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Oct 2nd : DOW minus 343

Publish date: Wed, 02 Oct 2019, 07:24 AM
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All the writings in this weblog are mainly for PLEASURE reading purposes. I am in NO position to recommend a call(BUY/SELL). Please check with those know-hows before you make a decision. Yes, I am just a learner, with only five years experiences in KLSE. So, please BEAR with me.

Morning to OCT ... good to see DOW minus 343 points ... and in right track for coming selldown. I can wait.

Nothing much for 1st day of OCT ... marking Q4 of 19 ... 3 more months to Wawasan 2020.

I dont read forums o watsapp/telegram messages ... away from the noises. I stay aside ... do short trades as we really see swing up/down.

One of the wrst type of traders you could find are those chasing hot and high stocks, stuck ... and averaging down.

Prlexus ... they accumulated at low ... then, the spike yesterday was to sell to those greedy newbies or retailers who ...will be stuck inside again, more joining the list of being stuck.

Most of those in forums and groups ONLY like to talk about winning trades and profits. Not many real traders around ... or even real investors. MOST of them losing or stuck ... and never want to understand WHY ...never really take a real hit on their own doings ... and hence, causing so much of pain, holding dearly to many stocks. WHY cant we have a platform to discuss what we should be doing with those stocks we stuck inside ... and critically but objectively think what we should do and hence, prepare for the crisis?

Some stocks will take years to ever recover ... if they ever recover. Some would be de-listed or taken cheaply when crisis is here. Do you own Math ... market no crash yet you crashed inside. When globally markets crashing ... do you think your stocks would go up .... or maybe, logically going down?

LHI : Down from RM1 plus ... yesterday done a short day-trade with her and good. Breakout is nice ... no sell, today red red pullback again.

No has nothing to do much about the fundamentals of prices of eggs. Loooong term investors might check that as prices of eggs, oil and any commodities fluctuate ... and we cant relate them to the fundamental changes for short term swing in stocks.

Today is Q4 of 2019 ... we are at end cycle, awaiting for crash to come. Market hanging on ... but more stocks are in down trending , including LHI or Prlexus.

One may check their AR to see how many thousands of retailers stuck inside them ... I do check some of them and show it to my group. Well , at least they survived and not stuck up there ... as we learnt cutloss.

Well ... it is not 'nice' to talk about losses, I guess. But it is REALITY ...someday, we have to face it.

coffee-meet : If you are stuck up there, we can have a coffee-meet (on you, of coz) and we can discuss about your portfolios. I wont mind giving my opinions on them.

Time to jog. check later

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