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2 months ago | Report Abuse

"2. Very High finance lease receivable of Rm 8.2b (An indication of customer using Yinson as a soorchaii financier on its high capex investment}"

So, the BANKS that financing YINSON must be the biggest SoorChaii ??? No???

YINSON must be damn good in convincing the BANKS to give out the loans to the smaller soorchaii 😃

I guess, Yinson didn't bothered to convince the super smart small investors to invest in their company ,,, believing that they should be able to think/see the obvious 😁


2024-01-18 15:08 | Report Abuse

Company briefings for funds manager today


2024-01-04 16:28 | Report Abuse

CRITICAL time tomorrow >>>


2023-12-29 11:00 | Report Abuse

CHB continues its journey to the North >>>


2023-12-23 10:19 | Report Abuse

Note the style of this OPERATOR:
They press it down to collect before pushing up.
Remember the "super low" takeover offer share price @ 0.220?
Now, only a few months down the road, they are issuing new shares @ 0.360 per share to the seller when the current share price closed at 0.455 yesterday,,,

Hmm. think about this and reflect of what happened to the share price after the takeover was completed???


2023-12-13 09:57 | Report Abuse

Time to take a closer look it this stock,,,


2023-12-06 10:57 | Report Abuse

Be responsible for one's posting >>> give facts to support your speculation, not merely make irresponsible comments


2023-10-20 15:35 | Report Abuse

There will be a lot of write-up and buy calls over this weekend! So, next week should have rocket show!!!


2021-01-07 18:24 | Report Abuse

The current concern is the Covid-19 affecting factories in Johor, where ATA IMS already closed their factory for one week.

V.S. announced on 4th January (see below) that their production are not impacted although 17 workers were tested positive.

Further to our announcement dated 18 December 2020, the Board of Directors of VSIB wishes to update that 17 workers have tested positive for Covid-19.

These workers were living in a dormitory managed by third-party service provider. In immediate response, workers in close contact have been identified and have undergone swab test. They are currently placed under quarantine for 10 days, in accordance to the Ministry of Health of Malaysia ("MOH")'s guidelines. As precautionary and preventive measures, we continue to carry out deep cleaning and disinfecting exercise at the workspace.

The Company's manufacturing operations are NOT affected and are operating as usual while complying to the stringent standard operating procedures ("SOPs") imposed by the Government.

VSIB will continue to cooperate and work closely with the MOH and the relevant authorities to ensure the safety and well-being of all our employees.


2021-01-07 18:16 | Report Abuse

Maybe management may share about new contracts/customers if they are ready to announce.


2020-12-09 20:48 | Report Abuse

QR announcement tomorrow


2020-11-26 08:27 | Report Abuse

No Date of change No of securities Type of transaction Nature of Interest
1 24/11/2020 7,280,000 Disposed Direct Interest
Name of registered holder Wong Thean Soon
Description of "Others" Type of Transaction

2 24/11/2020 5,420,000 Disposed Indirect Interest
Name of registered holder Asia Internet Holdings Sdn. Bhd.
Description of "Others" Type of Transaction

Circumstances by reason of which change has occurred
1. Crossing of shares pursuant to a financing arrangement
2. Crossing of shares pursuant to a financing arrangement
Nature of interest Direct and Indirect Interest

So, read and understand "the reason of which change has occurred"


2020-11-21 12:44 | Report Abuse

No need to convince those who refused to listen due to pride, ego, jealousy, over-confident - thinking they're more superior than others, etc. Just be kind enough to share but no need to be overly kind to force to the money into their pocket.


2020-11-21 10:15 | Report Abuse

DK, can you please add me in your private group chat?


2020-11-02 07:56 | Report Abuse

Thanks for sharing of the "useful and applicable" idea/reminder I got from this i3 Forum. I only interested in the stock market, not politics, Cheers! :D)

Posted by Mabel > Nov 2, 2020 12:04 AM | Report Abuse
.... If you read Philip Tetlock’s book Superforecasting and one thing that sets superforecasters apart from average forecasters is probabilistic thinking. They say ‘judgement is going to hurt your forecast, just go with the data’. They also don’t have problems to switch stand points and see things from different perspectives. Two very, very difficult things to manage, to just turn off your subjectivity completely…


2020-10-17 13:57 | Report Abuse

More importantly, which company can earn more money.


