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DURIAN RUNTUH!!! I bought 6k @ 6.10! =)

2022-09-30 09:09


RPT of RM1.2bil!

2022-10-14 10:30


Can you smell what is cooking??!!

2022-10-14 10:31


boon siew family wants some money, but they don't want to distribute cash dividend?

2022-10-14 18:42


SGD is appreciating like crazy against currency of country full of thieving politicians...soared to another record 2day. They should buy assets in S'pore or HK or at least Indonesia.

2022-10-14 19:05


Mkt is just as bad as 2008. Funds unwilling to even buy solid companies like Orient. Thank God I have S$17,540 & $6,197 in greenbacks!

2022-10-14 19:07


It seems obvious the major shareholder is cashing out via RPT. Hopefully the valuation is fair too...

2022-10-17 10:23


Almost RM2/share cashed out!

2022-10-17 10:25



2022-10-17 10:27


if this RM2/share is cashed out via dividend payout, the share price should fly!!!

2022-10-17 10:44


Obviously NOT, since they are proposing 1.2 bil to go into their own pockets!

2022-10-17 17:21

Fabien _the efficient capital allocator

Since the RPT announcement, market reaction in terms of price movement has been positive

2022-10-21 20:43


Going ex-div tomorrow..

2022-10-26 12:04


Dumped some Orient in batches (highest @ 6.72) after securing the latest dividend, with the capital FREED to go elsewhere looking for more undervalued higher beta stocks. Also because the eventual result of the RPT on the co. going fwd is highly uncertain, with cash per shr down to below $4.

2022-10-27 09:16


Still a good company overall, it is just the recent RPT which is unsettling..

2022-10-27 12:54


Looking fwd to it tumbling back to 6.00 like the last time when one or two funds PANIC sell lol

2022-11-03 16:15


No more late yr dividend like '21 becos RPT is gobbling up all the cash...LOL

2022-12-31 08:06


Possible to have dividend like FY21, as cash is still plenty after RPT exercise. if this RPT goes through. Earnings and ROE will improves and will generate further positive cash flow. Who cares whether 1.2B is fair transaction or not since this stock has been fairly undervalued quite a bit since N years.

But the downside of this RPT is with the one-off huge cash generated by Loh family, they could easily take over OHB privately, in the open market.

2023-01-03 19:50


Oriental's dividend has never exceeded its operating cash flow if I were not wrong. So, if there's a lower dividend, that must mean only one thing, Oriental is not generating as much operating cash flow...

2023-01-13 18:16


Oriental is sitting on Rm 3.00 to Rm 5.00 cash per share equivalent mah!

Thus can afford paying very good div loh!

2023-01-13 19:01


yes, indeed. Think Oriental can easily afford to pay 0.60 - 0.80 dividend per year without much effort. Question is if the board is willing. The first Covid year saw a dividend cut that doesn't make sense given its cash in hand, but what can we as small shareholders do?

2023-01-14 11:36


Sad to say, but there is nothing much small shareholders can do. Hope the major shareholders are not only enriching themselves, having cashed out RM2 / share lately with RPT.... :(

2023-01-16 17:50


Wait long long till July for next divvy & even then it may be CUT to 10c or less becos plantation is back in the doldrums...

2023-02-14 15:15


OMG !!! Lost 88 mil!!! Luckily I SOLD the bulk of my holdings last year...

2023-02-28 18:53


Loss attributable to ordinary shareholders is rather small, 6.162 million.

2023-03-01 11:07


Existing shareholders not convinced, apparently...

2023-03-01 14:08


Given the fact that the RPT is expected to cash out RM2/share, ORIENT's cash balance will go down significantly post RPT. Further, its businesses are not expected to be doing very well given the state of economy we are in right now. Despite the plunge recently, it is still not considered cheap.

2023-03-02 11:04


KSENG would appear to be a better choice, valuation wise..

2023-03-02 11:05


SOLD all my Orient down to ZERO today...dividend yield is going to be FAR less than '22...confident I will have another chance @ below $6 in the coming months with the economic recession coming...

2023-03-15 16:55


Thanks for the $3,600.49 in dividends & $1,688.28 in capital gains ...but NO THANKS for making me wait 8 years to recoup my investment!

2023-03-15 17:03


Dividend 20 cents... Walao

2023-04-12 20:00


glad to know Oriental is proposing 0.20 dividend. I initial thought there won't be any dividend for final when Q4 report is out and extremely disappointed.

2023-04-14 19:43


Dividend payout is necessary for share price maintenance, keep it up! ;)

2023-04-19 10:27


Very good dividend yield loh!

Oriental is a good bluechip investment mah!

2023-04-19 13:37


Cash and bank balances will drop significantly post RPT. Praying very hard for dividend payout to be maintained moving forward...

2023-04-28 11:06


As I thought, price drop MORE than the dividend quantum...wait below $6 with EPF still needing to desperately SELL hehe

2023-06-30 19:42


For most of the time over the past decade, its ROE has been around 5%. You can get similar returns from your EPF. If you want to hunt for Bursa auto companies, there are better choices in BAUTO and HLInd. Go to "Are there opportunities in the Bursa auto sector" in my blog

2023-11-01 10:14


KWSP keeps selling, still a long way to go... Looks like ORIENT price will not go up in the foreseeable future...

2023-11-02 17:44


Sorry, may I know what mean RPT?

2023-11-05 16:24


RPT = Related Party Transaction

2023-11-07 12:23


Strong buy for longterm investment mah!

2023-11-08 10:47


How is the coming QR gonna be? Insight, anyone?

2023-11-23 08:57


oil palm division is due to replanting for indonesia

2023-11-26 06:00


with the FFB remain low at below rm650.00 / cpo is at RM3,700....

2023-11-26 06:07


Should we be expecting lower net profit?

2 months ago

lionel messi

The better question is should we be expecting bigger dividend?

1 month ago


Those investing in Oriental cannot go wrong loh!

The profits & div is good mah!

1 month ago

lionel messi

Really? Cool. Grab some for yourself too stockraider.

3 weeks ago


OHB management strength is in motor business. It is seeking growth in property and hotel sectors where its expertise is unknown.

1 week ago


ORIENT...Should be around...@8.00...If Mr. Market is rational...added/hold...🤓
5 days ago
🙏...Price Weakness<@6.00...can add more ..🤓

1 week ago

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