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Hi Guys,

I have An Investment Approach I which I would like to all.

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Dear Investors,

It’s been quite awhile since we last posted on TSH Resources

And Things are getting better and better

1) TSH latest FFB is 80,000 tonnes

Annualised 960,000 tonnes

FFb current price is Rm700 a ton

So Revenue will be 960,000 x Rm700

= Rm672 Millions

If we take 30% profit it will be Rm201.6 Millions profit a year

It will be 14.6 sen profit a year

There is a saving of Bank int after Rm273 Million comes in before July 2024 and Profit should then be readjusted to 16 sen

If we give P/E 10 then TSH should have a fair value of Rm1.60

If we assign P/E 15 then Rm2.40

If P/E 20 then Rm3.20

2) By Next July 2024 Cash of Rm273 Millions Bulugan Land Sold translate to 18 sen Cash

This will make TSH debt free and cash rich

With all debts fully settled TSH can follow Innoprise Plant example of giving out good dividends

3) TSH has now done a Double Listing in Singapore

A good move as TSH has more operation in Indonesia like Bumitama & Golden Agri with Palm oil Operations in Singapore but listed in Singapore

Both Bumitama & Goldenagri are doing well

Our first purchase prices were

Bumitama 46 sen (Spore) now 59 sen or up 28.2%

Goldenagri 14 sen (Spore) now 26 sen or up 85.7%

Tsh Resources Rm1.09 now 97 sen or down by 11%

Hence we have taken profit in Golenagri & still holding Bumitama & with proceeds added more Laggard Tsh shares

3) TSH Resources have more Superior Lands than Bumitama & Goldenagri as it has 94,700 acres of Lands in Kutai (Now New Admin Capital of Indonesia)

And Tsh bought them 15 years ago in year 2008 when prices were dirt cheap as low as Rm5,000 per acre

Now Land prices have skyrocketed while TSH hass still not revalued these “Gold Mine Lands”

Hence TSH is the Best Kept Secret Value Investment we now focus on

land prices have risen these years by 1,000%

4.Bplant was 57 sen & now LTAT is offering to take it private at Rm1.55

Valuation shows Bplant has a Value of Rm2.60

TSH Resources’ Lands in Kutai/Nusantara if Revalued on day will show a Bigger Surprise

5. Buying & Holding Tsh has 3 advantages

It is now at growth stage.

Its dividends will now increase as no more bank loans to pay soon

Its Assets’ Value are growing due to its Excellent Location in IKN NUSANTARA

All these are compelling Reasons to Invest while prices are very undervalue

6. Directors/Insiders of TSH Resources have bought & loaded up to the Hilt

Director Lim Fook Hin (Accountant by training) has added 500,000 Tsh at Rm1.10 on Jan 2022 to make his holding 2.1 Million shares

Director Tan Aik Yong bought 16 Million Tsh shares at average price Rm1.643 to make his holding over 5%

Chairman Kelvin Tan Aik Pen bought until he has 340 Million Tsh shares. He bought as high as Rm1.79

Buying & following what Insidders/Directors’ buy has been the hall mark of future success

7. ALL THE PROSPECTS CURRENT & FUTURE have Caused Our Investment Focus to Target on TSH RESOURCES

This will be a Marathon Investment for years to come

TSH Resources owns a total of 94,700 Acres of Prime Lands in Kutai/Ikn Nusantara

at 43,560 sq ft per acre

So 94,700 x 43,560

= 4,125,132,000 sq ft

or more than 4.1 Billion Sq ft of lands 

If Land prices just increase by Rm1.00 psf a year it will be Rm4.125 Bilions price appreciation

How much in Cash?

About Rm3.00 per share

What if Land prices increase by Rm5.00 or Rm10,00 per sq ft a year?

With Kind Regards


Please buy or sell after doing your own due diligence or consult your Remisier/Fund Manager

Note: In Indonesia Cpo export got levy. However, this is compensated by Abundant Indon FFB harvesters

Plus minimum wage only 3.4 million rupiah or Rm1,028

This makes operation in Indonesia profitable especially for Upstream Planters like TSH Resources


In the late 1980s to early 1990s there were two investors who each made a decision

Allocation of capital

1) Mr. Pang from Cheras bought 2 shophouses in Bukit Beruntung

He heard news that a Bus Terminal will be built there but did not materialise

His investments failed

2) Mr. Chia (Now Datuk Chia) from Klang invested in 6 acres land in Sepang

His land prices appreciated by leaps and bought after Putrajaya, Cyberjaya & Sepang Airport were built

An Infrastructure development is of paramount importance for Land price appreciation

Therefore the selection of well located land assets will appreciate over time

This is the primary reason for investing in TSH Resources

It is the "Gold mine lands" that will give the ultimate Value

Meanwhile we can wait as it has now pared down all debts & give a dividend hopefully that will also exceed Bank FD rates

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Land prices in Kutai was only 28 sen per sq ft for years 2015 to 2018

By early 2022 it gone up 10x (times) or Rm2.80 psf

Now it is highly possible land prices can go up Rm1.00 psf before Official launch of Admin Hq Capital completion before End of 2024 when 17,000 Govt servants (first batch) will relocate to Ikn Nusantara