2020-10-17 12:12 | Report Abuse

Posted by DickyMe > Oct 17, 2020 11:31 AM | Report Abuse

RM 4 is coming soon!


Be smart, find a job that doesn't have to be cursed by others (very bad luck)...

Do something good instead of trying to mislead newbies (get bad karma). Whatever that you write were not effective to achieve your bad objective and just nuisance to this forum.

You must know how to feel shameful (your messages frequently deleted my the admin) and know your wrong doings...

If you continue to bluff yourself everyday, soon you develop a dangerous habit and behavior (belief system) that will bring serious consequences to your life because you cannot differential between right and wrong. Very pitiful state.

In investment or trading, we need to flow with the TREND, not against it... Don't fight forces, use them!

Learn to invest properly. Hope you stop being a laughing stock and turn a new leave - stop being used by unscrupulous people.


2020-10-12 16:05 | Report Abuse

Yes! No more below RM10


2020-10-12 12:32 | Report Abuse

How on earth you can detect "reversal signal"????

Which chart???

Posted by Dr.Sim > Oct 12, 2020 12:29 PM | Report Abuse

Careful with this counter from now, reversal signal detected.


2020-10-12 05:45 | Report Abuse

During current uncertain times, be AGILE, FLEXIBLE & ADAPTIVE to this changing time. Adopt a strategy that best suits the current business climax for investment.

For me, I will NOT look too far ahead as I cannot foresee the future in a volatile environment. So, I will NOT adopt a long-term investment strategy. I prefer to trade/invest SHORT-MEDIUM term timeframe (up to around 12 months duration) as I can still comprehend the business prospect of the company and able to project the performance of the company for the next couple of quarters.

In the short-medium term timeframe, I believe the best sector is RUBBER GLOVES, one of the most important products needed during this Covid-19 pandemic, which is still escalating, no sign of slowing down at the moment.

By focusing on the short-medium term trade/investment, I seize the opportunity in front of my eyes – there is NO NEED to discuss or worry about what will happen to rubber gloves companies in 2 or 3 years time (all businesses are full of uncertainties now).

By adopting the RIGHT investment strategy/timeline, I eliminated a lot of “noise” (considerations for long-term investment) that may distract/discourage me from take the great opportunity in the short-medium term that comes along.

CARPE DIEM – Seize the day (opportunity)


2020-10-12 05:44 | Report Abuse

During current uncertain times, be AGILE, FLEXIBLE & ADAPTIVE to this changing time. Adopt a strategy that best suits the current business climax for investment.

For me, I will NOT look too far ahead as I cannot foresee the future in a volatile environment. So, I will NOT adopt a long-term investment strategy. I prefer to trade/invest SHORT-MEDIUM term timeframe (up to around 12 months duration) as I can still comprehend the business prospect of the company and able to project the performance of the company for the next couple of quarters.

In the short-medium term timeframe, I believe the best sector is RUBBER GLOVES, one of the most important products needed during this Covid-19 pandemic, which is still escalating, no sign of slowing down at the moment.

By focusing on the short-medium term trade/investment, I seize the opportunity in front of my eyes – there is NO NEED to discuss or worry about what will happen to rubber gloves companies in 2 or 3 years time (all businesses are full of uncertainties now).

By adopting the RIGHT investment strategy/timeline, I eliminated a lot of “noise” (considerations for long-term investment) that may distract/discourage me from take the great opportunity in the short-medium term that comes along.

CARPE DIEM – Seize the day (opportunity)


2020-10-12 05:43 | Report Abuse

With a clear vision & mission, a good corporate culture & brand, with strong financial backing, TOPGLOVE can attract the necessary talent to execute its plans


2020-10-07 08:28 | Report Abuse

Why bad news? It will be good as it save more lives.
Furthermore, it will take blow away the myth of demand for rubber gloves will fall after vaccine is developed (in fact the demand for rubber gloves will continue to rise) - an excuse for manipulators to scare the uninformed traders/investors. Settle it once and for all. Vaccineis welcomed & the use of rubber gloves will continue rise.

Posted by Hush77 > Oct 7, 2020 7:49 AM | Report Abuse

Bad news for gloves.. vaccine will be out by this year end..2020


2020-09-22 17:54 | Report Abuse

Be smart. Do not simply read his article - examine intention...


2020-09-22 17:50 | Report Abuse

TOPGLOVE's management do not need such advise as they are highly competent to run their business successful with proven track records.

