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The Real Bad Guys of Revenue Group

Publish date: Sun, 05 Feb 2023, 06:50 PM

I am sure by now

everyone who is keeping track of what is going on inside Revenue Group

Berhad is guessing, who is the real bad guy in the company?

Is it Eddie Ng? Or the 2 brothers Brian Ng & Dino Ng?

Thanks to the

employees and ex-employees of Revenue from various department risking

their lives meeting us to present us with the evidences, we are now able

to put some clarity and truth together.

in the next post,

we will provide evidence to prove the wrongdoings of Eddie Ng, including

faking invoices and furnishing them to MACC resulting in the arrest of

Brian & Dino, and also how he and his wife, daughter, son, other

board of directors has been channelling company funds outside, resulting

in the resignation of 2 CFOs who eventually refuse to continue to aid


But now, let’s look at the big picture and see what is exactly going on.

Personal Debt & Greed Started It All

Yes, that is right. It all starts with GREED and then it leads one down a spiral hole.

Eddie Ng who has

been playing shares on other various counters with other market

operators, starting way back from Goodway Integrated Industries Berhad

not long after his company got listed, gotten a taste of it.

Sure feels good isn’t it when you manipulate and take people’s money so easily?

And then Eddie

starts playing more and more counters, including his own counter and got

burnt multiple times resulting in owing a lot of operators/loan sharks a

lot of money.

How many times has

Eddie dispose his own shares and how many times has he been margin

called? While the other 2 brothers Brian & Dino didn’t do much of

shares disposing. Well I am sure everyone can easily verify this online,

don’t take our word for it.

Our findings

showed that both Brian & Dino did not even dispose a single share in

the entire year of 2022, while Eddie keeps disposing like there is no


And finally, this

time Eddie has gotten himself into very deep trouble where even by

pledging all his remaining shares in the company is not be enough to

cover the debt. So, he started eying the company money and asset.

When the 2

brothers Brian & Dino discovered what Eddie was up to, they voted

against him in the AGM and while Eddie won, it was only by a slim margin

of 0.04%.

This is where one of Eddie’s many debtors, perhaps the largest one now, the infamous Francis Leong Seng Wui that needs no further introduction after what he has done in Green Packet Berhad and Caely Holdings Berhad comes in, as an executive director nowhere all of a sudden.

Francis Leong Seng Wui, is this the face of a person you want to trust your money with?

After all he has done to other companies that he is involved with.

Before his

appointment, behind the scene he has already started coaching Eddie what

to do. Including producing fake invoices/evidence against them on the

thermal paper roll, using the company car which is a petty reason to

start suspending them and eventually kicking them out.

Since Eddie is

unable to repay his debts, then he intends to use the company’s money to

do so. And with the 2 brothers Brian & Dino standing in his way,

Francis Leong does what he does best all the while when it comes to

corporate fights – his standard SOP of CBT & lawsuits thrown at the

people that he intends to remove.

Again, please do

not take our words for it. A simple Google reveals all the bad things

that Francis Leong has done to the companies that he is/was involved in.

Everyone in the

company is saying that Eddie now no longer controls the company; he is

just a puppet of his debtor Francis Leong Seng Wui. Because they think

that the highly comical thermal paper roll and car lawsuit, asking MACC

to be involved etc is all the doing of this Francis because they think

that while Eddie being Eddie, he is not as sophisticated and well

planned until this level.

The company

employees are concerned that starting with the company secretary,

auditors and all the way until Agmo Digital who is engaged in conducting

the e-EGM is all corrupted by Eddie and his gang as they will try their

best to rig the votes.


If Brian

& Dino are removed from the upcoming EGM on the 17th February, all

you shareholders can start kissing your money goodbye. Same goes if you

do not vote out Eddie Ng & his entire gang.

They will rape the

company and what is left is just going to be many crying shareholders

who got duped into buying the shares previously by Eddie Ng and left

with nothing!

So if you bought

shares of this company, you better make sure who you’re siding with if

you want to salvage your hard earned money and vote wisely.

And thanks to all the whistle-blowers, we are able to release solid proofs and documents in the next post. Please read on!

Yours truly,


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MACC sila tangkap!
this is a closed case. this is black & white close case. issue warrant of arrest & tangkap now!

2023-02-05 22:35


written by datuk david goh , operator behind dino and bryant, pledging support in exchange of controls in revenue to move into property development, haha

2023-02-06 02:11


Tangkap, penjara & sebat!

2023-02-07 07:44


Soon, PDRM and BNM will close in on Eddie, Francis, Lai Wei Keat and Ooi Guan Hoe

2023-02-07 14:50


To be honest, I would not imagine that the fight for power in the group would go to such drastic level, as to some inside-insider information was published to the public.

There was one article in particular that highlighted that there are suspicious related party transaction to a company called RapidCloud (M) Sdn Bhd, where the ultimate beneficiary would be Datuk Eddie Ng Chee Siong.

I think that the article provided much info on the transaction with RapidCloud (M) Sdn Bhd, but I still have my doubts on it.

1. According to the article, the author mentioned that Brian Ng Shih Chiow and Dino Ng Shih Fang is completely unaware of the transaction made with RapidCloud (M) Sdn Bhd. I mean, really?

It is very hard to believe the two brothers are completely unaware of the transaction.. to be honest, if they are unaware, then it is their negligence, which is very disappointing as they themselves are the major shareholders of the company.

2. The article had also mentioned a total transaction value of RM356,894.27 billed to Wannapay Sdn Bhd by Rapid Cloud (M) Sdn Bhd. It is a very strange and weird to say the person who was in-charged of finance did not know about this.

Anyway, since the issue of related party transaction (RPT) was mentioned… yours truly here wore student hat and downloaded the bursa guideline (link here) and look up the section on RPT. Ok, the threshold for reporting RPT is RM500,000 according to bursa… so these transactions below the reporting amount and do not need announcement.. hmm, this explain why it is not disclosed in the annual report.

Also, my own research on the company had shown that RapidCloud (M) Sdn Bhd had RM4.2 million in revenue for their financial year 2021 on CTOS.

2023-02-07 18:48


I think any novice person like me can buy the report to study also lol, and I got inspired by the article.

Anyway, the transaction with Wannapay Sdn Bhd stands below 10% of RapidCloud (M) Sdn Bhd total revenue. Now, this is an important point.. this means >90% of sales come from other customers. Further check on the company website says that RapidCloud has been in existence since 1999 and has provided solutions to over 46,000 clients. You can check out the website here.. look like this is a legit company.. not a RM2 company set up to solely serve Revenue. So it could just be ordinary business transactions at arms length. Agree? Now come to think abt it, the author didn’t mention in the article what law was broken..

Well, I do not know if the value of the cloud server and other services provided are at market rate, discounted or premium, readers please let me know if you know the market rate.

3. Art of distraction?

If you work the article backwards, the writing seems to have the intention to increase the odds of winning for the two brothers prior to the EGM. To me, that is questionable, but I will still attend the EGM.

To me, and perhaps to all minority shareholders, the most critical part of the whole EGM is actually on the diversification into property. Once it is approved, then Revenue can participate in any construction and property related activities lol, then definitely I’m not holding the shares anymore.

Please do not attack me as I’m just stating some of the observations from the article that does not make sense to me, see you at the EGM. Let’s vote and make our voice heard!

A Revenue investor who is holding 100,000 units and continues to pray for share price to recover.

2023-02-07 18:49

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