And if lands of Tsh just up another Rm1.00 psf it will be over Rm4.1 Billion price appreciation

It will be a net value gain by Rm3.00 per share

No one even thought Ltat will give Rm1.55 to take Bplant private when it was only 57 sen in year 2021

Not even one person expect Ubs Bank would buy up more than 5% of Bplant shares from the lofty price of Rm1.53 to Rm1.55

So no one knows in the future how high or who will be interested in Tsh resources

The best time to buy is when no body believe it like now when prices are so cheap and brimming with value

2023-12-18 21:43

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2023-12-18 21:55


2 errors need correction

1. Ffb 80,000 tonnes was for Oct 2023

Plus Both Bumitama and Goldenagri have operations in Kalimantan, Indonesia but listed in Singapore

So Tsh also got operation in Kalimantan and now dual list in Singapore

2023-12-18 22:13


And this is a true life story

Two persons made two different investments late 1980s and early 1990s

Mr. Pang of Cheras versus Mr Chia of Klang

Mr Pang bought 2 shophouses in Bukit Beruntung because he heard rumours either a Big Bus Depot or Airport will be built there.
Both did not materilize and his investments failed

Mr. Chia bought 5 acres of land in Sepang and today Putrajaya, Cyberjaya and Sepang Airport caused his land prices to skyrocketed
From 5 acres he added more till he has 50 acres land in Sepang today. And Mr Chia is now a datuk

Investing has got to do with future prospects and potential and it takes foresight to "see" into the future

2023-12-18 22:23


Make some stories, repeat, sell. Repeat again.

2023-12-18 23:22


Our stories are based on facts

In the Annual Report of Tsh Resources they stated very very very clearly that Tsh got

Big Estates in Kutai Barat ( West) and one piece just over 14,000 Acres in Kutai Timor ( East)

These are now in Ikn Nusantara or its vicinity

As for Kgb all the jobs awarded are non transparent and shrouded in secrecy

2023-12-18 23:40


We spoke to Malaysian Bankers about Listed Companies trying to secure Bank loans or banking facilities for expansion

They will definitely ask the borrowing parties to furnish proofs as to who, where and what are the projects awarded

It cannot be


"A great company"

"An expert in the industry"

Or other such garbage or the loans will be rejected

Same goes for getting a job for employment

You cannot say "i graduated from top world university"

That is vague. You must name the university and to what levels or degrees you attained

And they can verify all by contacting the actual university to check up whether your credentials are true or not

Again, if you got a daughter to whom a guy might want to marry. Will you be statisfied if he claims to be "so rich and so clever" without giving any concrete proofs?
Of course not no matter how smart or rich he claims! If just so clever in words only

It amazes us people are so naive

It says," The simple (simpleton) believes everyone but a prudent person looks well to his goings

And a fool (simpleton) and his money are soon parted

2023-12-18 23:50


What we posted are backed by facts and figures

See Annual report of TSH Resources 2022

Scroll down to property Owned by TSH


Desa Rantau
Makmur, Tanjung
Kecamatan Rantau
Kabupaten Kutai
Kalimantan Timur

Here TSH got
5,750 ha Oil Palm

Book value Rm98,757,661

Let us do a calculation

Convert 5,750 hectares to acres by X 2.471
= 14,208.25 acres

Rm6,950 per acre

To get per sq ft cost divides by 43,560

= 15.9 sen

It was already 28 sen per sq ft in years 2015 to 2018
Now up by 10X to Rm2.80 psf

But what is the actual asking price of land here in Kutai East currently?

Now divides cost by land


2023-12-19 00:16


Rantau Pulung, Kalimantan

See land prices here

AREA PEMUKIMAN (Rp 300.000 / meter <nego>)

Dekat jalan umum 2 jalur

Surat PPAT

1 ha ( 50x200m)

Listrik PLN


It was 10,000 rupiah per meter

then it was 100,000 rupiah per meter (up 10 kali)

Now asking price has surged to 300,000 rupiah per meter

How much?

300,000 rupiah is Rm90.81
1 meter = 10.764 sq ft

To get cost divides price by land area

= Rm8.43 per sq ft asking price

TSH Book value still at unbelievable bargain 15.9 sen

2023-12-19 00:26


Rise of New admin Capital in IKN Nusantara

2023-12-19 00:41


New Highway from Balik Papan to Nusantara

Very fast

Built by highly skilled hard working Indon workers (some of the very best on planet earth today

2023-12-19 00:43


New Airport being built in One Year

Very fast


2023-12-19 00:45


Change of Land Laws in IKN NUSANTARA

From 35 years to 190 Years

A New Beginning!

2023-12-19 00:48



2023-12-19 00:49


Thanks for sharing

2024-01-01 22:40


Thanks for sharing

2024-01-01 22:42



How nice to know TSH RESOURCES got 94,700 Acres Lands in IKN NUSANTARA

Book Value about Rm5,000 per acre (Current market value as high as Rm1 Million per acre


Investing like this now we know why Warren Buffet said, "I know I will be rich"

2 months ago

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