements.
4 The current enlarged share capital is 1817m and Taiwanese roughly holds about 1318m or about 72%.
5 Mudajaya has ventured into China. Jerry has been instrumental in the new vision and course of business. They have acquired cement manufacturing business in china and embarked on a new mission and vision to expand and grow in the region.

6 Jerry is ambitious to make Mudajaya great again. The china venture is big business with an acquisition price exceeding Rm400m. It is ready and has been operational. Market is expecting the profit to come in beginning next quarter.

7. There has been some excitement in the counter lately. Volume traded has increased and share price has broken its consolidation in a channel and soared sharply to reach an intra day new height at 26.5sen. It has since retracted somewhat to close at 24sen today with relatively increased volume.
8. I see huge potential in Mudajaya. With the Taiwanese businessman Tycoon Jerry being the driving force behind the company, I have no hesitation to ride freely and financially on his mission and vision. His business acumen and grit, energy and passion has improved the surviveability of Mudajaya and would make it great again.


1 month ago


Company should change name from Mudajaya to Mudakandas.

1 month ago

Orson Chin

Mudajya should sell the India power plant to get the fund back …

1 month ago


1. Mudajaya has come to a closure with its power plant and energy business in India. After the debts restructuring, Mudajaya suffered an equity dilution and now has a 19% stake in the power supply and sale of electricity business in the join ventures company. All the numbers had been taken up and accounted for in the accounts years ago.

2.Today's Mudajaya is entirely different from the Mudajaya of yesteryear whose management was responsible for 7 years of consecutive losses. It has a new life and a new boss, who is a Taiwanese tycoon and a great entrepreneur.

3.Mudajaya has a new vision and mission. After completion of its fund raising exercise in which a significantly huge amount has been funded and injected into the company by JERRY.
4. The company made its first move and expanded successfully into China.
Its expansion in china include the successful acquisition of Real Jade Ltd a company engaged in manufacturing and trading of cement and clinker for Rm224m.

5.The acquisition that began in June 2022 was completed recently. This acquisition is earning assertive.

6. Market is expecting the result and profit contribution from this new venture to realize in the coming quarters.

7.The share price has hit multi year low and now staged a mini uptrend.
Therefore it is not entirely foolish and reckless to jump on to the wagon.

8.There is no guarantee that one would make profit from Mudajaya but
the downside risk is limited.

1 month ago


Dear trader 808, based on the press release on 15 June 2022, Mudajya had recognised 21 millions
Profit from its investment in RKM POWERGEN in India, how much do you think Mudajya should recognise its profits ( or increase in its value of investments in RKM POWERGEN in dia India for this financial year?
Based on the press release on 15 June 2022, from 1 Jan 2022 to 30 April 2022, RKM made a profit around 282 million, if for 12 months, it may come to 800 millions, so Mudajya's investment of around 19 % is about 150 millions.
The net value of RKM POWERGEN as at 30 April 2022 is around RM 2.80 billion, so Mudajya's 19 % is worth around RM 580 millions as at 30 April 2022 based on the press release by Mudajya on 15 June 2022.

1 month ago


If RKM POWERGEN can make a constant profit of RM 800 millions a year for the next 20 years, it should be a very good investment for Mudajya.

1 month ago


One of the main basic concepts of accounting is consistency, if Mudajya had recognised its increase in value investment of in RKM POWERGEN for financial year end 2022,
Mudajya should also recognise its increase in value in its investment in RKMPowergen in India.
It is a matter of the amount, may be from the expert valuer.

1 month ago


Since Mudajya had recognised its profit from investment in RKMPOWERGEN in India for financial year 2022, Mudajya should recognise its share of investment for financial year 2023 and also increase in value of investment in RKMPOWERGEN in India even though not an associate company of Mudajya.

1 month ago


Correction to my last comment.

Since Mudajya had recognised its share of profits from investment in RKMPOWERGEN in India for last financial year 2021, Mudajya should recognise also its share of profits from its investment in RKMPowergen India for the financial year 2022 and the increase in the value of Investment in RKMPOWERGEN. The result will be announced latest by end of this month, even though RKMPOWERGEN is not an associate company of Mudajya It is just a matter of how much to recognise, may depend on the advice of experts.

