90% OF PEOPLE OUT THERE DO NOT KNOW THE REAL VALUE OF TSH RESOURCES (Including Research Houses/Analysts , Calvin Tan

Publish date: Sun, 05 Mar 2023, 10:58 PM
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Hi Guys,

I have An Investment Approach I which I would like to all.

Dear friends

TSH RESOURCES Is The Great Stock with the Best Potential

But more than 90% out there cannot understand why?

Calvin hope your eyes will be opened after this post

Here you go

A Palm oil Company like TSH Resources own lands, companies & long term expense

As such it is doing a long term base building

A Plantation Company like Palm Oil is Very Capital Intensive

Lots of Bank borrowings are incurred from inception and will take many years to settle

Once settled the Assets are Cash Generating for good dividend pay out as there is no further need to pay off Bank loans anymore

And after many years the underlying lands on which palm oil are planted have appreciated in value by many times

So there is both current liquid value & hidden asset value which are lands

Once these lands are sold there will be HUGE UNLOCKING of Value

Refer TSH latest Result



"Unusual items

There were no unusual items affecting assets, liabilities, equity, net income and cash flows of

the Group during the year ended 31 December 2022 except as follows:

(i) recognition of sales proceeds of RM248.0 million and gain on disposal of RM84.9

million from the disposal of two oil palm estates and one oil palm mill (refer to Note 7 of

Part B);

(ii) recognition of sales proceeds of RM428.8 million and gain on disposal of RM300.0

million arising from the completion of the disposal of 7,817.37 hectares of certificated

Let us do a breakdown

1) In Sabah. Two palm oil estates & one palm oil mill were disposed for Rm248 millions with a gain of Rm84.9 millions

about 52 % profit

(It was sold as palm oil to palm oil investors)

2) In Bulugan Regency. Indonesia

Part sale (certified land) Rm428.8 millions of which Rm300 millions is profit

Profit is 232%

(It was sold as palm oil to be converted to Industries)

So Palm oil sold as Palm oil for Plantation purposes garnered 52% profit

When sold as palm oil to industrial use the profit increased manifold to 232%

What will happen when TSH's 94,700 Acres Prime Lands are sold for building of New Township called "NUSANTARA"?

Will it command an even higher value?

We shall see

The lands bought in Kutai and now Nusantara cost Rm5,000 per acre in year 2008

Rm5,000 per acre is about 13 sen psf

What is the current land value in Nusantara?

In early 2022 it has reached 100,000 rupiah per meter

How much in ringgit

100,000 rupiah is Rm29.30 per meter

and how many sq ft is one meter?

it is 10.764 sq feet

So Rm29.30 per meter convert to psf (per sq feet)

Rm29.30 divides by 10.764

= Rm2.72 psf

One acre how much

Just multiply Rm2.72 x 43,560

= Rm118,483 an acre 

Latest news

Land prices near IKN Nusantara has reached 360,000 rupiah per meter

or about Rm9.79 per sq ft

At Rm9.79 psf still a far cry from PUTRAJAYA (Admin Capital of Malaysia) which is anywhere from Rm80 psf to Rm300 psf listed in Property Guru Website

With 94,700 acres of lands in Nusantara or about 52% of Singapore total landmass of 180,000 acres TSH RESOURCES has hit goldmine

Yet all are oblivious of THIS IMMENSE POTENTIAL

Now one more thing before we close

Read the accounts and balance sheet again

Bulugan land sale price was Rm731.09 Millions

As of Dec 31 2022 only a partial sum of Rm428.8 millions were received

As balance sum of Rm302 Millions only came in by January 2023 it will be only reported in May 2023 (For Jan to March 2023 qtr)

This Rm302 Millions will be about 21 sen cash 

With so much cash inflow TSH has given 8 sen dividend last qtr & a proposed 2.5 sen dividend this qtr

Future qtrs TSH no longer constrained to service Bank loans might see further dividends like Innoprise Plant

With Kindest Regards

Calvin Tan

Please buy or sell after doing your own due diligence

Or consult your remisier/fund manager


Three Types of Sale

1} Selling as Palm oil estates to Palm oil Estates

2) Selling as Palm oil estates to Industries

3) Selling as Palmoil estates to Future New Townships

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Not 360,000 rupiah per meter

BUT 2 Million or 2,000,000 rupiah per meter

Amazing jump!

2023-03-05 23:04


WAS 100,000 RUPIAH EARLY 2022

2023-03-05 23:08




2023-03-05 23:09



See research is doing a disservice misinforming the public about tsh loh!

2023-03-06 10:59


calvintaneng also condemns other stocks to promote his stock in I3.
Where is his code of ethic in I3 ?
Rule number one in the code of ethic, do not condemn stock recommended by others.
No one can stop him recommending his stock in I3, no reason he condemns stock recommended by others.
Hope he can play his game fairly.