KYY only thinking about his own speculative trading (hit & run trader) is not qualified to give investment strategy).

Posted by Boringguy > Sep 22, 2020 5:41 PM | Report Abuse

The latest KYY post about the SBB i personally agreed with his statement and view... Topglove should use the money acquire other glove company such as Latexx or move to another industry this will help company and increase company value ... it also sustain the revenue in future when demand no peak as now....


2020-09-18 06:23 | Report Abuse

Yesterday, TOPGLOVE announced a stellar Quarterly Results (QR), record breaking revenue & profit. Immediately, when the stock market resume trading at 2.30pm, its stock price keep falling throughout the afternoon trading session – just like what happened to other stocks that announced very good QR earlier i.e. SUPERMAX, KOSSAN & many more…

The chances of predicting the price movements of a stock accurately in the short-term is very low because it is subjected to many uncontrollable factors, especially manipulations by certain parties. Thus, uncertainties and volatility of the stock price is unavoidable in the short-term.

However, with good research and sufficient data, it is possible to forecast accurately the business performance of the company. Financial performance of the company will directly influence its stock price in the medium-term (1 – 2 years timeframe) because over a longer timeframe, a number of factors that affecting short-term stock price movements and volatility can be ignored. There’s saying that “water will find its level” – stock price will find its true/fair value when given enough time.

So, be patient because it pays very well to be a medium-term investor when you invest in the RIGHT stock.

Note: It is important to know that, to become a successful trader, you need a different strategy, necessary tools & skills set – technical analysis & charting, time, discipline and commitment.


2020-09-17 11:38 | Report Abuse

For TOPGLOVE traders, as you already know that the QR will be announced today....

So, are you prepared for it?
Already made up your mind?
Ready to sell/buy/hold?

Now, the results will definitely be good. But how good?

Stock price doesn't go up just because the results announced is good... there are many cases already proven that after a good set of results had been announced, the stock price went down. Why?

Well, heard about buy on rumour and sell news?

Sometimes, it happens that way. But far more important is whether the good results actually meet/below/exceed the expectations of the market.

If the results is good but still below the market expectations, the stock price will fall.

If the good results meets market expectations, price may fall or goes flat as the current price already factored in the expected results.

If the results is so good that exceeded the market expectations, creating a "wow!" factor, most likely the stock price will climb up.

So, before the results is announced, we must know that there is a RISK on holding the stock and be prepared for the outcome, whether good or bad. We must already thought about it and decided on the course of action when reality sets in.

So, are you ready for it???


2020-09-17 08:03 | Report Abuse

the quotation you use are words of wisdom. But not your comments - they are not wise and it shows that you are not be applying them correctly...

Isn't a good dividend payout enhance the stock price???

Warning !!! Please do not act arrogant and belittling others in social media platform.

Posted by ThePowerOfGlove > Sep 17, 2020 7:18 AM | Report Abuse

I personally would not allow any thought of 20 sen dividend distract me & cloud my judgement over something that could possibly give me rm5 appreciation

That to me would be kind of like missing the wood for the trees

534 posts
Posted by ThePowerOfGlove > Sep 17, 2020 7:20 AM | Report Abuse

And also a bit like being penny wise but pound foolish


2020-09-17 06:55 | Report Abuse

The highest dividend payout by TOPGLOVE is in Year 2010 & 2015 - 23 sens for both year.

So, for Year 2020 (the 5 year peak again), I expect the total dividend be higher that in 2010 & 2015!!!

Let's wait for the good news... the announcement today during the announcement of the 4th QR on the quantum of the final dividend (TOPGLOVE already paid 10 sen dividend in 2020)...


2020-09-17 06:14 | Report Abuse

Posted by CoolBull > Sep 17, 2020 12:19 AM | Report Abuse

Maybank Research TP 9.53

Most likely this TP will be achieved today!


2020-09-15 09:42 | Report Abuse

6) 树大招风!Big tree catches the wind.The journey of TOPGLOVE will not be smooth as there will always be obstacles waiting.

There are many unforeseen circumstances and unavoidable jealousy from others when they see your success and may try to sabotage to bring you down.

All obstacles can be resolved or avoid if management can persevere, patient and work towards their set goals by doing the right things governed by principles.

Of course we need good character leadership and strong management team to navigate through the storms from time to time.Success was never by accident. It is achieved through early preparation from the vision and mission of the leader.

