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23rd Sept : One week to go

Publish date: Mon, 23 Sep 2019, 02:42 PM
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All the writings in this weblog are mainly for PLEASURE reading purposes. I am in NO position to recommend a call(BUY/SELL). Please check with those know-hows before you make a decision. Yes, I am just a learner, with only five years experiences in KLSE. So, please BEAR with me.

Monday ... good day as Liverpool played 6, won 6 of their EPL. But the haze still bad ...

HSI-f : In the morning opening, it gapped up 200 plus points, and I took another short. Now it is slightly late and I could do well with the short ... remembering the 1000 points surge recently.

Repo-market : Over the weekend, I shared with my trading group learn something 'new' for many newbies there. It is on-going last week in Wall Street, fyi.

To join my trading group : e-mail or message 012-8210129 (NO, it is not free ..not those noisy forums ... it is for checking my tradings, trading ideas and learning ....lots of learning for newbie)

facebook : or send a message to me in FB messager.

FCPO : still holding to short and short on rebound trading idea. Any other things are noises.

FKLI : this is trickier ... as local funds still supporting it to be at range 1580 - 1600 range. Can short it as DOW/SP500 at new high and potentially pullback

BIMB : downtrendin now ... done so well, moving in tandem with Takaful. Now, as trader ... we try not to trade these downtrend ...drifting low chart.

Sept : I have asked many to SKIP trading in Sept, unless you are do short term trading. Wake me up when Sept ends ..just one more week t go.

In cash : Besides shorting FKLI/FCPO/HSI/SP500 ... i m in cash, awaiting for Deepavali sales ..or perhaps Christmas sales ... I can wait.

so ... all the best for those stuck up there, averaging or still believing in 'value investing' which wont work since 2016 (end cycle of markets, dont talk about low ... as it would go lower)

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The downtrend not so steep you also dare to short kah....LOL

Sohai cpteh choose wrong stocks then he says "value investing" won't work since 2016....and his hobby is copy paste few hundreds downtrending stocks and ignore all uptrending stocks since 2016

I think this nasty liar a.k.a news reporter cpteh hide into his wife's homemade cave or basement better la, lol

2019-09-23 17:23


Wonder what is your current yr results on your shorts of FKLI/FCPO/HSI/SP500, +ve,-ve, even ?

Do you short based on technical indicators or gut-feel that the trend is down n a sure bet ?

Isnt there a clear contradiction in being in cash, to avoid market risk and yet embark in risky trading of shorting the index, which is akin to gambling, as there are too many factors that influence the index, beyond what most punters can grasp ?

2019-09-23 23:14


no status update on your shorts ?esp. the overseas ones..

If need to place risky bets, stick to local indexes, got better chance..

BTW, do you realise that your side bets actually colour your interpretation of the markets ? U r not objective and only see what you want to see...

So, you r not actually in cash, your r in the market, taking risky bets..

In cash : Besides shorting FKLI/FCPO/HSI/SP500 ... i m in cash, awaiting for Deepavali sales ..or perhaps Christmas sales ... I can wait.
01/10/2019 10:29 AM

2019-10-01 10:30

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