2023-03-06 12:23


Market sentiment is generally bad.
Whatever u deem good, will still drop following Wall Street and other major overseas markets.....
Be very careful.....

2023-03-06 13:05



Calvin does not condemn or attack people

To brainstorm for the best ideas ok

Keep the peace even though we might differ

2023-03-06 14:02




due to kind concern Calvin highlighted danger

all done out of kindness

2023-03-06 14:03


Post removed.Why?

2023-03-06 15:32



Please enlighten me which Stock you are referring to?

I shall be happy to take a deeper look into it

2023-03-06 15:49


2 stocks, find out yourself.
Analysts give high target prices.
Many readers in I3 have these 2 stocks.

2023-03-06 16:59

Integrity. Intelligent. Industrious. 3iii (iiinvestsmart)$€£¥

In 2019, I think calvintaneng probably also said the same thing about NETX ... that no one knew about NETX the way he did. :-)

2023-03-06 17:13

Integrity. Intelligent. Industrious. 3iii (iiinvestsmart)$€£¥

Posted by calvintaneng > 3 hours ago | Report Abuse


Calvin does not condemn or attack people

To brainstorm for the best ideas ok

Keep the peace even though we might differ

Not true based on his past behaviour: just have to review his old posts. calvintaneng is no saint.

2023-03-06 17:15

Integrity. Intelligent. Industrious. 3iii (iiinvestsmart)$€£¥

Why is TSH priced at 1.08 today and not a multiple of this, as calvintaneng so generously or kindly predicted?

2023-03-06 17:17


Hello there

Calvin can accept admonition from Zhuge_Liang but not 3iii

why is it so

Zhuge_Liang is more noble as he wants to defend for what he thinks to be correct and Calvin must give him due respect

as for 3iii he is far from being noble

3iii knows Calvin since year 2013

and all through those 10 years he has been silent like a mouse or dinosaur

now out of 100 stucks sure there will be some that did not perform

he is just being mean to pin point and find fault

Look at all the great stocks Calvin also promoted now taken private

2023-03-06 18:12


Did 3iii not take notice of these great buy calls

1. Super Enterprize
was Rm1.25
taken private at Rm3.80
up 200%

2023-03-06 18:13


2. TheStore
taken private

2023-03-06 18:14


3. Daiman or Diamond
taken private

2023-03-06 18:14


4. Tmakmur
land of property
taken private

2023-03-06 18:15


5. Karambunai

was 60 sen
then dropped to 5.5 sen

and for losing 1/2 sen people cry father cry mother

then kbunai taken private at 11 sen up 100%

2023-03-06 18:16


6. Kulim was Rm2.50
someone said cannot buy as Kulim was downtrending stock

then jcorp took Kulim private at Rm4.10 for 60% upside

2023-03-06 18:18

Integrity. Intelligent. Industrious. 3iii (iiinvestsmart)$€£¥

calvintaneng, the hero of Netx fame. If only you are honest and humble.

It is so sad to see calvintaneng posting like so. Sheer arrogance. Also, where is his credibility?

A broken clocks still tells the right time twice a day.

2023-03-06 20:38


This is why Calvin thinks this 3iii most unreasonable in all 10 years I have been here in i3 forum

from year 2013 since 1st stock Pm Corp till now there were many successful picks like

Pohuat during Furniture theme when export of furniture to USA up 200%

then Get theme which MyEg doubled

in year 2017 e-commerce theme when Drbhigh com up from 90 sen to Rm2.70 which Hng33 were in early

then we have the Ogse theme which penergy, carimin, dayang and Uzma up (3iii failed in attacking Uzma as it doubled)

in 2020 Calvin made the most from glove theme and told all to sell as China has joined the fray

then we have the palm oil theme which Ijmplant was recommended at Rm1.86 and Klk took it private at Rm3.10

2023-03-06 21:12


People who have been in i3 forum are all aware

they all know this 3iii got nothing good to offer in current time these 10 long years since Sept 2013 to present March 2023

dare not recommend even one stock but went round funding faults only and boasting of dlady now GG as it has High payables and no more extra cash to pay dividend unless it borrows

2023-03-06 21:17


You got see map or not? See Kalimantan one dot land already bigger than your state

2023-03-07 11:17



Nusantara is located in Kutai central of East Kalimantan

Tsh has 3 plots of lands in West Kutai and one plot in East Kutai

Indonesia has many islands

it has chosen Kalimantan

and Kalimantan very big
So East Kalimantan is chosen due to its proximity to balik Papan seaport

and in East Kalimantan the chosen place is Kutai

now this area and it's surroundings are in land boom time

2023-03-07 11:27


so take note

step one

Kalimantan chosen

step two

East Kalimantan chosen

step three

Kutai is chosen

and Kutai is now called Nusantara

2023-03-07 11:30


Maybe they don't know TSH's potential.
But, they do know Calvin's capability as promoter after NETX's debacle.