1 month ago


The protracted issue of the join venture investment with RKMPowergen had been resolved. It is heartwarming to note that finally the JV company has been able to sell electricity in India. According to the press release in the period of 4 months it was able to generate a surprisingly impressive profit of 282m. Since this is not a subsidiary company of Mudajaya, therefore only the proportionate quantum of profit according to the stake of ownership 19.4% will be repatriated back to Mudajaya. It will be accounted as profit from join venture.
The RKMPowergen has huge earning potential and will continue to contribute positively to the future earning of Mudajaya.
Although the assets is valued at 2.8b and Mudajaya 19% stake holding is worth 543m it will not be reflected into the share price. Share valuation is base on earning basis and not assets basis.

4 weeks ago


Auditors for Audited accounts for financial year ended 31 Dec 2021 was KPMG.

On 11 Dec 2022 changed to Deloitte PLT Malaysia.

Based on the notes to the accounts 9

R.K.M POWERGEN PRIVATE LIMITED ( RKM) was treated as an associate company.

Based on notes 10

Non current
Fair value through profit or loss
- - shares at Group level RM 21 millions

Based on Statements of Profits or Loss

Other Income
Gains on remeasurement of other investments RM 21 millions

4 weeks ago


Based on press release on 15 June 2022

RKM reported 282 millions for Jan 2022 - April 2022 and
72 millions for a similar period in 2021.

So, for 4 months = 72 millions,
for 12 million months = 72 millions x 3 = 216 millions

So, may be based on advice of experts, Mudajya and Auditors agreed to recognise 10 % only,
which is RM 21 millions as reflected in the Group level of Audited Accounts for 2021.

For Jan 2022 - April 2022 = 282 millions

So, let assume for 12 months = 282 millions x 3 = 846 millions

So, be consistent, Mudajya and its Auditors may agreed again at 10 %

846 millions x 10 % = 84.6 millions, to be recognised in the group level of Audted accounts for financial year ended 31 Dec 2022.

Hopefully, they can agree on higher percentage and not just 10 % only.

4 weeks ago


If Mudajya and its auditors agreed to recognise at 19.4 %

So at Group level, can recognise 164 millions ( 846 x 19.4 %),

4 weeks ago


And may also consider to written back impairments written off or provided in previous years.
or revalue its investment in RKM.

4 weeks ago


The single largest shareholder of Mudajya is holding 70 % shares, and the ultimate benefitial owner is Jerry Kuo, a Taiwanese who owns 5 listed companies in Taiwan.

3 weeks ago


1. Mudajaya has just announced its 4th qtr result. It reported sale revenue of 99.4m and a profit after tax of 13.95m. These numbers compared unfavorably against last year corresponding quarter in which the company recorded a revenue of 58.6m and accomplished a profit after tax of 21.3m.
2.Just by looking at the numbers, it would seem Mudajaya has faced a setback in its financial performance. However, it is worthy to note that last year's profit contribution has included a one off fair value evaluation gain of 21m from its join venture investment with RMK a power generation and sale of electricity company in India
3. This JV company has enormous execution and creditors issues and protracted business challenges. Fortunately, this problem had been resolved and after the debts restructuring and creditors agreement Mudajaya has an equity dilution.
4. It now has a 19% stake in the JV and it is merely treated as an investment company in the accounts of Mudajaya. Mudajaya is done with the heartache and headache of RMK. It has moved on and venture aggressively into new pasture.
5. On a quarter to quarter basis mudajaya has made enormous improvement in its final quarter performance. There was substantial jump in revenue from 69.3m in the 3rd qtr to 99.4m in the 4th qtr, and profitability from Rm2m in the 3rd qtr to Rm13.9m in the final qtr. This is the result of improvement from all of its operating activities.

6. You may be aware that the company has on 9th Nov 2022 successfully acquired Real Jade Ltd a china base company for Rm223 million in cash. In the 4th qtr the substantial rise in revenue included contribution from Real Jade. Owing to the stringent movement control to combat Covid 19, china has ordered the shutdown of all factories operations. Obviously, production and deliveries by Real Jade were affected and Mudajaya has to absorb a loss of RM3.6m from china operation in the 4th qtr.
7.Without this loss and drawback the result and profit performance would have been better. Since Jan 2023 china has reopened and business has resumed. Better days are forthcoming.
8. I believe when Real Jade becomes fully operational and matured over the years, the profit contribution can even be greater than all the segments of business in malaysia combined.
9. Mudajaya has a new boss, new vision and mission, dynamic and aggressive management to successfully lift the company from 7 years of loss making to profitability,high gearing and near insolvency to strong balance sheet and healthy working capital.
10. It has successfully sailed the company out of trouble water. Going forward it will expand and grow. In the years to come, it will scale and achieve new heights.

11. Hence, it is unwise to ignore Mudajaya, a company that has a new life and all the ingredients of a long term value investing.


3 weeks ago

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