Investing Basics

Welcome to Investing Basics. Since you've found your way here, chances are you've got some money put away and prepare to invest in something. Whatever the reason it may be, it is good that you begun your investment journey by doing some research and studies first.

So, why is investing a smart idea?

Most people want to invest in order to create wealth. It is relatively painless, and the rewards are plentiful, if you do your homework right, that is. By investing well in the stock market, you will be able to create passive income from your extra funds or savings. That will lead to a more comfortable and enjoyable live, especially when you are able to reach financial freedom through income generated by your investment.

Today, there are many good articles and sites in the Internet that discuss the various aspects of investing. We will point you to those content wherever applicable, and highlight the key points that are most important to investors in general. Specifically, we will also highlight the key information that is most relevant to you as a stock investor.

Where do you go from here?

Know your goals
  What are you saving for? A new house? A luxury car? Kids education? Retirement?

It is important to set your goals so that you know your time horizon or how long you need to save or invest (assuming a specific return rate). Here is the 3 key advice that will work you:
  • Start early
  • Make regular investment
  • Be patient
Let the Power of Compound Interest do the magic to grow your investment.
Do your homework
  In life, one should never stop learning. In investment, the same theory applies.

Here is a list of the most important things to learn before investing in the stock market:
Prepare to invest
  Now you have the understanding of the risks and rewards of investing, you may be keen to begin investing. Firstly, you need to identify a broker to open a trading account before you can trade in Bursa Malaysia.

Check out our Brokers Comparison page to find the broker that offer the best deal to suite your trading style.

Next, it is always a good idea to research on a stock before you buy into the stock. The following is a list of useful pages in the i3investor portal to help you with the research on a stock:
Monitor and improve
  Once you've make your first purchase, set a target price on when to exit (sell) your stock, whether its a gain or loss. Record all your transactions in an Online Portfolio to monitor its performance.

You should continue to keep yourself updated with the company performance and growth, as well as market condition in general, as those will impact the price direction of your stocks. If you chose to adopt the Buy and Hold investment strategy, you should ignore the noise and the short term volatility of the market, and focus on the long term growth of the companies you invested in.

Whichever strategy you chose, do stick to it for a while, continue to read, and treat every transaction as a learning experience.

Finally, at i3investor, we wish you luck and all the best in this exciting and potentially rewarding journey. We hope you will continue to use this portal for your investing news and tools. Please Sign In or Register (FREE) and share it with your friends if your find this portal useful.

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