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Publish date: Mon, 17 Jan 2022, 09:33 AM
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Where things stand

Novak Djokovic is being detained by Australian authorities ahead of a court hearing Sunday on his case to stay in the country.

Australia's immigration minister revoked the unvaccinated tennis champion's visa for a second time Friday, saying his presence in Australia could lead to an "increase in anti-vaccination sentiment" and even incite “civil unrest.”

Djokovic arrived in Melbourne last week and promptly had his visa cancelled for entering without a valid exemption for Australia's vaccination requirement for all arrivals — but a judge had ruled Monday he should be allowed to stay.

Djokovic case to be heard in front of full bench in Federal Court. I hope all the judges realise that

the number of daily new Covid 19 cases in Australia is surging as shown on the chart below.


World men’s tennis No.1 Novak Djokovic’s visa cancellation case will be heard by a Full Court in the Federal Court of Australia. 

A full court refers to cases where three or more judges sit together in the Federal Court to hear an appeal. 

“This matter will be heard by a Full Court of the Federal Court of Australia comprised of Chief Justice James Allsop, Justice Anthony Besanko and Justice David O’Callaghan,” the court said Saturday. 

The remote hearing is scheduled to take place at 9.30 a.m. Melbourne time Sunday (5.30 p.m. ET Saturday).

Both sides in the case will file their online submissions to the court by 10 p.m. Saturday (2 p.m. ET Friday).

Djokovic returned to Park Hotel detention facility as protesters gather to demand his release.



Novak Djokovic gets support from Serbia's president'

Serbian President Aleksander Vucic wondered in a message to the Australian government why they were allegedly "harassing" tennis superstar Novak Djokovic with their latest decision to cancel his visa.

Vucic released a statement posted on his Instagram defending Djokovic as he fights, yet again, to stay in Australia and participate in the Australian Open, which is set to start Monday.

Tennis Star Novak Djokovic Reveals He’s an Anti-Vaxxer. “Personally, I am opposed to vaccination, and I wouldn’t want to be forced by someone to take a vaccine,” he said during a livestream on Sunday


What is your personal opinion?

Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. Serbia President is supporting Djokovic for political reason. He must realise that currently Serbia has 1.413 million Covid 19 cases and 13,126 deaths. Serbia has a population of 6.91 million. That means every 5 people, 1 has contacted Covid 19 virus. Serbia is already one of the poorest countries in Europe. With the daily new Covid 19 cases surging, Serbia can only get poorer.

I hope someone will forward this article to Djokovic so that he can get vaccinated and promote vaccination in Serbia to reduce the number of new daily Covid cases to save human lives.

The 2 charts below are showing the total number of Covid 19 cases and the daily number of new cases are both surging in Serbia.





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Freedom is the most important thing not restrictions here and there. It is just like freedom to choose any stocks to invest.

China saying: If no freedom, better die.

Only very little people will pass away without the lock down, wearing face mask and even (experimental) vaccination. Now more people unemployed and die due to the SoP.

2022-01-17 14:40


thought this was a stock forum

2022-01-17 23:40


still a better read than about AYS

2022-01-17 23:42



2022-01-18 00:22


He lied about his past 14 days travel status and move about while being positive. His deportation is pretty justified considering what we have to do here in Malaysia

2022-01-18 08:40


If no freedom, better die.

Reject Polio vaccine, Reject Measles vaccine

2022-01-18 10:33


Case of a desperate Kangaroo Tennis Association and a very hard-up player... a big joke !

2022-01-18 19:20

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