The ban by the US Custom on TOPGLOVE due to the "human rights" violation issue will be resolved soon as the leader understand the importance and the consequences if it is not managed properly - enemies are waiting for any opportunity to bring them down!This is fact of life...


2020-09-15 09:41 | Report Abuse

5) What will be the impact if the Malaysian government decided to levy a "windfall tax" on the extraordinary jumped in the profit for rubber gloves companies, especially when the economy is in such a bad state?

Indeed there is a great temptation for the government to levy a windfall tax on the phenomenal gains by the rubber gloves companies. It was deliberated during one of the cabinet meetings.
However, until now the government still have not decided to implement a windfall tax on the rubber gloves companies. Why?

So far, the government has levied windfall tax on Palm oil companies before but not on manufacturing companies.
If the government levy too much tax on manufacturing companies, they may move their operations to other countries where their tax is more favorable. Currently, the Malaysian corporate tax is one of the highest in the region.
Currently rubber gloves companies already paying additional export cess to the government.4) Rubber gloves industry is the only sector that contributes significantly to the countries in terms of tax revenues because they are the only ones that are making huge profit whereas all others are suffering from the effect of COVID-19.On top of that, rubber gloves companies becomes more important...
boost export earnings in foreign currency
giving business to its supporting downstream - utilities, packaging, logistics and jobs
Supporting the stock market especially the KLCI
Flying Malaysian flag in the international arena as the world number rubber gloves supplier.

We shall see what's the decision of the government policy on rubber gloves industry come October, during the annual budget presentation at the parliament.

Personally, I do not see this as a serious issue because based on the Chinese mentality/mindset, as long as we can still make decently good money from the business, paying small money to earn big money is worthwhile!


2020-09-15 09:40 | Report Abuse

4) What about the threat from vaccine - demand of glove will fall when there is an approved vaccine?

Currently, one of the biggest fear for investors is the posibilty of drop in demand for rubber gloves, thus the drop in the ASP when a vaccine is successfully being developed.I believe the fear is there especially when we do not get a clear picture of the situation. Therefore, I would consider the following questions first to see if the fear is legitimate...

Who really knows if there will be a vaccine at all and IF there is a vaccine, when will the people who needs it can gets the vaccine?In my opinion, there is no guarantee that there will be a vaccine as we can see that there are many illness that human beings still cannot find a vaccine. Only God knows.To develop a vaccine, it takes time, a long time.Today we hear a lot of good news on the development of the vaccine for COVID-19 because of certain political people are desperate to give hope to their country men who are not happy with their leaders who did not do a good job in the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 earlier.

Is it true that when vaccine is available, the demand for rubber gloves will drop or will it increase - no need to wear rubber gloves when administering the vaccine?I believe rubber gloves are still very much needed even with the available vaccine because rubber gloves are needed to protect the frontline medical personnel who interact with the patient and the people who gets vaccinated (if and when there is a vaccine available)Note that currently, the medical personnel are handling only infected or suspected infected people. Imagine when vaccine is available, the medical personnel are going to vaccinate uninfected people. Therefore, there will be even more work to be done = more rubber gloves needed


2020-09-15 09:40 | Report Abuse

3) Sustainability of profit - How long can this windfall last and how serious is the competition due to the entry of new rubber gloves manufacturers?

The demand for rubber gloves pre Covid-19 (normal times) was projected to grow by around 12% per year. With COVID-19 now, the pre-orders have booked (and deposits paid) for delivery in 600 days (20 months - almost 2 years!), during pre COVID-19, the lead time is only about 1 month to <2 months)The demand for rubber gloves now is so strong that all rubber gloves companies will be very busy for the next 12 months and beyond...

Due to the pandemic, now the health awareness and the need for protection has been given priority, demand for rubber gloves will continue to increase especially from Asia and South America instead of only the more developed nations like USA and European countries during pre COVID-19 era
Therefore, sales for the next 2 years is pretty assured/guaranteed.

