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Why doing household chores can improve your health and happiness? Koon Yew Yin

Koon Yew Yin
Publish date: Sun, 27 Nov 2022, 10:38 PM
Koon Yew Yin
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In Malaysia almost all the men go out to work to earn money to pay all the bills and almost all the wives do all the household chores. We must appreciate all the hard work done by the wives.

I am nearly 90 years old and without all the good work performed by my wife, I would have died long ago.

My purpose for writing this article is to show my appreciation to all the good work done by women.

Benefits from doing household chores:  

Body movement improves blood circulation and health. A bit of cardio vascular exercise and squats here and there while you’re tidying up your room, some bends while unloading the dishwasher, a few stretches when you’re trying to get to the unreachable corners of your shelves to dust them, and your workout for the day is done! It can help you create a healthy environment.

Household chores become the reason people argue pretty often. Whether it’s your parents who want you to clean your room, or your roommate who’s always leaving a huge pile of dirty dishes in the sink — the headache never seems to end for anyone. And you could even be conflicted inside about this. You probably want your home to look nice and clean, but we’re all sometimes too lazy or too busy to do anything about it.

We at Bright Side feel this struggle too. Still, we think it’s always a better choice to carve some time out to take care of your home, and here’s why.

1    It makes you stronger.

Any movement you make while doing chores can count as exercise. Scrubbing the bathroom, mopping the floor, and cleaning the window panes certainly requires agility and strength. A bit of cardio and squats here and there while you’re tidying up your room, some bends while unloading the dishwasher, a few stretches when you’re trying to get to the unreachable corners of your shelves to dust them, and voilà, your workout for the day is done!

2. It can help you create a healthy environment.

You probably don’t want to get dust mites or cockroaches in your apartment. And the bathroom mold should only stay in your nightmares — spare yourself the horror of seeing that in reality! And don’t forget about all the germs in there.

But the cleanliness or dirtiness of your home doesn’t just affect your physical health. It can also affect your mental health. If your room is messy, your mental state might probably be just as disorganized. And it can be pretty hard to concentrate if there’s a pile of unsorted clothes on your chair or empty water bottles and bags of chips lying around on the floor.

All of that is important for your physical and mental state, but that’s not all. If you want to invite your friends over and be a good host, all your chores should definitely be done in advance. Unless you want your guests to leave a 1-star review of your apartment and never come back.

3. It can help you be less stressed.

A lot of people actually find washing the dishes and doing laundry relaxing. It can help you relieve stress, and if you’re doing something energy-intensive, it’s a great opportunity to let off some steam and channel all your anger and frustration into making your apartment squeaky clean! Doing chores also allows you to have some quiet time to organize your thoughts and digest everything that’s happened in your hectic life.

4. It makes you more independent.

If you’re still living with your parents, doing chores definitely teaches you to be more responsible and independent. When you move out, no one’s going to cook meals for you anymore, and all that burden will fall on your shoulders, along with cleaning duties and other things you’ll have to do around the house. Having a chore routine can also help you be more organized in your life in general.

5. It can help you pass the time.

Instead of lying around and dying of boredom because you don’t know what to do, you can always check up on the condition of your home. And we all know there’s always something to do there. This time can become even more productive if you multitask. For example, you can listen to an audiobook while you’re ironing or folding your clothes. And if you find doing chores boring, that can also help you make the whole process a bit more pleasant!

6. It boosts your problem-solving skills.

Although chores are a pretty uncomplicated thing to do, you can always try to find new ways to get them done better, faster, and more efficiently. And once in a while, you’re bound to come across something unexpected that you’ll have to deal with, whether it be a broken washing machine or a water supply that’s cut off.

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dont hire maid, DO IT YOURSELF!
save money too

2022-11-28 16:20



You got escape from Mmag at Rm1.60 (now only 3 sen)

You better go buy bplant and palm oil shares for safety and dividend now

2022-11-28 16:33


Calvin, fyi , Eagle group has disappeared from Telegram,

2022-11-28 21:07


Already what apps to Wendy, thanks Calvin.

2022-11-28 23:00


In Malaysia almost all the men go out to work to earn money to pay all the bills and almost all the wives do all the household chores. We must appreciate all the hard work done by the wives.

Answer : That's not true! Nowadays, perhaps 70& women are working! Due to better education, women have gotten on top of most positions which were once dominated by men!
That's why it is actually bad for family institution if women are replacing men in white collar jobs! That's why western nations family values have gone down the drain of late as newer generation have never experience their mother been full time housewife anymore!
It has been predicted long time ago that women will dominate workforce! Unfortunately the impact is very bad for family institution as predicted!

2022-11-28 23:33

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