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Serba Dinamik - Two thirds cleared with one third being finalised. A little more to go.

Publish date: Mon, 06 Dec 2021, 08:33 PM
Pearlwhite's commentaries

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TheEdge : Having read Bursa's of Originating Summons and SIR - What is your conclusion?

by Pearlwhite 5th December 2021 10.12AM (Updated 6th December 2921 10.35AM)

The Edge in its feature length coverage on 29th November 2021 entitled “Bursa’s suits sheds more light on Serba Dinamik’s financials” sheds some very interesting lights on Bursa and The Edge.

In the four areas of SIR, it always begins in a paragraph or two that "EY shares the same concerns" or "EY found discrepancies".  Thereafter, it continues with a repeat of KPMG's findings that was disclosed by Serba Dinamik in May 2021.

That narrative meant that that all of KPMG's findings are correct, in addition to more discrepancies that were found.  So,

Firstly, the question is that does "EY shared the same concerns" or "EY found discrepancies" a result that cannot be disputed? Not once was there any mention of words that suggests "finalisation", "completion", "conclusion" or some words towards that effect.

Secondly, there was never mention of any attempts to resolve the RM1.438 billion of audit discrepancies.  Was this the reason why Bursa wanted it to be disclosed as EY was supposed to stop work (just like what KPMG did previously)?

Thirdly, nor was the fact that up to RM3 billion worth of audit discrepancies that was resolved was ever mentioned or more likely conveniently left out.

Finally, what is more intriguing, Bursa has given the option to Serba Dinamik to continue to complete the SIR with EY and in the event that EY resigns or is terminated, Serba Dinamik will appoint another auditor with international affiliation to complete the SIR in its Originating Summons.

Consider this.  Here is an excellent framing of the above mentioned,

"EY found 'evidence' backing KPMG's doubts on Serba Dinamik"

This together with “Bursa’s suits sheds more light on Serba Dinamik’s financials” paints a very negative picture to the ongoing SIR.

However, if the media were truthful and not immoral and went on by presenting the headline in a balanced way by considering Serba's Dinamik response to Bursa's and EY's affidavits, it would have went like this,

"With RM3 billion cleared, EY continues to work on RM1.4 billion of unresolved audit discrepancies."

"With, two thirds cleared with one third being audited.  A little more to go.".

This whole SIR saga deserves a re-look as there are too many discrepancies of it own as the presentation of facts were solely from Bursa's and EY's point of view.


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sue here sue there while refusing to publish auditor findings could be a ploy to buy time for rats to jump off a sinking ship IMO.

2021-12-07 13:48

Timmy Tan

Hi PearlWhite, enough of twist and turn just to support Serba. After so many months of EY working purely on this issue, they still cannot verify RM1.4billion of the discrepancies. RM1.4billion is definitely not "a little more to go". If the RM1.4billion never exist in the first place, no matter how many more months EY work, they will still come to the same result.

2021-12-07 16:28


Haha the author is definitely trapped in serba

2021-12-07 17:34


What type of low yat mentality is this.
This is what EY discovered to date.
SD was not cooperative.
Otherwise more will be discovered. That's why EY needs to go to SC to get some documents.
Can EY complete SIR if SD refuse to cooperate or get terminated by SD?
If EY dig deeper it maybe even worse than what is disclosed now!!!

2021-12-07 23:18

Stock Kingdom


2021-12-08 15:43

Stock Kingdom

This writer is very funny, can twist & turn like that. Guess this must be his mentality in share investing

pity his parents, for their son may lose all the money until needing to borrow money from them to buy pants soon, if not later.

2021-12-08 15:45


We need to pakai otak abit mah!

If those doubts items cannot be cleared & audited bcos of countries SOP, it is best serba share continue to be suspended pending the clearence of the above matters mah!

If Serba listing suspension is premature lifted...there is a high risk that naive innocent investors will kena slaughtered by the insiders shark mah!

Lu tau boh ?

2021-12-08 20:09

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