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Giant waterfalls : BStad and SPSetia

Publish date: Tue, 08 Oct 2019, 10:04 AM
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All the writings in this weblog are mainly for PLEASURE reading purposes. I am in NO position to recommend a call(BUY/SELL). Please check with those know-hows before you make a decision. Yes, I am just a learner, with only five years experiences in KLSE. So, please BEAR with me.

SPSetia : At new low level ... bearish sector. Most property stocks are downtrending, anyway.
 In a month, SPSetia came down from RM1.45 to current RM1.35. Do the Math.

BStead : As I m writing here, BStead just went into a new low again ... at 96cents now. A month ago, it was at RM1.04 level ... and see how in a month, it is still dropping. Dont know why someone sent to me asking me if BStead a buy as it is under-valued? Negative PER can be under-valued? hmm


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