It is not surprising to see other companies are rushing in to grab a pie from this lucrative business (just like in any other business sectors). The fear of the risk of oversupply of rubber gloves, in view of existing companies are ramping up production capacity and new entries getting on to the band wagon is mitigated by the following factors:

a) Current strong demand will persist for at least the next 12 months as long as Covid19 pandemic is not under control - demand is too high but supply cannot be increased fast enough in short-term as it takes time (generally, at least 12 months) to build the production lines.

b) Unlike face mask, which requires lower capital and technology to produce, rubber gloves productions requires higher technology and capital investment. New entries to this business will face even more challenges...
Inexperience in the field
For medical gloves, FDA approval is required and it takes time too
Raw materials supply - there may be shortages and existing companies already booked their raw materials for at least 12 months ahead.
Customer base - existing companies have the edge over new companies
The existing rubber gloves companies especially the big 4 have the advantage in the pricing - economy of scale! History has shown that rubber gloves business is very competitive. Out of the 285 rubber gloves factories in Malaysia, currently only less than 30 are still in business. Existing companies now already making good profit in 2020 and have the financial muscles to compete in pricing when the time comes.New entries to the rubber gloves business will suffer and most likely cannot compete and have to close down.


2020-09-15 09:39 | Report Abuse

2) Is the company growing and earning the profit that can justify the share price?

The profit of rubber glove companies has rocketed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic as a results of high demand, and therefore their Average Selling Price (ASP) went up many folds - cost remain constant but ASP increase = Profit increase

Note: Based on my estimation from the data (sales volume and ASP and cost) I gathered, the coming Q4 net profit may probably exceed RM1 billion ( the average Quarterly Profit for TOPGLOVE is less than RM100 million in 2019) So, you can imagine how profitable is this business and why the boss is so confident about the performance of the next QR!


2020-09-15 09:33 | Report Abuse

Last weekend TOPGLOVE's boss shared a very good prospect of the company. As a prudent investor, our investment decision should never be merely dependent on the words of boss alone. We must do our homework, know the company we invest in...

1) Reputation of the leader/boss - based on track records, is the person trustworthy responsible and reliable?

Tan Sri Lim WC has a very good reputation for being honest and have good integrity, he's kind and helpful; responsible and reliable - deliver as promised. Last but not least, he's hard working, discipline and a man with a mission - to bring TOPGLOVE to become a Fortune 500 company in the future and first, to become No.1 company by market capitalization by end of 2020 in BURSA Malaysia.

Note: For TOPGLOVE to beat MAYBANK (currently in No.1 in BURSA Malaysia, its share price must stay above RM11.00 - current share price is RM7.76 (11 September)


2020-09-11 09:55 | Report Abuse

Malaysian investors must grow up and stand against such prosperous manipulation by certain irresponsible and unethical parties...
These pest/people must be stopped for the sake of a healthy and professional market environment in Malaysia !!!

I admire the efforts taken by TOPGLOVE's management to lend a hand in fighting off such manipulation on its stock price by these unscrupulous people/organisations.

Good job TOPGLOVE !!!


2020-09-11 09:43 | Report Abuse

For any good fundamental stocks, after a correction, it must go up!!!
That's the principle!


2020-09-10 20:02 | Report Abuse

Aiyoyo, didn't know that superb companies like APPLE and other big big companies also do share buy back ah! Better don't simply comment if you still learning in the stock market.

Posted by stockraider > Sep 10, 2020 7:55 PM | Report Abuse

This Lim Wee Chai try to goreng share instead of seriously doing business loh...!!

Posted by GuShen > Sep 10, 2020 7:53 PM | Report Abuse

Very “good” management. Spent more than RM100mil to share buy back. Investors should query the management decision, why they spend so much money to share buy back instead of use the RM110mil to declare dividend so all shareholders will enjoy.


2020-09-10 18:51 | Report Abuse

If certain IB is play dirty, without professional integrity, then we should boycott their products and services


2020-09-10 18:40 | Report Abuse

TOPGLOVE is flush with money, cash rich!!!
We can see it in 17th September when their accounts are released


2020-09-10 17:27 | Report Abuse

Impact from irrational behavior can only last for very short time only.

Fundamental of the stock will prevails as "water will find its level over time".


2020-09-10 15:52 | Report Abuse

One way to save the rubber gloves stocks from further carnage, TOPGLOVE should announce its QR immediately


2020-09-07 07:10 | Report Abuse

Your have over rated certain individual... For small company he may be able to "goreng" a little... BUT for big cap company like TOPGLOVE, no individual investor or trader can have any significant influence over the company's share price - he is only a drop in an ocean!


2020-08-28 15:07 | Report Abuse

We will see the results this evening...