2023-03-07 11:45


Well said!!

Maybe they don't know TSH's potential.
But, they do know Calvin's capability as promoter after NETX's debacle.

2023-03-07 12:03



Not every Calvin's stock ends up like Next

these ones up 400% to 500%

complete logistic

got check them out

2023-03-07 12:44


Ok let us calculate once more

Tsh disposed Sabah lands and Bulugan lands for almost Rm1 billions and in principle Tsh is now debt free

At first interest on bank loan was Rm10 millions

then as debt pared down interest payment reduced to Rm5 millions

finally interest payment on loans will be pared down to zero

2023-03-07 16:14


Tsh will now save on both principle and interest from 2023

with no bank loans more cash can be given out as future dividends

2023-03-07 16:17


any further land disposal can result in another windfall dividend pay out

2023-03-07 16:18


And coming in May 2023 Tsh will report another 21 sen profit from final payment of Bulugan land received in Jan 2023

2023-03-07 16:19


The key success factor of TSH is its veli strong cashflow loh!

2023-03-07 20:10

Integrity. Intelligent. Industrious. 3iii (iiinvestsmart)$€£¥

Posted by calvintaneng > 18 hours ago | Report Abuse


Not every Calvin's stock ends up like Next

these ones up 400% to 500%

complete logistic

got check them out

Everyone knows you sold 8 houses to invest into NETX. No one or few know about the other stocks which you mentioned after the prices had risen. Did you also sell 8 houses to invest into these too? :-)

2023-03-08 07:20

Integrity. Intelligent. Industrious. 3iii (iiinvestsmart)$€£¥

Posted by calvintaneng > 18 hours ago | Report Abuse


Not every Calvin's stock ends up like Next

these ones up 400% to 500%

complete logistic

got check them out

Dear calvintaneng, my good friend from Netx.

Here is another of your post which must have ranked high in your promotions.

Just look at the charts of your calls for these 10 stocks since 2017.
The prices have just gone progressively from the day you called these stocks till today.
The prices did not just go down because of the bear market.
The prices were following more the deteriorating fundamentals of these companies.

Share with us here your opinions if you think otherwise, my dear calvintaneng.


2023-03-08 10:12

Integrity. Intelligent. Industrious. 3iii (iiinvestsmart)$€£¥

In August 2017, these 10 companies were trading at the following prices (in sen):
WTK 82
BJ Corp 32
MRCB 119
Bonia 55.5
Media Prima 75
CBIP 198
MUI 16.5
PBA 126
OPCOM 57.5
EIG 90

By calvintaneng's intrinsic value for these stocks in August 2017, the upside potentials for price appreciation of these stocks were as listed.

Potential Upside
WTK 252%
BJ Corp 1463%
MRCB 320%
Bonia 170%
Media Prima 167%
CBIP 203%
MUI 809%
PBA 138%
OPCOM 161%
EIG 233%

The potential upsides for these 10 stocks according to calvintaneng were a low of 138% (PBA) to a high of 1463% (BJCorp).

But alas, after 5.5 years of calvintaneng's listing of his 10 severe bargains, these are their returns today, should you have bought these stocks like calvintaneng in August 2017.

From 21.8.2017 to 4.1.2023
(slightly more than 5.5 years)

WTK -41%
BJ Corp -6%
MRCB -76%
Bonia 311%
Media Prima -43%
CBIP -44%
MUI -55%
PBA -40%
EIG -66%


Over the last 5.5 years, here are the returns of the 10 stocks of calvintaneng

The obvious 1 big winner is BONIA (+311%).

There are 7 big losers. They lost from -40% to -76%.

OPCOM gains 27% while BJCorp lost -6%.

... and my dear calvintaneng the hero of Netx fame,

Not surprisingly, we hear of your Bonia and Opcom from your reposts and not on the other stocks.

calvintaneng, hope you can understand why some of us may not be enthusiastic in following your path.

2023-03-08 10:14

Integrity. Intelligent. Industrious. 3iii (iiinvestsmart)$€£¥


Even after consolidation, it sinks!
This is what Calvin recommended a couple of years ago.
So many brought to Holland by Calvin.

23 hours ago

This was from the Netx forum.
my dear calvintaneng was supposed to make everyone rich in Netx BECAUSE he knew the true value of Netx. I think he was probably of the opinion that he was the only person who knew the true value of Netx.

Sadly, if the above poster is correct, and I believe DickyMe is, many were led to HOLLAND believing the great stories of calvintaneng of Netx fame.

Always do your own due diligence. Start by looking at the fundamentals. Make your own assessment and decision. I always do and I have shared these repeatedly in i3 too.

my dear calvintaneng, stay focus.

2023-03-08 10:28


The only way these fellas pump palm oil price is by suppressing supply intentionally.
Greed overshadows humanity!

2023-03-08 13:41

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