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2023-05-07 11:57 | Report Abuse

Summary of the TheEdge Cover Story on WCE this week.
1. Lyndon (CEO) tells The Edge that the highway will be fully completed by end-2024.
2. Traffic volume in the current four sections - averaging 50,000 to 60,000 vehicles daily.
3. In this 2023 year, WCE is targeting to open another four sections - 3 in Selangor (sections 1, 2 and 6) and the final stretch for the Perak portion (Section 11).
4. Hit a new peak of 100,000 average daily vehicles during Hari Raya.
5. Working on ancillary revenue from development along the expressway, including petrol stations and rest stops.

However, CEO declines to comment on when WCE will break even.


2022-12-27 13:09 | Report Abuse

help to ask below 2 questions

1.after PP, what is the expected EPS next year
2.after PP, can CYPARK continue to pay more than 5 sens dividends in 2017, 2018, and 2019


2022-12-27 11:47 | Report Abuse

please share the news if anyone joins the EGM later. :)


2022-12-26 16:05 | Report Abuse

Does anyone join the EGM tomorrow?


2022-12-23 18:52 | Report Abuse

[CYPARK] Notice of Person Ceasing of Substantial Shareholders - AMANAHRAYA TRUSTEES BERHAD - AMANAH SAHAM BUMIPUTERA on 23-Dec-2022

Kenapa ni?


2022-12-23 09:43 | Report Abuse

Don't think it is Huawei because it was mentioned that to keep Bumi with a high % in order to get more projects in the future.


2022-12-21 12:31 | Report Abuse

RE Cypark wins roadworks contract worth RM74.3mil - Cypark Resources Berhad - Mutual Termination of Letter of Award for the Proposed Construction and Completion of Road Upgrading and Associated Works along Jalan Dutamas 2, Mukim Batu, Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan



2022-12-21 12:23 | Report Abuse

DATUK ABDUL MALEK BIN ABDUL AZIZ (a company director) disposed 50,000 shares at 0.380 on 15-Dec-2022.
- :(


2022-12-19 20:35 | Report Abuse

I meant the Maybank trading account as I tested. :)


2022-12-19 20:32 | Report Abuse

Maybank IB has maintained its “buy” call on the company’s shares. It has also revised the target price to RM1.01 taking into account new estimated commissioning time frame for its three projects.

<< One thing I don't understand about Maybank IB. If Maybank IB is so confident, the margin account is not allowed to buy CYPARK shares. If not mistaken, it is a cash account that can buy now only. :(


2022-12-14 00:12 | Report Abuse

RE EGM for 30% PP. Personally, I think 30% is a bit higher. Cypark Management should focus on and deliver all the CODs as committed previously. After COD, strongly believe that the share price will UP. Hence, Cypark just needs 20% or less PP. Otherwise, this is just not fair to current shareholders. Just IMO. :)


2022-12-13 19:53 | Report Abuse

that's good. where can find the news?


2022-10-10 09:53 | Report Abuse

Visit the booth at IGEM 2022 Exhibition, at KLCC to find out more about our showcase of SMART WTE, the first WTE plant in Malaysia:

Booth CYPARK, Hall 2, KL Convention Centre, KLCC
12 - 14 October 2022
Wednesday to Friday


2022-05-29 12:06 | Report Abuse

@Panzer311, please share more detail on the Maybank report on 1st Apr 2022. Maybank TP was RM1.35.


2022-04-19 23:35 | Report Abuse

Subject to the execution of the definitive agreements and completion of the Proposed Disposals, it is the intention of the Board of LITRAK Holdings <b>to distribute the corresponding net proceeds of the Proposed Disposals to the shareholders of LITRAK Holdings</b>.


2016-11-11 22:05 | Report Abuse


Unit-1 Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4
Boiler: Boiler: Boiler: Boiler:
Boiler erection started on 03.09.11. Boiler erection started on 12.12.11 . Boiler erection started on 12.01.12. Boiler erection started on 30.04.12.
Boiler drum lifted on 22.04.12. Boiler drum lifted on 30.04.12. Boiler drum lifted on 19.05.12. Boiler drum lifted on 26.01.13.
HT test conducted on 07.09.13. HT conducted on 07.11.13. HT (drainable) conducted on 22.08.14. HT conducted on 20.01.15.
Non drainable HT done on 27.03.14.
BLU done on 08.11.14.. BLU done on 17.04.15. BLU completed on 07.09.16. BLU expected in 01/17.
SBO completed on 03.01.15. SBO completed on 25.10.15.
Unit synchronized on 28.02.15. Unit Synchronized on 07.01.16.
Coal fired on 07.01.16. . ESP: civil work completed except grade slab.
Consent to operate received on 17.07.15. Consent to operate received from State Govt. 01.01.16.
Full Load achieved on 28.10.15. Full Load achieved on 28.01.16 and
COD on 27.11.15 COD achieved on 12.02.16.
TG erection started in 10/12. TG erection started on 16.03.14. TG erection started on 11.10.14.. condenser erection started on 20.2.15.
TG box up completed on 02.09.14. TG boxed up in 04/2015. HIP temporary box up completed TG erection started on 25.11.14.
TG oil flushing completed 07/14. TG Oil Flushing Completed in 07/15. final box up under progress expected in 8/16. Box-up expected in 03/17.
TG barring gear on 09.12.14.. TG on barring Gear in 07/15.


2016-11-11 21:24 | Report Abuse

India Central Electricity Authority just released for Aug Report - - pg60

India Central Electricity Authority just released for Sep Report - - pg60



2016-09-25 16:00 | Report Abuse

Good for sharing your study.


2016-09-04 20:32 | Report Abuse

India Central Electricity Authority just released for July Report -

Please refer to page 59 & 60. :)


2016-05-02 23:34 | Report Abuse

hi, anyone knows who supply the raw material to FLBHD?

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2016-01-02 08:59 | Report Abuse

Wow! Nice pictures. When you went there?

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2015-12-26 09:58 | Report Abuse

Hi Mr. Koon, have you shared XingGuan analysis article?

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2015-12-26 09:56 | Report Abuse

Hi Mr. Koon, thanks for sharing your stock selection rules with actual stocks to us. ☺

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2014-10-05 10:10 | Report Abuse

I think it missed the SKP Resource with 4,000,000 shares.


2014-07-15 20:11 | Report Abuse

Boustead Holding Bhd 6,197,850
Fraser & Neave Holding Bhd 1,517,600
Malaysia Smelting Cor Bhd 2,902,000
Pakson 8,180,900
PIE 3,728,640
Suria 9,544,400
Tong Herr Resource Bhd 3,479,300


2014-07-10 06:36 | Report Abuse

according to the edge financialdaily - CIMB is exploring a three way merger with its rivals RHB and MBSB in a move to create the country's largest banking group by assets...

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2014-05-20 20:18 | Report Abuse

ya... just spoke about him last weekend ... then he just show up ... hehe ..

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2014-05-19 18:08 | Report Abuse

I think this one in cimb is more updated ... updated monthly i think

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2014-05-19 17:52 | Report Abuse

He still got time to sell NCB ... :)