2020-08-27 08:37 | Report Abuse

@ivanlau your belief will be proven wrong very soon

Posted by ivanlau > Aug 26, 2020 9:03 PM | Report Abuse

GHLSYS this QR bomb.... believe revenue will facing same result ..... beware .......


2020-08-27 08:32 | Report Abuse

@yangxi, Looks like your timing is good...

Posted by yangxi > Aug 27, 2020 1:11 AM | Report Abuse

last yr sold all , and yesterday collect again ..


2020-08-24 14:53 | Report Abuse

Good sharing @boon1515

Posted by boon1515 > Aug 23, 2020 1:05 AM | Report Abuse

Summary Harry Teo Interview on REVENUE GROUP BHD

1. MCO period, Revenue SafeNet helped a lot on profit, they generate good profit
2. Previous QR drop due to
-earlier china lockdown order can't send out from TAOBAO and a lot order canceled.
-china tourism drop a lot, affected ETP fees
3. Admin cost recurring - due to sim card in EDC
4. EDC still keep deploy during MCO until now, increase from 60k(last year end) to 70-80k
5. Rental for EDC will grow consistant
6. Acquired WannaTalk, EWallet company
7. RMCO business recover 90% on hardware business
8. Recurring profit - how to solve for tourism issue
a. Trx business - previously depends tourism, now focus domestic - Ecommerce Ecosystem (October release)
b. Bought EWallet company(small & cheap company) for receive payment/order
c. Buy WannaTalk to complete the ecosystem

9. Tokenization solution project from Bank Negara subsidairy PayNet(get on June/July), made Debit Card can use online and become domestic transaction
10. Ecommerce, EDC business growing
11. Eddie Ng very confident on coming Financial Year(2021) and also coming QR
12. April - June, a lot issue already solve, earlier MAY already start working to solve issue
13. No dividend due to growing stage
14. M&A status
Revenue SafeNet - Profit over profit guarantee, better 1 time than expected
BuyMall - Ecommerce + logistic + storage - got some affect, after MCO a lot customer request Ecommerce
AnyPay - Billpayment go in Lazada Shopee - better 2 times profit guarantee
WannaPay - ewallet name
WannaTalk - October release
15. Eddie Ng : combine product and IT, future brighter than Light
16. This business is a long term earning business, when a new product release, product profit will keep growing
17. Eddie Ng : will keep improve and not to lower profit than last year

Might missout some important point


2020-08-24 05:23 | Report Abuse

Long timer im i3 Forum still posting such comments ah?

How many diseases in this world still does not have a vaccine today, did you know that?

IF vaccine failed to be approved, how?
Vaccine company may go bankrupt if without government support!

Most importantly, we all know is that rubber gloves companies are already making tons of PROFIT now and going to continue to report very good quarterly results in the following few quarters as their current orders already stretches to next year. Not good enough??

Common, talk about long term???
Wake up la!!!
In today's new world, how long is long-term?
Better change our mindset to suit the current times...

Look around, how many companies can "sustain long-term"?

Why limiting our scope?

Change our view/paradigm, and the world is full of opportunities if our criteria is set wisely?

Look at those "blue chips" once upon the time, Genting, AirAsia, Banks etc. How are they doing now???

Why need to wait for 5 or 10 years to make money???

Rubber gloves companies already giving such great opportunity to investors to make good money now!!!
Why rejecting it???
Is that wise???

If we can make good money in 1, 3, 6, or 9 months, good enough already ma. Then move on to another in trend sector/stock ma...

The above opinion is just purely my personal views to offer the readers here so that they can have another choices...

Posted by stockraider > Aug 24, 2020 12:43 AM | Report Abuse

For long term healthy investment always look at sustaunably mah...!!

Use brain think lah..!! What is sustainably leh ?

No use lah...Good profit so what ? Can maintain or not ??

Fly by the night short term profit no use loh...!!

Remember this very important loh..!
Investing in Vaccine is a better preposition than investing in gloves mah, bcos has passed its prime loh...!!

Why leh ?

1. The current run up have fully reflected in its peak valuation.

2. Gloves Capacity is increasing all over the world.

3. Vaccine is coming by November 2020

Better buy some Vaccine loh..!

Cansino management are military people...they are no nonsense people...they want best...they selected solution loh...!!

Better sell gloves while u still have profit b4 too late mah...!!

Gloves kukuciao sure going to lembik with vaccine coming loh..!!