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Brian Ng & Dino Ng Already Released from MACC On The 3rd Day

Publish date: Wed, 15 Feb 2023, 10:44 AM

Hi everyone,

We were informed by the employees of Revenue that both Brian Ng & Dino Ng were already released by MACC on the 3rd day after they were arrested last month.


However, the management of Revenue Group Bhd chose to suppress this information in order to try to paint the Impression that they are still inside in order to confuse the market.

We all know how MACC works, if one is guilty with solid evidence, there is no chance the person will be released and would have been immediately charged and taken to court.

However, the only observation we can see now is Revenue Group Bhd still under the control of the puppet of Eddie Ng and his debtors filing civil lawsuit against Brian & Dino, instead of MACC directly charging them.

So this is now entirely between Eddie Ng and his gang vs the 2 brothers, nothing to do with MACC anymore.

And this also explains why we have been seeing Dino Ng who has been actively disposing shares in the market, because you can’t be disposing shares unless you’re out right?

Unless you’re like the MACC chairman Azam Baki who openly claimed he allowed his brother to use his CDS trading account which is illegal.

So everyone, can you all see clearer now?

We wonder what would happen next now as we have yet to hear anything regarding the related party transactions made by Eddie Ng & Lai Wei Keat.

What is the internal fraud & compliance team inside Revenue doing we wonder?

Are they trying to cover this up? Perhaps shall we help them inform the relevant authorities?

Yours truly,


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If it is a case of abuse of power, why must MACC got involve?

Their primary concern should be corruption. Complain over company vehicle or procurement could be dealt by Securities Commission and perhaps, police.

Apparently the MACC report against them were made by MACC themselves. Till an answer is forthcoming, lets leave it at that. By the look of it, it is a hostile takeover.

2023-02-17 16:14

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