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Waterfall : LKL

Publish date: Sun, 06 Oct 2019, 06:22 PM
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All the writings in this weblog are mainly for PLEASURE reading purposes. I am in NO position to recommend a call(BUY/SELL). Please check with those know-hows before you make a decision. Yes, I am just a learner, with only five years experiences in KLSE. So, please BEAR with me.

Well ... so, the selldown is here. Time to go shopping? I closed my shorts and went long. Buying stocks too ... and we shall sell them of this week ... as the rebound is not sustainable, another selldown ison the way (for US).

I was typing KLK (i bought on Friday too) ... but ooopss ... fat fingers, I typed LKL instead. Let me check on her ... down to new low since IPO. Oh boy, what a nightmare for investors.

Today's dish  : LKL (code : 0182)

At 9 cents ... I was checking on her ... as I never heard of LKL. Normally, I only follow those newly listed ...uptrending (such as Greatec which I bought too). So ...LKL in which sector?

Sector : Medical

As I m searching the info ... I sent this to my group as I told them to AVOID all negative PER since 2016 as if crisis is comin to hit us, well ... we would see these negative PER counters might be de-listed or taken private cheaply.

If I want to attend their AGM (for understanding more of their biz), I could buy the minimum 100 units, right?

Ok ... just decide if we are investing ... dont buy-hold in 2019. If you are trading, dont bother these new low stocks.

Have a nice week ahead.


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