Genetec - A baby step

[The Limiting Factor] CATL M3P // Is the Hype Legit & Will Tesla Use it?

Genetec A baby step
Publish date: Thu, 31 Aug 2023, 01:38 PM
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CATL M3P has generated a lot of hype, noise, and confusion over the past year.  Is the hype legit and will Tesla soon be using it for the Model 3?

Today I'll try to create some clarity around M3P in terms of energy density, cycle life, and cost... as well what vehicles it could be used in and when that might happen.

00:00 Introduction
01:18 M3P // What is it?
05:44 M3P // Cycle Life
08:26 M3P // Cost
12:32 Specs // Quick Recap
13:29 Extra Cells Aren’t Free!
14:17 The Hidden Benefit of Voltage
15:12 Lithium Usage and Price Spikes
15:58 Can M3P Replace Nickel?
17:51 When Could Tesla Start Using M3P?
18:55 Summary


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