ANNJOO - Cyclical Trades

Publish date: Fri, 14 Jun 2024, 10:45 PM

A picture paint a 1000 words - the monthly candle chart gave me the confidence to buy low.

The daily candle chart tells me another high probability sell zones:

I have been trading in and out of this stock (always retaining something in case it does a big big move up) at least 2 different rounds (each round may have several bullets).  My records since Sep 2022:   

  • Round 1 - several buys between 14/9/22-11/10/22 ranging 89 sen to 1.02.   Sell Jan 2023 around 1.15 to 1.29.
  • Round 2 - several buys between Jun-July 2023 around 1.00 to 1.02.  Sell August 1.26.
  • Round 3 - several buys in Oct-Nov 2023 around 1.02-1.08.  Today super massive volume at 1.27 close.

Due to the rotations, my IRR, net of expenses is 30.8% per annum as of this evening.   

However, as it is a trading stock, the position sizes are smaller than investing positions for me.

Disclaimer:  As usual, you are fully responsible for your trading and investing decisions.

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