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Eddie’s Gang In The Company

Publish date: Wed, 08 Feb 2023, 08:06 AM

If you find the

previous posts on Eddie’s wrongdoing credible, then you may also want to

read how deep the rabbit hole goes and how are all these people are

trying to take advantage of public money for their own interests.

Ooi Guan Hoe – The Evil Director Controlling Finance Now

Ooi Guan Hoe, appointed independent director, resigned and immediately came back in as Executive Director

We are still

receiving information as we speak regarding the background of this Ooi

Guan Hoe, but apparently it indicates that he is known for malpractices

in some of the other previous companies that he was involved back then,

especially previously in Hong Kong. The moment we have compiled it all,

we will post it here.

Ooi Guan Hoe

originally was appointed independent non-executive director, and when

the fight broke out he resigned stating personal reasons and then was

immediately reappointed as executive director instead, and now is asked

to handle the company’s finance.

There goes good governance and also major conflict of interest here.

According to the

information provided by the whistle blowers, Guan Hoe is willing to do

all the dirty work and paper shuffling for Eddie and his gang in return

for monetary rewards.

He is now

controlling all the finance of the company and according to sources not

even the newly appointed Group CEO Danny Leong has access to it. The

finance team are really uncomfortable working with him and is starting

to get anxious.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out exactly what is happening here already.

Nor Azzam bin Abdul Jalil – Puppet Chairman

Controlled by Eddie as he owes Eddie millions due to funding problems in his own production company

We are still

receiving information as we speak regarding the background of this Nor

Azzam, however preliminary evidence shows that his family business Voxel

Imaging Sdn Bhd ran into funding problems during MCO time and borrowed

money from Eddie, which then allowed Eddie to control him like a puppet

in the board meetings and becoming a rubber stamp.

Can you guys see

the pattern here? Eddie controls the chairman because he owes Eddie

money. And Eddie is controlled by Francis Leong Seng Wui because he owes

Francis and other people money.

Also, according to

the information received from the finance team of Revenue, there was

payments made to Nor Azzam’s bank accounts from the company as “special

bonus” without any prior approvals.

Once we receive the complete full evidence, we will subsequently post it here.

Nor Azzam gets paid close to RM 100K a year.

Lai Wei Keat – Executive Director

Executive Director of Revenue Berhad, also executive directors of Rapidcloud which received over RM 420K from Revenue

As you can read

from the other posts, Wei Keat is together with Eddie trying to take

money from the company, and of course we could only assume he is also

another rubber stamp for Eddie in the board and supported Eddie in the

suspension and removing of Brian & Dino.

And on top of this, Wei Keat gets paid close to half a million a year as well.

Loo Jo Anne – Independent Non-Executive Director and also Cousin of Eddie Ng

Apparently, Loo Jo Anne is the cousin of Eddie Ng and according to the company’s released report, they’re not related.

Again, you don’t

have to take our word for it. Family members of Eddie and Jo Anne can

easily verify that. Look at the their social media accounts, of course

by now when this is published they’ll probably quickly tighten it down.

So if she is

indeed the relative of Eddie Ng then we can safely assume she played a

role in supporting Eddie to remove Brian & Dino from the company.

Not bad getting paid RM 70K a year for just being a rubber stamp.

Jade Lee Gaik Suan – Independent Non-Executive Director

According to

sources, Jade Lee used her connections as the retired Managing Director

of Ambank to illegally suspend the salary bank accounts of both Brian

& Dino as the finance team was told to withhold the salary of the 2


Not sure why would an esteemed retired banker would do such thing in the board of a company full of dodgy directors.

Especially if she is only paid RM 33,000 a year, which is less RM 3,000 a month.

Maybe after retirement she doesn’t have other income and is on Eddie’s payroll elsewhere?

But anyhow if she continues to remain on the board and if Eddie gets incriminated later, there goes her reputation.

Ng Chee Keong – Independent Non-Executive Director

We are still

receiving information as we speak regarding the background of this Ng

Chee Keong, according to the information received from the finance team

of Revenue, there was payments made to his bank accounts from the

company as “special bonus” without any prior approvals.

Which is why it is not surprising to see him functioning as another rubber stamp for Eddie.

Once we receive the complete full evidence we will subsequently post it here.

Ng Chee Keong gets paid RM 70K a year.


Al-Yafii Binti Ahmad Kamal – Independent Non-Executive Director with one

of the most humiliating director fee ever received in a public listed


We are still

receiving information as we speak regarding the background of this

Alwizah Al-Yafii Binti Ahmad Kamal, however according to sources she has

a “special” relationship with the chairman Nor Azzam bin Abdul Jalil

and was often seen together in “certain” places.

We believe what

people in private are their personal interests, so we don’t think there

is a need to publish information about their private matters. This is a

matter left to their families to resolve.

However, we do

know that due to her “special” relationship with the chairman, hence she

too became a rubber stamp for Eddie Ng as the chairman is controlled by

Eddie, while Eddie is now controlled by Francis Leong Seng Wui.

What is worth

mentioning is that her director fee is only RM 5,500 for the whole year

while the lowest of the rest is also at least RM 33,000 (6x) of what

she’s receiving, and with Eddie at RM 1.188 million (230x) more of what

she’s receiving.

Would you consider

being a director for a public listed company for only RM 5,000 a year?

That is less than RM 500 a month. Perhaps you won’t if there are

“special” relationships involved.

So I guess the

puppet chairman Nor Azzam is definitely pulling his weight in helping

Eddie getting a rubber stamp at a very very low fee.


You may choose to

believe or not to believe what is being shared here so far, the Internet

is your best friend. Perform a SSM search or purchase a CTOS/Experian

company report on the companies that were mentioned and see for yourself

whether it is real or not.

Then, you can

decide whether the rest of the board of directors are innocent or

they’re all in the same boat as Eddie Ng, who is now controlled by

Francis Leong Seng Wui.

So there you go

ladies & gentlemen, if you care about your shares in Revenue and not

want it to being raped by conman and irresponsible selfish people, vote

wisely in the upcoming EGM on the 17th Feb.

And that is provided that the scrutineers will be doing a good job and close watch on Agmo Digital.

We will be

continuing to organise all the incoming information we’re receiving and

will be sharing them the soonest we are able to verify things.

Stay tuned.

Yours truly,


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