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Do nothing week : Awaitin' for sales

Publish date: Tue, 24 Sep 2019, 09:54 AM
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All the writings in this weblog are mainly for PLEASURE reading purposes. I am in NO position to recommend a call(BUY/SELL). Please check with those know-hows before you make a decision. Yes, I am just a learner, with only five years experiences in KLSE. So, please BEAR with me.

Morning ... DOW flattish last night but currently DOW futures up 100 points.

Repo Market : it seems that they will be pumping in USD75b into the system for two weeks. wow.

Bursa : weekly chart ...  back to my cost price, if I didnt sell her off for profits. I sold her way too early actually as it went to RM7 plus. haha

BStead : someone asked me about this one ... used to be large conglomerate ... linked to gov ... now, bleeding (check their NEGATIVE PER ... and also their cashflow) ... you wont want to buy-hold and invest in her. Any buying into BStead now is called speculation ... and those stuck up there, is called 'accidental investors' ... anyway, i will check the price actions and see if I could day trade.

note : can see the 20MA is a strong downtrend resistance ... so, WHY buying downtrending stock which losing money? hmmm

9.50am ; suddenly KLCI down 7 points, good for my FKLI short and those like me in cash ...awaiting for sales.

I m waiting for 1580 to break ... all the way t 1520.

Wait ... in a mean time, go shopping mall lepak (unless anyone which to treat me coffee ... lets chit chat)


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